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Episode 17- Two Options with Zaheen Nanji

The Stutter On Podcast

On this episode, I speak with Zaheen Nanji, one of most in-demand speakers on resilience in Canada today. Zaheen Nanji has shared her content-rich, entertaining, hard-hitting and memorable presentations to enthusiastic audiences such as HR, health professionals, educators and leaders.Along with being a speaker, Zaheen is also a public health professional and a TEDx speaker. She has been featured on the front cover of Positive Health Magazine and on various broadcast media outlets in UK, USA and Canada. Not only is she a two-time best-selling and award-winning author, but she is one of the 75 finalists announced for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.Zaheen and her husband own Shanti Wellness & Laser Centre in Alberta and currently she’s pursuing her Masters in Leadership Studies at the University of Guelph. 


6 Aug 2020

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SOS070: How To Build More Resilience - With Zaheen Nanji

She Owns Success

Zaheen Nanji has gone from having a debilitating stutter to speaking on the TEDx stage. In this episode, Zaheen shares the surprising story about how she finally managed to beat her stutter and overcome her fear of speaking by taking on an unexpected challenge.  Topics discussed How to break bad old habits  Why creating systems is critical for success in your business  Why you need to master the art of the ASK  Why everyone needs to hire a coach Resilience, what it is and why it’s important  How to increase your resilience with 1 simple step Episode Show Notes Page: Click to go to episode show notes page


22 Jun 2020

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Zaheen Nanji, Resilience Champion

Thrive. Connect. Contribute.

How do you talk about a health crisis when you teach wellness and resilience to others? Zaheen Nanji was born in Kenya. She was a bright child, and so, at the age of seven, she skipped a grade. Soon after that, she developed a profound stutter. This speech disorder and the resulting social isolation was exasperated when she moved to Edmonton, Alberta, at the age of 15. In college, she found the help that she needed to overcome her speech disorder. Through this experience, she became a champion of resilience. In early 2010, Zaheen and her husband opened Shanti Wellness Centre in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. There, she was able to use her expertise in Nutrition & Food Science, Environmental Health, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She began to deliver keynote speeches about wellness and resilience. But, in 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnosis challenged everything she knew about being resilient. She struggled with self-pity and self-doubt. As she kept her diagnosis a secret, the secrecy took its toll on her mental health. Finally, she turned to Facebook Live to tell her story to the world. Here she was, a champion of resilience and health, and she was struggling to make it from day-to-day. Her transparency resonated with her Facebook followers. They began to confess their own insecurities ad share her video widely. Today, Zaheen is a TEDx speaker, famous for her talk on resilience. She was on the front cover of Positive Health Magazine. She has also been featured in broadcast media outlets in the UK, the US, and Canada. She is the author of several books, including Resilience Reflex: 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business, and Resilience During Your Breast Cancer Journey: How to Thrive After Your Diagnosis and Treatment. Learn More About Zaheen Nanji: Zaheen Nanji’s website: https://www.zaheennanji.com/Zaheen's TEDx Talk: https://youtu.be/h4i4iBtYdLoShanti Wellness Centre: https://www.shantiwellnesscentre.com/Book: Resilience Reflex: 8 Keys to Transforming Barriers into Success in Life and Business, https://amzn.to/2V3AD2LBook: Resilience During Your Breast Cancer Journey: How to Thrive After Your Diagnosis and Treatment, https://amzn.to/2JFABcn


5 Apr 2020

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How to Master The Art Of Resiliency | Zaheen Nanji

Screw the Naysayers

Would you step into the ring with Rocky Balboa (a young Sylvester Stallone to anyone that hasn’t seen the Rocky Movies)? If I had a choice in the matter, I know I wouldn’t. And I bet you wouldn’t either, unless you’re a UFC fighter or professional boxer. But sometimes life doesn’t let us decide what battles we have to fight. Take Zaheen Nanji for example. At the age of fifteen she left her parents behind in Kenya and moved to Canada. She brought with her a stuttering problem that started at age seven. At university Zaheen tried keeping it secret by dodging class activities that would reveal my repetitive sounds, drawn out syllables, and pained silences. But failing college wasn’t an option, so Zaheen decided to get speech therapy. No change. Finally her therapist told Zaheen that she has two choices. Stay where she was in life or use the resources she’d been given to face her fear...and practice doing life differently.So she practiced asking strangers the time even if she knew it. She ordered food with her broken words - not by pointing at the menu. Today Zaheen  is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and a breast cancer survivor. She is also the author of the Amazon Best Seller “The Resiliency Reflex.”. In this episode Zaheen explains: That resilience is not an inherent trait - it’s an earned one. How she overcame a speech impediment to become a public speaker Why asking for help is not a weakness How she drew on her inner strength to battle breast cancer The importance of using language of intent The Seven Universal Cycles of Change Four questions you should ask to help you overcome fear Contact Zaheen LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zaheennanji/ Website: www.zaheennanji.com Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection. Email tim@screwthenaysayers.com Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/stnwithtimalison/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/screwthenaysayers/ LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-alison/ Screw The Naysayers- www.screwthenaysayers.com


19 Dec 2018

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EPISODE 140 – Flex Your Resilience Reflex with Zaheen Nanji

The Millionaire Woman Show

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnBLhiOkCtQ[/embedyt] Zaheen Nanji is a resilience champion and an entrepreneur. She teaches people and organizations how to embrace change effortlessly and create resilient leaders and tenacious employees. Zaheen owns Shanti Wellness and Laser Centre in Alberta and is the author of four books of which two are co-authored. People who don’t know Zaheen’s background sometimes assume that achieving success was easy for her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. She grew up in Kenya, East Africa, where good-quality higher education was not available and there was very little opportunity for economic advancement at the time. When she was 15, her parents bought her and her 17-year-old sister passage to Canada so they could pursue their dreams of knowledge and success. Zaheen stuttered up until her twenties, but she learned how to embrace fear. For many people who stutter, simply being able to stop stuttering is a dream come true. But Zaheen has run with the dream and is now a sought-after motivational speaker. She transformed her life by overcoming her speech impediment, overcoming her struggles with weight embraced her journey with breast cancer and creating opportunities for her life in Canada. She was recently nominated for RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur 2014, and has completed her fourth book,The Resilience Reflex.


21 Nov 2017

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Ep. 103: Zaheen Nanji

Small Changes Big Shifts

“Changing your words, changes your thoughts, and changes your feelings.” A simple yet powerful concept. Zaheen Nanji, author, motivator and thought leader, says this often as she believes it is the key to resilience. Zaheen has faced difficult times in her life from dealing with a stutter into her 20’s, moving from Kenya to Canada at the age of 15 without her parents to battling breast cancer. It is through her up’s and down’s in life that have led her to where she is today, a sought-after transformational speaker on the topic of Resilience Reflex. She teaches her clients how to navigate life's up’s and down’s by thriving. Her two biggest tips for making the most out of the unexpected? Have a routine and a support network. These two things can help set you up for success when change comes your way.


8 Oct 2017

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Why you need efficient systems in your business, With Zaheen Nanji

Business Creators Radio Show With Adam Hommey

Building a successful business is not for the faint of heart. But running an efficient business is a crucial component of building a successful business. If you don’t have systems in your business, or your systems are old and outdated, you’ll end up losing money, customers, and your reputation. Zaheen Nanji joins us to discuss the importance of systems, and how you can create efficient systems in your business. The post Why you need efficient systems in your business, With Zaheen Nanji first appeared on Business Creators Radio Show with Adam Hommey.


29 Dec 2015

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Zaheen Nanji, The Resilience Reflex

Small Business H.E.L.P. by Prof. Smedley

Zaheen Nanji, discusses her dynamic new book, The Resilience Reflex.Are you struggling with some barriers that are blocking your success in life or in business? Do you find yourself anxious and not knowing how to take control of your situation rather than trying to avoid the situation all together?Learn how to develop your emotional resilience so that you can overcome obstacles through some simple techniques that you can actually start practicing today. Ms. Nanji's powerful techniques can be applied to your business, work, and personal situations alike.You've heard the term "have a positive attitude." Zaheen Nanji talks about the four key steps that it takes to actually develop a positive attitude. She also discusses how to reframe our problems into successes. She goes on to provide some very useful relationship skills that can help you difuse difficult situations. You don't want to miss this show. It can change your life!For more information, check out the following:Website: http://ZaheenNanji.comBook offer: http://ZaheenNanji.com/RRbook


19 Nov 2015

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Can you attract your ideal weight with guest Zaheen Nanji

YOUR LIFE NOW show with Coach Rea Wilke

Happy New year!!!Did you make a New Year's resolution to loss weight this year? Are you going to stick with it?Can the LOA help you reach your ideal weight? Can you reach your ideal weight by simply changing the way you think about weight loss, your body and your self-worth? And if so, what have you done about it? Today with our guest Zaheen Nanji who completed her education in nutrition & food science and environmental health and a Master linguistic programmer practitioner, will help us understand more about weight loss and how we think. We'll be looking at it from both side of the equation. The Science and the Mind. We’ll discuss how to keep yourself motivated and find out what's stopping you from achieving your weight goal!For more information, please visit us at:http://YourLifeNow.infoOr email us:  YourLifeNow.llc@gmail.com

1hr 3mins

8 Jan 2015