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Evolutionary.org Hardcore #127-Shawn Ray Steroid Cycle

Evolutionary Radio

In this episode your hosts Stevesmi and Da Mobster present to you the subject of today’s podcast Shawn Ray. We aim to educate and inform you about this hall of famer. Listen up you monsters as we delve deep into…• How he is seen as a fella who ought to have won one Mr O. Arnold Classic winner 1991 (failed a drug test at the 1990 and hand to hand back the winnings). Promoted several competitions and put on a charity golf comp (handed over $55k)• He’s hosted ESPN, writes, has a YouTube channel and more. Used to host a muscle camp• In 30 competitions he was only once outside the top 5• How he’s made a hella reputation for being outspoken. You’ll either like him or you wont• What he does now (pundit etc).• 1.2m followers via Facebook• How he dislikes modern day gurus and coaches and why (too quick and zero learning of yourself). Mentored by BB John Brown back in the day• His stats: September 9th 1965 (55). Nickname: Sugar Shawn, 225lbs at 5’5• How he trained• His nutrition• Then discuss what we think he might have usedForum linksArticle on his steroid cycle: https://www.evolutionary.org/shawn-ray-steroidsForum PostsDiscussion of his cycle: https://www.evolutionary.org/forums/anabolic-steroids-peds/shawn-ray-cycle-59976.html


6 Feb 2021

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Shawn Ray #31

Fitness Fame & Fortune

Shawn Ray, Rich Gaspari and John Romano on the recent Olympia event, the future of the Olympia, and what the business prospects look like moving forward in a new world. We also go over the personal financial aspects of bodybuilding and how Shawn has made bodybuilding work for him both on and off the stage.

1hr 14mins

4 Jan 2021

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Robot Muscles & Climate Change with Shawn Ray

Hands-On Techie Talks

This month, we are celebrating Native American Heritage Month! Hear from our guest, Shawn Ray, an Indigenous Senior at the University of Oklahoma in Electrical Engineering. Shawn has done work for NASA, makes cool robots, and supports other Natives in STEAM. In this episode, we talk about his projects, language, culture, climate change, and so much more. Shawn is a guest that you do not want to miss!Follow along with this episode at home at www.steamconnection.org/podcast.


4 Nov 2020

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The Boston Mass Podcast News Updates: Ramy Special Invite, Flex Lewis and Shawn Rhoden Out, and Shawn Ray Sucks

The Boston Mass Podcast

Jose and Nate talk about bodybuilding news over the past week. Ramy's special invite, Flex Lewis and Shawn Rhoden not competing at the Mr Olympia, and Shawn Ray's terrible commentary on bodybuilding live streams.Time Stamps00:12 Flex Lewis injury and dropping out of the Olympia.12:18 Big Ramy special invite to the Olympia31:05 Shawn Rhoden not competing at this year's Olympia42:48 Shawn Ray is the worst commentator in bodybuilding Follow us on Instagram@theebostonmass  @NateTelow


22 Oct 2020

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Shawn Ray bodybuilder: the interview series Paid to be Perfect

Paid to be Perfect

Two perfect size six fit models for 20+ years share their tips on wellness, nutrition and fitness and this week in an interview with bodybuilder Shawn Ray!


18 Aug 2020

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Shawn Ray

30min on Q's podcast

Professional Bodybuilder in every sense of the word "Professional". Get to know the man the myth the legend Shawn Ray.


28 Jul 2020

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#15 - Shawn Ray On Life Is Mental And Not Physical Pain

The Millionaire Student Show

In Episode 15 on The Millionaire Student Show, Sashin Govender dissects the Pain (Past), Price (Journey) and Prize (Result) of Shawn Ray. The man who was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame of professional bodybuilding, Shawn Ray. ABOUT SHAWN RAY : Shawn is one of the most sought after professional bodybuilders who is a 12X Mr. Olympia Top 5 Finalist. In over 30 major bodybuilding competitions, he only failed once to place in the top five. Signing his first professional bodybuilding sponsor contract in 1988, he has been featured in six video documentaries. He is mentioned in The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Bill Dobbins and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has appeared on more Flexible Magazine covers than any bodybuilder in history and has also featured in many fitness and bodybuilding magazines worldwide. He was also the co-host on Flex Magazine Workout on ESPN for 5 years as well as hosting bodybuilding competitions for ESPN as a commentator for 8 years. He placed in the top five at the Mr. Olympia competition for twelve consecutive years from 1990 to 2001, two of those being first runner-up finishes. This powerhouse even had the time to write a book about how to become a bodybuilder, named The Shawn Ray Way. He eventually ended up retiring from competitive bodybuilding in 2001. But it cannot go unnoticed that he has been winning awards since 1983 which is 37 years ago, his first award being the California Gold Cup, he won Mr. California Champion, 2x Arnold Classic Winner, Jr. World Champion, Pro Ironman Winner. CLAIM YOUR FREE COPY OF SASHIN'S 97 STEPS TO EARNING YOUR NEXT MILLION E-BOOK (P.S I Wish They Taught Us This In School) ▶︎ www.67Steps.com ORDER YOUR COPY OF SASHIN'S BECOMING THE MILLIONAIRE STUDENT E-BOOK ▶︎ https://www.WinWithSashin.com/EBook ABOUT SASHIN GOVENDER & THE MILLIONAIRE STUDENT ▶︎ www.WinWithSashin.com/About CLAIM YOUR FREE GIFT FROM SASHIN 4 PILLARS TO MASTERY AUDIO SERIES (VALUED AT $555) ▶︎ www.WinWithSashin.com SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VIDEOS ▶︎ www.WinWithSashin.com/YouTube CONNECT WITH SASHIN ON : ▶︎ INSTAGRAM → www.WinWithSashin.com/Instagram ▶︎ FACEBOOK → www.WinWithSashin.com/Facebook ▶︎ TWITTER → www.WinWithSashin.com/Twitter ▶︎ TIK TOK → www.WinWithSashin.com/TikTok


27 Jul 2020

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The Boston Mass Podcast: ATHLEAN-X, Fake Weights, and Shawn Ray

The Boston Mass Podcast

In this mini-episode, Jose and Nate discuss Athlean-X's(Jeff Cavaliere) latest controversy of being caught using fake weights in his videos, and Jose's opinion of Shawn Ray.


20 Jun 2020

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Shawn Ray and Tom Terwilliger

Bodybuilding Legends Show

Shawn Ray and Tom Terwilliger talk about the art of posing in Bodybuilding on this episode of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast. Shawn Ray talks about some of his most memorable posing routines in his career and how he developed each one. Shawn and Tom also talk about some of the iconic posing routines from the best bodybuilders of the 1980's and '90's. Finally, Shawn and Tom talk about how the posing today is lacking and why there are no more memorable posing routines in Bodybuilding.  Bodybuilding Legends Show website John Hansen Fitness website Support the Podcast on Patreon YouTube Facebook - Bodybuilding Legends Instagram - Bodybuilding Legends

1hr 22mins

25 May 2020

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Mr. Olympia Verkauf, Flex Lewis' Special Invite, Shawn Ray & stagnierende Followerzahlen

Gannikus Podcast

Wie berechtigt und potenziell Konflikt-provozierend ist eigentlich das Special Invite für Flex Lewis, das die Verantwortlichen des Mr. Olympia kürzlich ausgesprochen haben? Und ist Phil Heath tatsächlich unwichtig für den prestigeträchtigsten Bodybuilding-Wettkampf der Welt, so wie es Shawn Ray in einem Interview auf dem YouTube-Kanal von Valuetainment zur Sprache brachte? Unter anderem diese beiden Fragen sind die zentralen Pfeiler der mittlerweile 48. Folge des GANNIKUS Podcasts mit Team-interner Besetzung. Kurzfristig thematisieren Marcel und ich auch die Breaking News um den Verkauf des Mr. Olympia, die erst am Abend vor dieser morgendlichen Podcast-Aufnahme publik wurden und für einen Paukenschlag innerhalb der Bodybuilding-Szene sorgte, um die Episode dann mit einem kleinen Abschweifen hin zu den stagnierenden Followerzahlen auf unseren Kanälen abzurunden. Natürlich wie immer ohne Blatt vor dem Mund! Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Zuhören Euer Danny Zeitangaben: 0:00:32 - Einleitung 0:04:02 - Mr. Olympia Verkauf 0:17:02 - Flex Lewis' Special Invite 0:32:49 - Shawn Ray über Phil Heath 0:50:21 - stagnierende Followerzahlen, Ausleitung & Co.

1hr 23mins

19 Feb 2020