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Episode 50: Audio Coaching to Overcome Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, and Night Eating (Interview with Alen Standish)

Brain over Binge Podcast

The post Episode 50: Audio Coaching to Overcome Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, and Night Eating (Interview with Alen Standish) appeared first on Brain over Binge.


10 Dec 2018

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Ep 0086 – Bonus – Chatting with Alen Standish

Compulsive Overeating Diary

Alen chats with me about his own binge eating story, how he started his podcast, Quit Binge Eating, and the very personal reasons behind why he changed its title and focus to Progress, Not Perfection. Thanks to Brave Companions Amy in Australia and Patt for their 5-star iTunes reviews. I'll be guest blogging for Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin's Make Peace with Food.


6 Nov 2014

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Ep 0082 – Updates on Voice Acting, the Support Group and What’s New with Alen Standish?

Compulsive Overeating Diary

Giving up too easily can be an automatic response and a terrible dream-destroying habit. A special shout-out to Heung, a lady I met hiking after recording last episode. Hear clips from my latest voice acting class with my scene partners Len and Matt and learn why I'm so glad I didn't give up after last week's snafu. Welcome to new brave companions Joe, who posted on day 1, and Kelly who shares her story and tells about her new healthy eating blog. Thanks to the latest Coffee Klatch subscriber and I share why it touches me so much, ala Sally Field's famous best actress win quote. Alen Standish releases our second interview on his show, Progress Not Perfection, and thanks to Cheryl's great idea, I interview him back for one of my future shows. Hear about my ongoing YMCA live support group and how the first meeting went. Amy from Wisconsin calls the bravery hotline about her stumbles with intuitive eating and how she refocuses. Featured comments from Suz, Cheryl and Stéfanie about negativity, bravery and creativity. Send in some fun Halloween audio or stories if you'd like a special Halloween episode.


13 Oct 2014

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004: Progress Not Perfection with Alen Standish

The Recovery Warrior Show

Perfectionism and eating disorders often go hand in hand. Alen Standish, a recovered binge eater and recovering perfectionist talks about the pitfalls of perfectionism and how it feeds into the shame spiral, also known as the binge cycle. Alen shares the strategies that helped him break out of the spiral and eventually stop binge eating.


1 Jun 2014

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