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Episode 117: Mike Caveney on sawing a woman in half … and Chapter Sixteen of “The Ambitious Card.”

Behind the Page: The Eli Marks Podcast

Mike Caveney takes us through the history of one of magic’s most iconic tricks: Sawing a Woman in Half … And then we jump into Chapter Sixteen of “The Ambitious Card.”The reading of Chapter Sixteen starts at 00:38:50LINKSThe Eli Marks Mystery Series: http://www.elimarksmysteries.com/Get yourself a Free Eli Marks Short Story: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/jj1r1yaavjListen to a Free Eli Marks Audio Short Story: https://BookHip.com/LZBPPMDRate us on Apple Podcasts:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-the-page-the-eli-marks-podcast/id1547293027Mike Caveney Website:  http://www.mcmagicwords.com/“Sawing” book:  http://www.mcmagicwords.com/books_sawing.htmlDante Sawing a Woman in Half:  https://youtu.be/rHBTiFMe95AMasked Magician—Sawing a Woman in Half:  https://youtu.be/BvH7fKF1f-YMike Caveney – Coat hangers: https://youtu.be/bhoqj9oY5Ng

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13 Sep 2021

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The Moisture Festival Podcast – Mike Caveney

The Moisture Festival Podcast

The Moisture Festival podcast is joined by Magician and raconteur Mike Caveney for an over the phone chat. Mike tells us some amazing stories from his 40+ years in show business. We discuss how he got into magic, how he married a fellow magician, how hard it is to go on the road with a chicken and how after 50 years of research he is finally releasing a book on the history of sawing a woman in half. Lots of great stories, laughs with a fantastic performer and magician. 


15 Jun 2021

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Mike Caveney

Talking Shtick

FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON ONE....My guest is Mike Caveney. We talk about Mike's act in incredible detail and discuss get in deep on the tiny moments that make things work. We talk costuming, scripting, honing and perfecting. Mike even get's briefly interrupted with a phone call from David Copperfield! This episode has everything and more. I'm so thrilled that Mike agreed to be on the podcast and I'm glad we're closing out season one in such a magnificent way. Following this episode, the podcast will take a six week break and return on October 2nd. Check out EXTRA CONTENT at Patreon.com/markjamesmagicianSeason One Proudly Sponsored by MagicBox.uk.com

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20 Aug 2020

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JAY JOHNSON (with special guests TERRY FATOR, EVA ANDERSON, and a reunion of the LEFT-HANDED LEAGUE: Turk Pipkin, Martin Lewis, Mike Caveney, & Tina Lenert)

Who Books That? with Harrison Greenbaum (Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Harrison interviews Jay Johnson (star of SOAP and the only ventriloquist to ever win a Tony Award) and learns how to add heart to humor and personality to inanimate objects, how a Tony Award-winning Broadway show comes together, how to use ventriloquism to fool all of the magicians at the Magic Castle, and what it's like being the inspiration for generations of entertainers, all capped off with a decades-in-the-making reunion of the Left-Handed League!  With special guests Terry Fator, Eva Anderson, Turk Pipkin, Martin Lewis, Mike Caveney, and Tina Lenert. Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

1hr 16mins

13 Jul 2020

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Who Books That? with Harrison Greenbaum (Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Harrison interviews the hilarious David Williamson and learns about his start as a genie at a truck stop off the interstate, how to balance being spontaneous with being on script, and Harrison brings on an all-star group of surprise guests to recount the many pranks David and co. have pulled off over the years. With specials guests John Carney, Michael Weber, Michael Close, and Mike Caveney. Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

1hr 22mins

16 May 2020

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Who Books That? with Harrison Greenbaum (Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians)

Harrison interviews the stupendous MIKE CAVENEY and TINA LINERT on their 41st wedding anniversary and finds out the secret to four-plus decades of love, if live goats make yoga better or worse, the ghost of Harry Houdini's thoughts on the state of magic today, and the key to longevity in a career in the arts.  With special guests Christopher Hart and Rob Zabrecky (and a bonus cameo from Derek Hughes). Presented by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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28 Apr 2020

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Mike Caveney and Brian Finneran, Former Falcon Player

AM 1160 The Quest, Pledge Drive - 2018 Fall

AM 1160, the Quest Spirit Drive Guest


24 Oct 2018

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(Ep 73) Mike Caveney

Magical Thinking

Episode 73: Mike Caveney shares the history of Egyptian Hall Museum, some fo the famed conjurors of the Golden Age of Magic, and himself in this wonderful episode. Mike and Elliott discuss character, work ethic, creativity, and the value of flight time in learning how to be a magician. Enjoy!

2hr 4mins

21 Dec 2017

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Ep 55 - Mike Caveney

The Magicians' Podcast

Mike Caveney was passing through the UK for just over a week to perform in The Magic Circle Christmas Show. He managed to find some time to have a fantastic chat with me about his amazing act, his books, the history of magic, his incredible historical magic collection, the conference on magic history which he organises and also the future of the history of magic. 


26 Feb 2016

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The Magic Newswire

Mike Caveney calls in from the world headquarters of Magic Words to join us for a chat on this episode of the Magic Newswire "Spirit of Magic" podcast. Mike began his career working at Owen's Magic Supreme, as a member of the Long Islan Mystics, turning coins for Johnson Products and performing at the Magic Castle. Not too shabby for a guy just turning 21 at the time. Mike talks with us about what made the Mystics different from most magic clubs, the importance of innovation and creativity in an act and shares the evolution of his signature effects. In addition, we learn a bit more about his role in the Left Handed League, the Bubonic Players and Wenii Magazine.


29 Jul 2012