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Neil Gaiman

David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

Writer Neil Gaiman tells David Tennant how a young boy from the south of England who wanted to be a ‘freelance religion designer’ grew up to create the ground-breaking worlds of Sandman, Good Omens, American Gods and reveals what is still left for him to conquer.  Head to STORE.TENNANTPODCAST.COM to get your hands on the brand new David Tennant Does A Podcast With travel cups, metal water bottles and mugs. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @davidtennantpod. New episodes from season 2 coming weekly. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Oct 2020

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Neil Gaiman: Norse Mythology

Poorly Explained

God of War taught us how to pronounce these names, but lets be honest, when have we pronounced something correct? Join us in not being able to say Jormungand and talk about how much of a himbo Thor is in Neil Gaiman's series of short stories: Norse Mythology!


8 Sep 2020

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Myth and Legend — Neil Gaiman on classic Norse mythology


Neil explores some of the stories from Nordic mythology which have captivated him since childhood (R)


4 Aug 2020

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Neil Gaiman and Audio Fiction

Podcast Radio Hour

Neil Gaiman speaks to Amanda Litherland and Ella Watts about the new audio adaptation of his DC comic book series The Sandman, out next week on Audible. Neil discusses his love of audio fiction, and the Radio 4 dramas and comedies that have inspired him since childhood. Also, David Devereux from Tin Can Audio discusses his new podcast The Dungeon Economic Model.And Kaitlin Statz and Travis Vengroff from Fool & Scholar Productions offer tips on crafting adventures in your headphones.

1hr 1min

8 Jul 2020

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Neil Gaiman - SavageCast

Tea With Alice

I spoke to Neil Gaiman on my instagram live about the release of Savage on Amazon Prime.


19 Apr 2020

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235. Neil Gaiman (Jason Plays Favorites #7) – and then it gets darker

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast

[From February through March 22, 2020 (his last day hosting Think Again) Jason will be revisiting favorite past episodes. Jason's new show, starting May 12th, is Clever Creature with Jason Gots.]Adult life, with all its schedules and responsibilities, can turn into a kind of library of locked boxes. The ones we open every day sit on a shelf at eye level, their keys clipped to a carabiner at our waist: Set the alarm. Pack a gym bag. Pick up milk for the kids.But on the lower shelves and in the dusty back rooms there’s an ominous jumble of odd-shaped containers. They hold the stories that don’t fit so neatly into the skin we’ve decided to live in. Maybe we’ve misplaced the keys, or maybe we’ve deliberately lost them.My guest today keeps all the keys close at hand. In his stories and graphic novels worlds collide and, as the fairy Ariel puts it in Shakespeare’s Tempest, they “suffer a sea change, into something rich and strange”. The walls of reality are permeable, and dangerous magic is always seeping through.Neil Gaiman is the author of the Sandman graphic novels, The Graveyard Book, Coraline, American Gods, and many other wonderful things. His latest is a marvelous retelling of Norse Mythology, with most of the nasty bits left in.Surprise conversation-starter clips in this episode:Barbara Oakley on learning speeds and styles Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


22 Mar 2020

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Neil Gaiman on The Ocean at the End of the Lane

NT Talks

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is the bestselling magical novel from the brilliant imagination of Neil Gaiman. Join Gaiman as he chats to Lenny Henry about writing this modern myth, where his inspiration came from, and what it's like to have his novel adapted for the stage.


7 Feb 2020

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Neil Gaiman

Is It Rolling, Bob? Talking Dylan

Writer Neil Gaiman fell in love with A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall via Bryan Ferry’s cover version. It ended up influencing the imagery of his novel American Gods (as well as the Amazon TV series). The song also provided a few gloomy pronouncements (“we’re in an apocalyptic state of mind: the doomsday clock is ticking”) in our otherwise jolly discussion. Colourful Bob theories are espoused: “if I were going to go cold turkey, I would have taken three months off to live with the local pharmacist” and sad information about that chaise longue is dispensed: “it has become somewhat damaged by cats over the years”. The location of the iconic piece of furniture is also discussed: “a weird and lovely faux-Dutch farmhouse… haunted by the ghost of the still-living Bob Dylan”. Tune in for Neil’s insights about Lou Reed, Elvis Costello, Joan Baez, Andy Warhol, Lord Buckley, Penn & Teller and Gilbert and Sullivan.Neil Gaiman is a British writer. His first book was a paperback biography of Duran Duran. Since then, his works have included the cult DC Comics series The Sandman, which won him nine Will Eisner Awards (including the award for best writer four times). His six-part TV series for the BBC, Neverwhere, was broadcast in 1996. Stardust, an illustrated prose novel in four parts, began to appear in 1997. American Gods was published in 2001 and won all the awards going. He co-wrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchett (now a hit TV series). Coraline, his first novel for children, was another international bestseller. And the hits kept coming: Anansi Boys, The Graveyard Book, The Ocean At The End Of The Lane (adapted into a hit play at the National Theatre). Neil has appeared as himself on The Simpsons.TrailerWebsiteTwitterEpisode playlist on AppleEpisode playlist on SpotifyListeners: please subscribe and/or leave a review and a rating.Twitter @isitrollingpodRecorded 13th December 2019This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.


24 Jan 2020

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Writer, Neil Gaiman

The Doctor Is In

In this very special episode, I revisit an interview I did with Neil Gaiman back in 2013. It's a surprisingly deep, revelatory chat - we talk about overcoming writers block, how to actually sit the hell down and get writing done, and we go deep on Neil's love for Doctor Who, what it's like to writer on the show, and the pressures of running something as big as Sandman. If you're an aspiring author or a Whovian, this is a rare glimpse into the mind of one of our greatest living writers. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


14 Jan 2020

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Neil Gaiman on 'Good Omens'

Fiction Predictions

'Good Omens' is a book written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, 30 years ago.This year it also became a TV show.There's a reason for that. Now, with international tensions and the shadow of climate change constantly hanging over us, the story's apocalyptic themes feel more relevant than ever.In this episode we spoke to Neil Gaiman and the cast about all the ways the story anticipated the world we live in today. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


13 Jun 2019