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Episode 57 – How to Avoid Prison with Dr. Roy Shelburne (Part 2)

Everyday Practices Podcast

“If it’s not in your clinical record, it didn’t happen,” says today’s guest Dr. Roy Shelburne. Dr. Shelburne returns to finish his cautionary tale of being convicted of healthcare fraud. To learn more about how to protect your practice, visit http://royshelburne.com/.


13 Nov 2019

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Episode 56 – How to Avoid Prison with Dr. Roy Shelburne (Part 1)

Everyday Practices Podcast

“There’s no such thing as an innocent mistake,” says today’s guest Dr. Roy Shelburne. And he would know. After 27 years of successfully practicing dentistry in Virginia, Dr. Shelburne was investigated for and convicted of healthcare fraud, racketeering, and money laundering which led to him spending 19 months in federal prison. Today, he is passionate about sharing his experience and words of caution with other dentists so they can avoid facing the same troubles. Today, Chad, guest host Regan Robertson, and Dr. Shelburne discuss: What “intent to defraud” really means. The dollar amount Dr. Shelburne was convicted on. Why definitions are so important. To learn more about how to protect your practice, visit http://royshelburne.com/.


6 Nov 2019

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Own it: How Dental Owners Must Take Responsibility with Roy Shelburne

Dentistry's Growing with Grace

This week, Grace Rizza of Identity Dental Marketing sits down with the Speaker, Consultant, Writer, and Coach Roy Shelburne, to talk about “Own it: How Dental Owners Must Take Responsibility.” Listen to Grace's podcast in the links below: https://identitydental.com/podcast http://gracerizza.com/podcast #DentistrysGrowingwithGrace #GraceRizza #RoyShelburne #Dentistry #BusinessofDentistry #DentalPodcast #DentalMarketing #DentalExperts


27 Aug 2019

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Episode #162: Where the Codes Come From and the Magic Words to Get Them Paid with Dr. Roy Shelburne

The Best Practices Show


5 Sep 2018

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53: He Spent 3 years in Prison for a minor coding mistake: Dr. Roy Shelburne

The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

When we say minor, he billed 3 million dollars and was found guilty of overbilling $17,000. To us, that’s a minor coding mistake that can be easily corrected and refunded to the right entities involved. However, he spent 3 years in prison, lost his dental license, then another 5 years of probation for a mistake we all make with coding. Dr Shelburne shares his experience in how his life was completely ruined by something we all overlook in dental offices. His message is a powerful one in that we all need to take a second look at how we do things in business. From documentation to higher coding standards, Dr. Shelburne sheds light on the true reality and liability of relaxed business standards, especially when it comes to dealing with patients who have insurance or other 3rd party payor support. To contact Dr. Shelburne you can email him at roy_shelburne@yahoo.com. His website is www.royshelburne.com. To contact our hosts please email help@veritasdentalresources.com.


13 Oct 2017

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Roy Shelburne Episode #36

Your Dental Success Podcast: Digital Marketing For Dentists | SEO | Dental Website Design | Inspiration

Our guest is a speaker, consultant and has a doozy of a story about a life-changing situation that resulted in his incarceration for 19 months. You’ll walk away armed with more knowledge on what to avoid and how to prevent it from happening to you. Here is what we talked about: Know your billing coding. … Continue reading "Roy Shelburne Episode #36" The post Roy Shelburne Episode #36 appeared first on Dental Internet Marketing & Website Design.


27 Jan 2017

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084: Dr. B Interviews Dr. Roy Shelburne. Speaker, teacher and and interesting life story that might just freak you out.

The Passionate Dentist Podcast with Dr. B. Saib

Very interesting story that applies to all of us as dentists in regards to record keeping, coding and billing. Some of the topics may just put you on the other side of the law and get you in trouble. Dr. Shelburne shares his personal story of practice ownership, federal agents, court, prison, and the life he has made himself afterwards. He took the fall for us and now he is teaching us how not to fall. A wonderful interview that might just freak you out a bit.

1hr 11mins

12 Dec 2016

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391 Do Dentistry, Not Time with Roy Shelburne : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Dr. Shelburne graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Biology and Religious Studies in 1977. He went on to graduate with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Dental School and opened a private general practice in Pennington Gap, Virginia, in 1981. He and his family have served as short-term volunteer missionaries with the Baptist Medical Dental Missions International and on various Mission of Mercy projects in Virginia.  In March 2008, he surrendered his dental license after being convicted of healthcare fraud and spent 19 months in Federal Prison and 2 months in a halfway house.  Dr. Shelburne is a nationally known speaker/writer/and consultant who openly shares his mistakes, what he learned as a result, and how to avoid those career ending errors.  “It is a wise man who learns from his mistakes, but a wiser man still that learns from another’s.   www.RoyShelburne.com


11 May 2016

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Roy Shelburne DDS a Prisoner Set Free

The Thriving Dentist Show

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/takacslearningcenter/TDS204.mp3] Podcast: Download | Play in new window/mobile device Running Time: 50 minutes This may be the most important Thriving Dentist Show we have published to date. In this Show, Gary interviews Dr. Roy Shelburne about the experience that turned …


16 Dec 2015

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Stop Living Dangerously with Dr. Roy Shelburne (DHP55)

The Very Dental Podcast Network

This might be the most important episode of the DentalHacks podcast that we've ever done. In today's episode we interview Dr. Roy Shelburne. Dr. Shelburne has become a rock star on the speaking circuit because of his experience being prosecuted by the federal government for fraudulent billing for dental services. He spent 19 months in prison for things that you may be unknowingly doing in your practice. Dr. Shelburne speaks all over the country helping dentists with their record keeping in an effort to avoid the life changing consequences he experienced. You'll hear these questions answered: do you understand "intent to defraud?" how can you establish that a treatment is "medically necessary?" what systems should you add to your record keeping to avoid trouble? how do you set up audits in your office to catch billing and record keeping mistakes? why should we get rid of paper charts once and for all? Dentists, you need to listen to this. But maybe more importantly your team really needs to hear this. Dr. Shelburne can help you bring your documentation to a level that avoids legal problems. If you have any questions or comments for us please drop us an email at info@dentalhacks.com or find us (and like us!) at www.facebook.com/dentalhacks. Or, if you prefer...give us a call at (866) 223-5257 and leave us a message. You might be played in the show! If you like us, why not leave us a review on iTunes? It helps us get found by like minded people and might even help us get into "What's Hot" in the iTunes store! Go to this link and let the world know about the DentalHacks! Finally, if you aren't an Apple person, consider reviewing us on Stitcher at: stitcher.com/podcast/the-dentalhacks-podcast! Some links from today's show: Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent ADA OSHA and HIPAA compliance kit "Coding with Confidence," by Dr. Charles Blair Dr. Shelburne's email: roy_shelburne@hotmail.com Roy's Template for records

1hr 14mins

30 Jun 2015