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Andy Lambert on Social 3.0 and Marketing Your Agency

GYDA Initiative - Grow Your Digital Agency

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Andy Lambert of ContentCal. Andy is one of the founding team and director of growth at ContentCal. From starting out as an agency and then launching their software product in 2017, ContentCal is now used by over 40,000 businesses in over 140 countries. In December 2021, ContentCal was acquired by Adobe.Robert and Andy talk about Andy’s new book ‘Social 3.0: How forward-thinking B2B’s can unleash the power of social media.’ Plus Andy gives his insight into the journey of building and selling ContentCal.


19 Oct 2022

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Making the most of social media with Andy Lambert

Building your Brand

In this episode I am joined by Andy Lambert who has over 12 years of experience in creating markets, building profitable businesses, and leadership roles in industry-leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) organisations.  Working exclusively in B2B SaaS, he has led sales and marketing teams, created two businesses from scratch, and achieved significant exits. In 2016, he joined two others as one of the founding team of ContentCal, a social media marketing SaaS product. Over the course of five years, they raised over $10m, grew to be used by multiple thousands of customers in over 100 countries, won numerous awards, and, at the end of 2021 were acquired by Adobe Inc. Andy share’s brilliant content on the data and numbers surrounding social media and we delve into how social media can still be beneficial for small businesses and where they might consider investing their time and energy based on the current engagement stats. 


10 Aug 2022

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E56: Growing on Social Media with Andy Lambert of ContentCal

The Amanda Perry Podcast

Welcome back to the Amanda Perry Podcast! Every Monday I’ll be sharing insights from founders and leaders in the world of DTC, business and everything in-between. Andy Lambert is one of the founders of ContentCal and author of SOCIAL 3.0. Join us as we chat about ContentCal's journey, mastering content marketing for small businesses, the reality of Instagram's reach and the power of collaboratation. Founder to Founder group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1165986567563254/ Newsletter Sign-up: https://www.growplusagency.com/founder-to-founder-email-sign-up/ Grow+ https://www.growplusagency.com/ Andy Lambert: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andycontentcal/?originalSubdomain=uk ContentCal: https://www.contentcal.com/ Amanda Perry: https://www.amandaperry.co.uk https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandaperryuk/ https://www.instagram.com/amandaperry/


30 May 2022

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How ContentCal Break Through the Organic Content Ceiling with Andy Lambert

B2B Content Strategist

Posting organic content on social media is highly effective for sharing your brand messages and staying front of mind with your audience. But how can your content break through the organic ceiling to generate more business results?In this first episode of B2B Content Strategist, Amy Woods, speaks to ContentCal’s Director of Growth, Andy Lambert, about the content marketing campaigns that skyrocketed ContentCal to success – and led to its acquisition by tech giant, Adobe.Amy Woods is the CEO and founder of Content 10x, the longest-running specialist content repurposing agency that partners exclusively with B2B tech and professional services businesses worldwide.Find out:The ethos behind ContentCal’s four different types of contentWhy ContentCal is powering up organic social with paid advertisingHow a content syndication strategy delivered outstanding resultsImportant Links & MentionsContentCal: https://www.contentcal.com/Andy’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andycontentcal/Content 10x: https://www.content10x.com/


26 Apr 2022

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Why Marketers Need To Encourage Employee-Generated Content With Andy Lambert From Content Cal & Adobe

B2B Social Growth: Your Weekly B2B Social Media Podcast

When salespeople are move active on LinkedIn, they report 45% more sales opportunities and they’re 51% more likely to reach their quotas, according to LinkedIn.Despite this, 63% of new employees are reluctant to share company messages on social media. And this only go down to 54% when someone has worked somewhere for 1-3 years.Paid advertising, however, is blocked by as many as 44% of people, meaning that by focusing solely on that, you could be missing out on reaching a large portion of your target audience.Employee-generated content is a powerful way to differentiate your brand from competitors, showcase company culture, and show how knowledgeable the people who work there are.Join Tribal Impact CEO Sarah Goodall, and Andy Lambert, previous Director of Growth at ContentCal and now Senior Manager Product Marketing at Adobe to learn:The power of employee-generated content⭐ Why authenticity is key⭐ How to get buy-in from leadership to invest in employee-generated content⭐ How to foster an environment for employees to generate their own content⭐ Why TikTok is a good channel for employee-generated content


13 Apr 2022

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Episode 009 - In conversation with Andy Lambert (ContentCal)

Audience Growth Podcast

Today I have the absolute pleasure of talking to Andy Lambert, one of the co-founders of ContentCal. Now if we've ever had a conversation about social media marketing or content creation you will probably already know that ContentCal is my tool of choice. I absolutely love it because it has saved me hours and hours of time every single week, ever since I stated using it. I use it to create and share my own content and I also use it when I'm working with clients and they love it too.Andy is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing and Social media and I think you are going to get a lot for today's episode.ContentCal: https://www.contentcal.com/Loved the podcast? What to do next:Welcome to the podcast and please feel free to binge on some of the other episodes which are coming up and make sure that you subscribe on your favourite podcast platform, so that you never miss an episode.If you are enjoying the podcast please share it with your friends and leave a review as that makes a huge difference to a small business like mine.If you want to grow your business, first you need to grow your audience. I have some great free resources to help you: https://www.nikihutchison.com/free-resourcesTo learn more about me, Niki Hutchison, and to join my Audience Growth Collective click: Website: www.nikihutchison.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikihutchisonltd/Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/audiencegrowthcollectiveInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikihutchison/LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikihutchison/About the Audience Growth podcast:Welcome to the Audience Growth Podcast. I'm Niki Hutchison, a Business and Marketing Expert and passionate supporter of Female Founders. I work with clients large and small to help them understand how to use marketing to grow their audience because a bigger audience means bigger sales. Learning how to market your business really is the difference between success and failure. On the Audience Growth Podcast I will be teaching you how to grow your audience, a community of people interested in what you do and I'll be sharing how to turn them from browsers into buyers, from followers into customers. I'll also be inviting very special guests how to join me so you can learn from their experiences growing brands, businesses and audiences too. I've grown both of my businesses using predominantly organic marketing, that's marketing that costs nothing or very little. I believe getting your organic marketing right first is vital before spending any money on ads. It's the perfect way to grow an engaged audience around your business. As a listener of the Audience Growth podcast you're going to learn how to do it.


18 Mar 2022

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The Social Media and Digital Trends You Need to Know in 2022 - Andy Lambert, ContentCal

Marketing Meetup Podcast

What are the upcoming trends in social media and digital marketing? Andy Lambert provides the lowdown with a bevy of data!


20 Oct 2021

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A coffee with the CMA: Andy Lambert

A Coffee with the CMA

After delivering monthly sessions on what’s changed in the world of social media, this week ContentCal’s Director of Growth, Andy Lambert joined me for a coffee. I’m sure there’s lots of you who’ll recognise Andy from these sessions and know you'll enjoy this podcast. We discussed social media and branding, along with lockdown and going back to the office, as well as Andy admitting to having a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sticker on his wall! A coffee with the CMA was created to give you a chance to listen and learn from the leading names in our industry. We wanted to create a fun podcast that also gave a real look into the world of content marketing and the people that make this industry so exciting.


31 May 2021

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Cultivating Content: Create Quality Content to Increase ROI with Andy Lambert

Onya Mic Podcast

Welcome back, Influential Entrepreneurs! For this week’s episode, we’re excited to hear from ContentCal’s very own, Andy Mork. Andy is happy to talk with us on all things business growth and social media. With Andy’s 10 years of experience creating markets, building profitable businesses and leadership roles in industry-leading SaaS organizations, we’ve got you covered. If you’re committing to your business long-term, you need to also commit to your content long-term. We’re teaching you exactly how to get started on the right trajectory this year with cultivating your content, and how to not get overwhelmed along the way. If you’re wondering how to get your brand in front of more people, give us a listen this week - there are SO many words of wisdom to learn that you can easily implement in your business.  In this episode you’ll hear: How organic content is JUST as important as paid advertising The importance of validation in social proof and market research  The one REALLY effective marketing tactic you should implement 


12 Apr 2021

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The ConTechCrew 262: A Tick, A Cow & A Geo-Fence with Andy Lambert from Milwaukee Tool

The ConTechCrew

This week's construction tech news with James Benham (@JamesMBenham), and Rob McKinney (@ConAppGuru) Featuring: - Interview with Andy Lambert from Milwaukee Tool - Construction Tech News of the Week Follow @TheConTechCrew on social media for more updates and to join the conversation! Listen to the show at http://thecontechcrew.com Powered by JBKnowledge Learn more at http://thecontechcrew.com or follow @JBKnowledge & @TheConTechCrew on Twitter.

1hr 5mins

9 Apr 2021