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The Historical Context behind the Saebyeolbe Incident feat. Troy Stangarone

FTW with Imad Khan: An Esports and Competitive Gaming Podcast

Park "Saebyeolbe" Jong-Ryeol, a player for the Overwatch League's Seoul Dynasty, caused a stir of international proportions when he made controversial comments about freedom of speech in China and objected to the “One China” policy on a stream in early April. All four Chinese OWL teams threatened a boycott of Saebyeolbe and the Dynasty, but relented soon after. This week, Imad is joined by Troy Stangarone, senior fellow at the Korea Economic Institute of America, to put the incident and its near-ramifications into their proper economic, historical, and political contexts. Read 'Chinese Overwatch League teams come to an agreement, will no longer boycott Seoul Dynasty' on Dot Esports. You can find the Korea Economic Institute of America on Twitter at @KoreaEconInst. FTW with Imad Khan is a part of the Dot Esports Podcast Network. New episodes release every Monday.


10 May 2021

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Korean Baseball Comes to Bat in America: Mark Lippert, Eric Hacker, Daniel Kim, Dan Kurtz, Esther Lee, Troy Stangarone

Korean Kontext

While the rest of the world is still struggling to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, South Korea - progressing steadily in its containment of the pandemic - has begun its season of baseball. With the Major League Baseball season postponed in the United States, ESPN has begun airing the Korean Baseball Organization’s games in America.  It is a seminal moment. Koreans are bringing baseball back to its homeland and showcasing what their league looks like. Potentially a harbinger for greater exchange of players between the two nations.  In light of this development, we have today a panel of Korean baseball experts, including former player Eric Hacker and agent Esther Lee, to discuss and highlight the 101 of the league and the sport in Korea. Our guest host, former U.S. ambassador to Korea Mark Lippert, moderates this discussion. You can also find Troy Stangarone’s Diplomat column on the Korean Baseball Organization here: https://thediplomat.com/2019/06/should-amateur-baseball-players-go-pro-in-south-korea-and-japan/


29 May 2020

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The Economic Fallout of a Pandemic: Troy Stangarone and Kyle Ferrier

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We are amidst a pandemic - its victims will not only be the sick but also those who will lose their livelihood as the economy shuts down to contain the further spread of the disease. A body of research, including those published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, notes that after old age and pre-existing health conditions, low socioeconomic status acts as the top variable that could determine your susceptibility to epidemics. In the context of COVID-19, available data suggest that COVID-19 can be about twice as deadly for those in society’s lower rungs.   At this critical moment, governments around the world are struggling to find ways to ensure both economic security and safety.   Our guests today, KEI Senior Director Troy Stangarone and Director Kyle Ferrier, are tracking how South Korea is confronting this challenge. For policymakers and leaders of corporations in the United States, Seoul’s economic response - alongside those of European states - are sure to have some relevant policy lessons for their own response.     You can find Troy and Kyle’s recent articles on South Korea’s response to the economic fallout of the pandemic here:  http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2020/03/738_286766.html https://thediplomat.com/2020/03/south-korea-braces-for-global-recession/ https://thediplomat.com/2020/02/coronavirus-now-poised-for-outsized-impact-in-south-korea/ http://blog.keia.org/2020/03/south-korea-covid-19-financial-crisis-part-2-tools-cooperation/ Please also consider watching our recent event video on the state of human rights in North Korea. Ambassador Robert King and Committee for Human Rights in North Korea executive director Greg Scarlatoiu note how human rights violations in the country - like mass detention and information repression - will compromise public health in the face of COVID-19. You can find the event video here: https://youtu.be/Tq_5r9a-68I 


3 Apr 2020

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How an Isolated Country Fights a Pandemic: Troy Stangarone

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On Friday, March 13, Commander of United States Forces Korea General Robert Abrams noted that North Korea’s armed forces have been in lockdown for about 30 days and only recently have started routine training again. Citing one example, General Abrams highlighted that the North Korean airforce did not fly an airplane for 24 days. He believes this is a sign that the country is trying to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un was featured in North Korea’s state media supervising live-fire artillery exercise. The country has also launched short-ranged projectiles.  What is going on? Why would North Korea choose to look more aggressive at a time when it could most benefit from international cooperation? KEI Senior Director and Fellow Troy Stangarone joins us to answer this question. You can find a link to Troy’s article for the Diplomat magazine here: https://thediplomat.com/2020/03/coronavirus-the-economic-costs-for-north-korea/ Please also listen to our previous episodes on how the Korean Peninsula is addressing the coronavirus outbreak. With KEI Fellow Kyle Ferrier on South Korea's response: http://keia.org/podcast/tackling-coronavirus-not-costless-kyle-ferrier And with Dr. John Grundy on the preparedness of the North Korean healthcare system: http://keia.org/podcast/can-north-korea-take-coronavrius-not-alone-john-grundy


13 Mar 2020

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