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Vibrant Living in Tumultuous Times with Delany Delaney

The Alara Canfield Show

https://alara.at/show/ https://alara.at/show/delany4/ Please join Delany Delaney and me as we talk about Vibrant Living in Tumultuous Times and so much more, as well as live Q&A and energetic processes. -Discover how Vibrant Living is possible now, even with LOCKDOWN!-The Power of 3. Learn 3 simple steps to presence, peace, calm and clarity! -Learn how to create your optimal frequency with sound-Know how to stop that busy brain syndrome-Release doubt, fear and worry with an ACE Event. (Activation, Clearing & -Expansion) including Delany’s Sonaris Healing.

1hr 31mins

22 Apr 2020

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Body Earth Creation Connection with Delany Delaney

The Alara Canfield Show

www.alara.at/show Join me and my good friend Delany Delaney as we talk about the body earth creation connection. Delany shares tools, processes and more about creating a connection with your body, the earth, and more to create your life. What else is possible now with your body and receiving?

1hr 4mins

29 Aug 2018

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Joy Spotting – How to Add Joy Into Your Life; Guest – Delany Delaney

Joy of Living ~ Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock, Facilitator!

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show If you were willing to look at a different possibility for creating your life would joy be integral to what you’d like your life to be? Is it possible to move beyond the day to day trauma’s and dramas and have a truly joyful life? What if joy is what we experience when we are in the space of peace; A space that has no judgment, only gratitude for the people in our lives and what’s going on in our lives. What if by functioning from joy you can have infinite possibilities in your life? Join Joy of Living with Laleh and her guest, Delany Delaney as they share tools and adventures that have assisted them in creating more joy in their daily lives which also can be easily added into your life. Delany is a Leader, Director, Performer, Songwriter, Teacher & Facilitator who operates in a space that empowers and inspires individuals & groups to step into their creative capacities and abilities. Delany’s adventures have her working and playing with people from diverse backgrounds and abilities across the globe. Whether it be life coaching, facilitating the Joy of Business workshops, cutting edge communication with people with Autism and other labels, the embodiment of voice or her regular gig getting lawyers singing for one of Australia’s fasting growing law firms, Shine Lawyers, Delany is using her gift of perceiving beyond limitations and tapping into that space within people where questions and possibilities abound.  Delany also loves the playing the ukulele. To Join Delany on her joyful adventures: https://www.youtube.com/user/Delanyfication   ~  https://www.facebook.com/JOYSPOTTING?fref=ts www.delanydelaney.com And to contact Laleh:  www.Belapemo.com Email: Joyoflivingwithlaleh@gmail.com  ~  FB: www.facebook.com/JoyofLivingwithLaleh Twitter: twitter.com/JoyofLivingwL  ~  Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/lalehhancock/

16 Nov 2015

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Communicating outside of the Box with Guest Delany Delaney

Beyond Speech into Limitless Communication ~ Lauren Polly

Can you communicate with only the words you use?  What about the people who can’t speak?  What can they teach us about communicating in other ways?  What if communication included all of you and you were able to connect, relate and relay information in a myriad of ways – not just with words? Come play with Beyond Speech: Limitless Communication with host Lauren Polly and guest Delany Delaney as they share what they have discovered about communication from working with people who don’t speak but convey volumes! http://www.laurenpolly.com/

23 Dec 2014

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Dis-able a Contribution that is Required NOW! with Guest Delany Delaney

Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver, Holographist Coach

What if a dis-able is just an interesting point of view? What if the individuals that are dis-able ARE the contribution that is required in the world now? What if we changed our perspective and began to be more curious to what is possible with individuals that may not appear 'normal'? What could this create? Join Christine McIver, Possibiilties Coach with her Special Guest Delany Delaney, a catalyst for change as they discuss the possibilities and choices with the dis-abled that can be a contribution now! Inspired Choices Inc. http://www.inspiredchoices.ca/

8 Oct 2014