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Andrew Sealy - Patience on the Path to Love

Dharma Glow

Always a pleasure connecting with great yogi Andrew Sealy and feeling the energy he holds.Today we got to hear about how he cultivates his vibration through daily practice and how his heart yearns for human connection. A great reminder that we all came here to connect and the work that we do on ourselves is so we can come to connection full, clear, open, and grateful.Dive deeper into Dharma Glow at www.dharmaglow.comhttps://www.instagram.com/dharmaglow/


28 Aug 2021

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Andrew Sealy - Being a Yogi and Steward of the Earth


Acro yogi and Your Aligned Purpose founder, Andrew Sealy, joins me this week to discuss breath work, the value of meditation, and how having an 'innerstanding' can help lead to a better quality of life. We go beyond the traditional conversation around yoga as a self healing practice and explore its interconnectedness to Earth stewardship and ecoconsciousness. We get a reality check on the Sixth Extinction and Andrew talks me through his latest project for Headspace. Together we take a deeper look at biodiversity, the consequences of the developed world, and ways we can all be of greater service to one another and ourselves.Connect with me on social onInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/lisaborders/Twitter - https://twitter.com/Lisa_M_Borders


4 May 2021

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Vibrating through Wellness with Andrew Sealy

Becoming Unique

Today we are talking Vibrating through wellness with Andrew Sealy To connect with Andrew Sealy through his website https://www.andrew7sealy.com/ or you can check out Andrew’s Instagram https://instagram.com/andrew7sealy?igshid=4v68lafurf13 To see Andrew Sealy other offerings, please check out his linktreehttps://linktr.ee/andrew7sealyTo connect with Becoming Unique on Instagram please click here https://instagram.com/becoming__unique?igshid=jfq70cxzudcl


25 Apr 2021

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Evolve and THRIVE with Andrew Sealy

The Yoga Trade Podcast

How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain? So goes the mantra of movement catalyst, Andrew Sealy. In this episode, Sealy pulls from his own experiences to guide us on how to best thrive as wellness teachers, visionaries and overall human beings in our rapidly changing world. We discuss personal development, internal creative exploration and how to reimagine life through a lens of opportunity. Connect with Andrew: www.andrew7sealy.com IG @andrew7sealy Connect with Audrey:  www.thenomadicfilmmaker.com IG @audrey_andthewild Yoga Trade is a platform and growing community that connects yoga teachers and wellness professionals with job opportunities and work exchanges all around the world.  www.yogatrade.com & @yogatrade Theme Music and Sound Mixing:  Thomàs Young, www.finecraftedsound.com


12 Jun 2020

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Deep Dive #117 | Andrew Sealy - The Secret to Being Healthy and Happy

The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Are you happy and healthy? What if I told you there was a secret to living a healthy and happy life? In this episode of The Deep Dive LIVE with Adam Roa, Andrew Sealy and I dive deep into the frequency of food, acceptance of death, and why balance is the true healer of “toxic masculinity.” If you feel like there’s something more out there for you or wonder why you’re not truly happy, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Learn why purposeful living puts your body at ease. https://adamroa.com

1hr 11mins

24 May 2020

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SOULS of Los Angeles - Andrew Sealy

SOULS of Society

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a Yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to his friends around the world. He finds joy in interviewing Yogis from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories on the Yoga Revealed Podcast.The continuous self discovery process of Yoga compels Andrew to embody progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. This drive is derived from a deep place within his heart that confirms humanity’s genuine kind nature and true intention to change, grow, and maintain it’s natural beauty. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question, How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain?Driven by his profound passion for self healing, Andrew Sealy’s Yoga journey began soon after his college education of microbiology ended. From a young boy exploring the beaches of Barbados, Andrew has always had a profound connection with nature and its healing properties. After completing his 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Centre’ in San Luis Obispo his path of health education continued with his High Honors Graduation from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With his profound curiosity of body-mechanics and human potential he set on a path to build his temple through the devout practice of Yoga.Support this podcast at https://www.patreon.com/soulsofsociety


18 May 2020

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243 Andrew Sealy - Being Positive, Real, and Kind

Are You Being Real? | The Authenticity Podcast

*Listen & Subscribe on iTunes *Listen on SoundCloud *Subscribe to the People Being Real YouTube Channel When it comes to creating impact and being an influence for good in the world, sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith and go all in doing what you love, even if it means leaving behind the security of the familiar. That's what happened to Andrew Sealy. Instead of sticking with a cushy job at a popular software company in Seattle, he chose to follow his happiness and pursue the life of a yogi. Today, he's a movement creator, connection catalyst, and an expert yogi that's impacting with his joy and kindness and spreading his message on his terms. And in Episode 243, Mark and Andrew talk about how he came to discover yoga, what kept him from taking the leap and diving deeper into it, why being present and kind is important to creating positive influence, and Andrew shares some exciting upcoming projects he's working on that you don't want to miss. Enjoy!! Connect with Mark: Email / Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter Connect with Andrew: Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Andrew7Sealy.com Show Notes: •How Mark and Andrew met. (02:42) •A moment when Andrew's authenticity was challenged. (04:53) •The stories that stood in Andrew's way from diving into what brought him joy. (09:22) •The most positive influences in Andrew's life. (13:55) •Why aren't more people 'kindfluencing' today? (18:43) •The importance of being present in whatever you're experiencing. (23:02) •Andrew's upcoming projects. (33:15) •The greatest 'Kindfluencers' that Andrew knows. (35:28) •Andrew's vision for the world. (38:52) Things to check out:•Episode 131: Caitlin Turner •Episode 140: Aaron Alexander •The Xanadu Life •Take the Reality Check Assessment/Sign up for The Sunday Sauce!


11 Oct 2019

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DT 074: Adapt to Create with Andrew Sealy

Dharma Talk with Henry Winslow

Andrew Sealy is an embodied heart leader, yoga artist, and connection catalyst. He is known for his transformational teachings of self-love that remind students of their true power for transformation and embodied purposeful living. Andrew’s creative approach to teaching Yoga as a healing art has earned him the role of guiding celebrity clients, spotlight at conscious music festivals, and the opportunity to lead transformative luxury retreats worldwide.  He is known globally as a mindful life enthusiast and a wellness activist. Andrew embodies prolific knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. Andrew Sealy’s teachings aim to answer the question: How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain?  In this episode, you’ll hear from Andrew on: [11:25] How to align to your purpose and the importance of maintaining a daily meditative practice that allows you to tap into source and enables your mind, body and spirit to attune to your essence.  [14:34] Andrew’s dharma – having a positive impact on all environments that he is a part of. No matter where he is, Andrew is able to live his Dharma if he’s able to bring a sense of happiness and joy to his surroundings.  [15:31] The beginning of his journey into yoga and the fortuitous circumstance that led him to attending a Yoga Journal conference. Whilst there he took part in his first ever Vinyasa class led by Sri Dharma Mitra that left him hooked and ignited his passion for yoga. [27:51] The deepening of Andrew’s practice and the growing awareness that yoga is not just a place to develop physical abilities, but a means to heal trauma. This belief impacted his teaching, leading him to create classes that are designed for students to feel comfortable and able to release trauma. [37:25] The significance of 1 Giant Mind, a system of meditation taught by Jonni Pollard, in enabling Andrew’s yoga practice to reach a higher level. Through developing a greater understanding of what it means to be reflective, he was able to tap into the void and utilize this information for ascension. [45:08 ] Taking the plunge into creating and sharing from the heart even when it's scary, uncomfortable and requires risk taking.  Plus, the balancing act between following your passion whilst also trying to generate enough income to sustain yourself. [49:44 ] Andrew’s advice to those whose jobs do not feed their soul – take the time to reflect and understand if what you’re currently doing is serving your happiness and longevity.  Be present with who are you right now, and the person you want to be, as you need a vision of where you wish to go in order to become more mindful in the present. Announcements: Reconnect to your divine Self this December. Join me and Veronica Lombo on an    immersive retreat in Bali: henrywins.com/bali
 Join me for upcoming workshops in NYC and Texas: henrywins.com/events
 Links from this episode: Light on Life: The Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace and Ultimate Freedom by B. K. S. Iyengar — Grab a copy of Andrew’s recommended book
 Andrew’s Yoga Revealed Podcast Interview with Seane Corn
 1 Giant Mind - Learn to meditate in 12 easy steps and start feeling happier and less stressed Looking for your next book to read? Check out the list of every book recommended on Dharma Talk
  Get in touch with Andrew: https://www.andrew7sealy.com/ - Check out Andrew’s schedule and view upcoming retreats.   Follow @andrew7sealy on Instagram Reach out directly to Andrew via his email at andrew7sealy@gmail.com  Support the Podcast: If you find this podcast valuable you can support it directly by visiting: henrywins.com/donate


29 Aug 2019

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#108. Andrew Sealy and Alec Rouben: Yoga Revealed TODAY!

Yoga Revealed Podcast

Namaste Yogis I’m Andrew Sealy here to welcome you to the Yoga Revealed Podcast I believe one of the most enlightening things you do for yourself is immerse your mind body and spirit in Yoga. Yoga is Union and when we Unite. Together we inspire flight to uplift the world. You’re path to awakening to the transformative power of Yoga starts Now. In this unique episode we have the opportunity to do a deep dive with the hosts of the Yoga Revealed Podcast, Andrew Sealy and Alec Rouben. We have the rare opportunity to interview one another to tap into the magic of empowerment that have been co-creating worldwide. It has been too long since Alec and I have sat down to discuss the benefits of our travels and the vision for Yoga Revealed's Spring Season of ALL NEW episodes!This episode is full of golden nuggets like my trip to Finland with a group of epic individuals and the benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms and drinking them before meditation. I express my absolute love for the Four Sigmatic's Lions Mane Mushroom Elixir that helps to bring focus and clarity in deep meditation. You can learn more about Four Sigmatic and their healing mushroom by checking their website and products HERE.Alec tells us about the healing power of the Purium Health Product line and how to detoxify your second brain which is known as your GUT! Removing Glyphosate from our MicroBiomes is the Ultimate practice of SAUCHA! Learn how to creating Health Empowerment and Impactful Financial Freedom with a Conscious Community! We also go deep into the wisdom that Alec has accumulated in having his Mentor Eddie Modestini guide him through the more Subtle aspects of Yoga. We share our Love for Planet Earth's Superfoods by visiting this LINK! For Purium's Full Spectrum 1500+ MG CBD visit this Link! Use Aleclovelifeyoga for 25% off your first order and forever!Tap into the magic of this conversation as we continue to grow and shine together! Make sure to share this episode with a friend and give us a 5 star review if you appreciate the inspiring interviews we do! This is a community shaped by YOU! Let’s shine bright and Stay TRUE! Until next time. Blessings and Namaste Yogis🙏 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


21 Feb 2019

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Wellness and Determination: Andrew Sealy

CLUTCH from Icewater Yoga

About this Episode:Joe and Andrew talk yoga, health, and wellness, and Andrew shares a personal story of how he worked through a series of challenges to launch his podcast.About Andrew:Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a Yoga artist, and a movement creator.His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to his friends around the world.He finds joy in interviewing Yogis from all walks of life to share their inspiring stories on the Yoga Revealed Podcast.About Icewater Yoga:Icewater Yoga is an online yoga platform offering hundreds of classes designed specifically for athletes.Start your two-week free trial: https://icewateryoga.com/product/monthly-subscription/Questions:Email us at info@icewateryoga.com to ask any questions you have about the podcast or anything else.


19 Feb 2019