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The Greatest Pod: Danielle Radford: X-men Animated Series

The Greatest Pod

Comedian and writer Danielle Radford joins us to talk about X-Men the Animated series as The Greatest comic book cartoon of all time and the gateway to her getting into fandom.  She and the boys dissect the classic cartoon’s enduring appeal and its influence on a whole generation of fans.  This one is nostalgia narcotics as well as a heartwarming tale about the birth of a nerd.   Follow her here: @DanielleRadford Follow us too! Here's everybody's info: @nerdgoatpodcast (or search THE GREATEST POD on Twitter) The_Greatest_Pod on Instagram @EdGreerDestroys on Instagram and Twitter @dorkyswallow on Twitter Ron Swallow on Instagram Please leave a 5 star review on whatever services you’re using and on some you don’t!  Please share our stuff if you like it.  Support our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/TheGreatestPod to get exclusive pods on subjects we can't tackle here and also physical art prints. Watch REBOOT IT, our YouTube Show where we update your favorite franchises alongside Fandom Producer Billy Business here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8o6NuUQLlA10GDyxkM5xZw NEXT EPISODE, we have Best-Selling Author Daniel Kraus of The Shape Of Water (with Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro) and collaborator with the godfather of zombies, the great George Romero on his posthumous zombie novel THE LIVING DEAD. Daniel joins us to talk about his love of Ben, the main character in the patient zero classic zombie movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!


7 Jun 2021

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Godzilla vs. Kong with Danielle Radford

The Dark Weeb

We sat down with our good friend Danielle Radford(Screen Junkies, Tights and Fights, our hearts) to talk about the Lizard vs. Monkey movie. Spoiler: It's good! Toku fans are eating folks! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedarkweeb/support


5 Apr 2021

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Yo! Noid with Danielle Radford

How Did This Get Played?

Danielle Radford (Honest Trailers, Tights and Fights) joins Nick and Heather to talk about Yo! Noid! They talk about wrestling, who the Noid is, how the game is reskinned from a better game, and more!

1hr 14mins

4 Jan 2021

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The Last Dragon and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon w/ Danielle Radford

Kicking and Screaming Podcast

In this loving homage to great episodes of podcasts, special guest Danielle Radford challenges hosts Vanessa and Elijah to find a horror pairing to the martial arts musical extravaganza The Last Dragon. After learning what films Danielle uses to test people’s radness, they counter with the decidedly non-musical homage to all things slasher, Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. But with The Last Dragon doing so much in so many genres, can any film truly be its equal? Why was Vanessa obsessed with Nikki Sixx? And is Elijah going to start an Ernie Reyes Jr. fanclub? Find out in this week’s double-feature discussion!   The official snack pairing of The Last Dragon and Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon is a sliced up candy apple that you eat with chopsticks.   This episode was brought to you by The Glow.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vanessa-gritton/support

1hr 25mins

1 Jan 2021

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Tacos with Danielle Radford

Culture Kings

Danielle Radford (Screen Junkies, The Great Debate) joins Edgar and Jacquis to talk about wrestling, the perfect temperature for gas, the nerd culture drought, something with tacos and more!

1hr 2mins

19 Oct 2020

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The Queer Nerd Podcast ep 28 w/ Danielle Radford

The Pro Wrestling Mothership Network

Darnell sits down with the amazing Danielle Radford, host of Tights and Fights podcast and writer on Syfy's "The Great Debate" and chats about all things wrestling and nerd culture. From cultivating an audience, being a black queer woman in the word of comedy and wrestling, having to consistently justify her knowledge on nerd culture, to why her new show "The Great Debate" is such a welcome addition to nerd culture lore. Take a listen and share if you can!

1hr 18mins

16 Jul 2020

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Danielle Radford Answers, "Is Fan Fiction More than Just Horny Fan Service?"

Only Stupid Answers

This week Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge are joined by Danielle Radford to discuss her show The Great Debate on Syfy, the gayest shows on TV, the merits of fan fiction, and MORE!PLUS, wear a gosh dang mask!Check out more from Danielle!https://twitter.com/danielleradford https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wires-the-great-debateOpportunities to support Black Lives Matter:https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/Don't forget to check out https://www.patreon.com/OnlyStupidAnswers to help support the show and receive EXCLUSIVE content!

1hr 11mins

13 Jul 2020

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The Quarantine Sessions: T.J. Chambers and Danielle Radford

Roommates 4 Lyfe

Ain't no party like a roommate party cuz the roommate party don't stop! Simon's back at the chateau and the boys welcome the amazing T.J. Chambers and Danielle Radford to the podcast! This episode serves up some piping hot Hollywood gossip in addition to some hearty discussions on bald eagles, the creative arts emmys, and everyone's favorite Virgil Village bar: The Smogcutter (RIP). Remember to build that emotional wall and we'll see you around the apartment! Support Roommates 4 Lyfe on Patreon at: patreon.com/roommates4lyfe  Follow us on Instagram at: @roommates4lyfepod Follow M.K. on Instagram at: @mkpaulsen And follow Simon on Instagram at: @simeygibson


9 Jul 2020

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Episode 148 - Screen Junkies' Danielle Radford GOATS Storm

Nerd GOAT w/ Ed Greer and Ron Swallow

Ron and Ed talk to Screen Junkies' Danielle Radford about her Nerd GOAT: Storm, aka the greatest leader the X-Men have ever had! Danielle is one of the main writers for your OTHER favorite YouTube series HONEST TRAILERS, as well as the new SyFy panel show THE GREAT DEBATE! She also co-hosts the horniest wrestling podcast on the internet TIGHTS AND FIGHTS. Follow @danielleradford on Twitter and @danielle_radford on Instagram! — SUBSCRIBE TO 'REBOOT IT' ON YOUTUBE! Coming soon: REBOOT REWIND, live shows revisiting some of our biggest episodes from the first two seasons, incorporating live chat and some of our favorite viewer comments. Come get involved! COMING SOON ON PATREON: Sneak peeks at GOAT COMICS! — SIGN UP FOR TOOTHBRUSHME.COM! Clean mouth. Clean planet. Dirt cheap. A lifetime-guaranteed handle and biodegradable toothbrush heads delivered direct to your door, for the same price you'd pay at a grocery store! Subscribe, rate and review Nerd GOAT on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.

1hr 44mins

8 Jun 2020

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639: Booze Omnivore with Danielle Radford and Andy Wood

Jordan, Jesse, GO!

Danielle Radford (Tights and Fights podcast) and Andy Wood (Probably Science podcast) join Jordan for a discussion of the state of professional wrestling during the pandemic, Andy's childhood as a "Snake Guy" and a tragic tale from Jordan's high school reunion Facebook page. Plus, we keep tradition alive and sample some summer alcoholic beverages!And, though JJGo is a silly nonsense podcast, we want to acknowledge and support the brave protests continuing across the country this week in support of Black Lives Matter. If you can, please consider giving to these great organizations –https://www.naacpldf.org/https://blacklivesmatter.com/ 

1hr 13mins

5 Jun 2020