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014: Danny Vega Business Deep Dive

The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Check out episode 014 of The Low Carb Hustle podcast as the guys do a deep dive into Danny's business and discuss: The main project Danny is focusing on right now. The book that made him completely change the way he sets up his daily schedule.  Ideas for people that want to be brand influencers. Connect with Danny:  https://fatfueled.family/ Please support our sponsor: www.athleticgreens.com/HUSTLE Check out our brand new Low Carb Hustle GEAR:  www.LowCarbHustlePodcast.com


7 Apr 2021

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3392: Before You Start Rolling Your Eyes ... w/ Danny Vega and Sara Levine

Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

We learn the latest about Father Malley and his crusade to save his kids’ souls during this special time, then Am I the Asshole? hosts Danny and Sara join in to talk about April Fools’ Day during a pandemic. Then the coup de grâce: Danny and Sara introduce a new batch of questions that are ready for Keith and Chemda’s judgmental answers. Have a blessed Easter.

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2 Apr 2021

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Danny Vega MS " Winners Don't Lose, They Learn"

The Fit Farming Food Mom, Connie Nightingale

Today I would love to welcome Danny Vega to the show, he has his Masters of science in human performance from the University of Florida, where he worked with national championship men’s basketball teams along with women’s basketball tennis and golf programs. He has been out of collegiate strength and conditioning for almost a decade, but has continued to compete in sports such as CrossFit powerlifting half marathons and now rowing. In 2016 he discovered the ketogenic lifestyle and he’s never looked back he found so many benefits within a week of switching that he knew it would be his new way of life. Inflammation and injuries from years of playing on turf and beating himself up with heavy lifting were gone, he regained control over his hunger and found mental clarity and increased productivity.Today Danny and I talk about all things health, such as muscle building, eating healthy with family, mindset, and so much more! I’m so excited for you to hear it all so let’s get to the show!Danny can be found @danny.vega in instagram or at fatfueled.family--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefitfarmingfoodmom/support

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22 Mar 2021

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Episode 28 - Interview with Danny Vega: Mindful eating, Morning Rituals and Fasting for Health

Get Lean Eat Clean

Danny Vega is an expert in strength, conditioning, and performance. His passions include ketogenic and carnivore dieting, strength and conditioning, stoicism, and raising his sons Dean and Desmond in a holistic way with his equally amazing wife Maura.In this interview we discuss:- Danny's journey into health and wellness- His typical eating and fasting routine- Importance of having a sound sleep routine- Mindful eating- Ways to overcome snacking- His lifting routine - Danny's morning ritual to have a great day and his one tip to get your body back to what it once was!Connect with Danny and his family:http://www.instagram.com/fatfueledmomhttp://www.instagram.com/dannyvega.mshttp://www.instagram.com/fatfueledkidshttp://www.youtube.com/fatfueledfamilyhttp://www.fatfueled.familyIf you love the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast, we’d love for you to subscribe, rate, and give a review on iTunes. Until next time!Links:Watch Get Lean Eat Clean podcast video episodes on YouTube!https://www.21dayfastingchallenge.com/X3 Bar: Variable Resistance Technology allows for a full body workout in only 10 minutes! Use discount code "Save50" for $50 off your purchase! | https://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-100286468-13650338Interested in becoming a Keto Coach - Here's a certification for you!https://kate-jaramillo.mykajabi.com/a/13557/nwzmzvre| Listen to the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast |►iTunes | https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/get-lean-eat-clean/id1540391210►Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/show/0QmJzYZsdV6tUNbDxaPJjS| Connect with Brian |►Website | https://www.briangryn.com►Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/bdgryn►Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/getleanandeatclean►Twitter | https://twitter.com/grynnerwinner

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26 Feb 2021

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3330: Trapped w/ Casey James Salengo and Danny Vega

Keith and The Girl comedy talk show

Thirst trap debacles and controlling personalities; coronavirus and political rhetoric


12 Oct 2020

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Muscles, Meat Eating, & Much More - Danny Vega | Ep 037


Muscles, Meat Eating, & Much More - Danny Vega | Ep 037 Today I am joined by someone I look up to as a content creator, as a man, and as a father - the great and powerful Danny Vega! Danny has been a huge part of the keto community for as long as I can remember. He’s what I would consider a true expert in the subject of nutrition as well as strength and conditioning! We go into Danny’s background that led him to becoming the absolute savage of a man he is today. We discuss keto and general nutritional concepts. We also talk about fitness and how those two things relate. We ALSO go into a bit of mindset stuff, and we even had what was a very helpful conversation for me about homeschooling as Danny and his wife are veterans and my wife and I are in our first month ever homeschooling our children.  Probably one of the most educational episodes I’ve done, and a ton of fun to record. Enjoy! Support Danny: * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannyvega.ms/ * Website: https://www.fatfueled.family/ * Podcast: https://www.fatfueled.family/podcast * Couch2Carnivore: https://www.transformationcoach.me/couch-to-carnivore Follow me on Instagram @primalbro!  Check out my website! Click here to view my online shop! Support me by shopping my Amazon Influencer page! For discounts and other links, click here! Email me any time at primalbro@gmail.com! And please, if you could be kind enough to leave a rating and review I would REALLY appreciate it!!

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1 Sep 2020

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352 Danny Vega & Robert Sikes: Achieving KeBROsis

The Low Carb Hustle Podcast

Now more than ever I believe that having connected friendships is so important and with this week's episode I want to let you sit in on a recent chat I had with two of my best friends Danny Vega and Robert Sikes. These gents are two of the very top experts in the Keto, Low Carb, and Carnivore community and they have been interviewed hundreds of times on these topics. With this interview I wanted to give you a different perspective with these two awesome men. We hardly talked about nutrition or fitness at all....but I think you will really enjoy this conversation and walk away feeling motivated. Check out episode 352 of The Million Pound Mission Podcast as Danny, Robert, and I discuss: How we met our spouses and how we proposed to them. Stories about our first real workouts in a gym. Stories about being bullied as kids.  Stories about getting in trouble with our parents as kids. Our 2019 deer hunting trip in Indiana. Connect with Danny: Website: https://www.fatfueled.family/ Podcast: https://www.fatfueled.family/podcast Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannyvega.ms/ Connect with Robert: Website: https://ketosavage.com/ Podcast: https://ketosavage.com/podcasts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ketosavage/ Check out my brand new Couch To Carnivore course I created with Danny Vega: www.CouchToCarnivore.com 

1hr 8mins

20 Jul 2020

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Danny Vega on learning who your real friends are, making useful habits and prioritizing nutrition!

The Keto Savage Podcast

On this catch-up call style podcast, Danny Vega and I dive deep into the craziness of the world right now and what it has meant for him and his family. We talk about nutrition and competing, as well as staying healthy for yourself as well as your family. We discuss how important it is to find who your real friends are, and how to make sure you're never half-assing your life. ENJOY!

1hr 15mins

8 Jun 2020

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#147 - Forging a Fat-Fueled Family: Countering Culture with Nutrition & Education · Danny Vega, M.S.

Health Via Modern Nutrition

At this point, we've heard of many adults following the ketogenic diet to great success, but what about developing children? When Danny Vega, an active athlete who received his M.S. in Human Performance from University of Florida, discovered the ketogenic diet in 2016...he never looked back. With so many years of pushing and stressing his body, experiencing the benefits of reduced inflammation, improved mental clarity, and overall well-being, Danny knew then that low-carb nutrition was a key pillar for his health. His ketogenic lifestyle also made an influence on his family, including his young children. They all follow the keto diet, genuinely love it, and report similar yet varying benefits that help each member prosper in their own way. Maura Vega (@fatfueledmom), suffered from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and postpartum depression...keto corrected all of that. Dean, the youngest, has had astounding improvements in his eczema and mood. Desmond, the eldest, felt an immediate increase in energy and improvement in his allergies and asthma. In this episode, Geoff and Danny have a balanced chat about ketogenic nutrition, fitness & muscle-building, philosophy, public education, and much more. Check out The Fat-Fueled Family here: https://www.fatfueled.family/ Learn more about H.V.M.N. here: https://www.hvmn.com/pod -------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to our podcast and share your favorite episodes around! Honest reviews are always appreciated. Send a message to podcast@hvmn.com with feedback, questions, and guest suggestions!

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14 Mar 2020

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Ep.36 Porn and increasing your dick size with Danny Vega

The Circle of Dads Podcast

Do you want a bigger and fuller dick? Then you may want to listen to this episode. No, I did not do a porn with Danny. I did a podcast on porn with Danny and we go deep *snickers* on the topic of how we were introduced to porn and how it has affected our lives. This episode is just two men talking about something we all have experience with. Listen and let me know if it resonates with you. Please subscribe, download, leave reviews and share with your friends. message me at ryan@circleofdadspodcast.com Find Danny Vega on Instagram. 


26 Feb 2020