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Anne Mercier Beulin du GAEC BEULIN MERCIER

Circuits courts dans le Loiret

durée : 00:04:42 - Circuits courts


16 Sep 2020

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Season 2 Episode 31 - Anne Mercier

Living In the Pages

"I was actually writing a young adult series, and all of a sudden this rock star series just popped into my head...and it just wouldn't let me write the other story!”— Anne Mercier


26 Sep 2019

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Episode #23 - TAP - Pier-Anne Mercier and David Bellemare


In Episode 23 Marx has a conversation with artists Pier-Anne Mercier and David Bellemare about their latest exhibition at TAP Art Space in Montreal, Canada.Reflecting on their current state as post-BFA artists, Pier-Anne and David pose a question that delicately balances hopeful thoughts with realistic perspectives, where do we go from here? As a drafted response, they create an engaging painting-installation. Honouring his long-time held painting style, David Bellemare uses a single-large canvas as a base for his creations, rolling it along as the collage-painting evolves. His use of figurative and referential imagery creates his personal language; through this collage, the artist reveals humor, cynicism, fear, dreams, etc. allowing the viewer to dive into his psyche in a vulnerable-honest manner. The painting acquires a three-dimensional form via the intervention of Pier-Anne’s wood-based installation, occupying most of the wall area at TAP. Over this most-intimate conversation, the artists create space for reflection that can be as personal or as global as the viewer desires.Check out the photo documentation at www.tapmontreal.comThanks for listening


15 Jul 2019