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Nick Clark - Why Does Spotted Dog Yoga Work?

Play Hard & Love Big Yoga Radio

Nick Clark talks about what makes Spotted Dog Yoga work! Spotted Dog Yoga teaches Baptiste yoga which is a very special blend of yoga, meditation and self inquiry. By aligning your body, you will align your mind and your spirit though this practice. What does it take? Consistency! Just do it and do it a lot and it will work! That’s why Nick recommends AWAKEN Yoga Training. AWAKEN starts July 15th. It is offered two times a year. Check it out here! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/playhardlovebig/support


4 Jun 2022

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Nick Clark - Throw Yourself Into Something Good!

Play Hard & Love Big Yoga Radio

Nick Clark talks about what makes Spotted Dog Yoga so special. The secret formula is Baptiste Yoga! Baptiste Yoga is an empowerment program that uses the practices and techniques of yoga to transform lives! Spotted Dog Yoga hosts AWAKEN YOGA TRAINING starting July 15th. AWAKEN is an opportunity for YOU to throw yourself into something good! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/playhardlovebig/support


30 May 2022

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Senior Sergeant Nick Clark from Tasmania Police

Tasmania Talks

Senior Sergeant Nick Clark from Tasmania PoliceSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 May 2022

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NFL Draft Preview w/ Nick Clark

The Moonlight Graham Show

This week Moonlight Graham brings you an underdog NFL draft scout of our very own. Nick Clark loves college and NFL football. More than just watching games, he loves breaking down the players and looking at what NFL teams need. What started as a hobby in high school has turned into a full-blown passion project for Nick Clark. NCtheScout joins the pod this week to get us ready for the 2022 NFL Draft.

1hr 3mins

26 Apr 2022

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RE #211: Nick Clark - President & Founder of Common Desk - The Future of Co-Working & Flexible Office Space

The FORT with Chris Powers

Nick Clark founded Common Desk in 2012 after leaving a career in office leasing and management. Common Desk has since become a coworking industry leader in design, hospitality, and asset-light deal structures with office landlords. After scaling the brand to 23 locations throughout Texas and North Carolina, WeWork acquired Common Desk at the beginning of 2022. Common Desk as a brand will remain and Nick is still at the helm of the company's continued growth plan. On this episode, Nick shares why they sold to WeWork and what the future of the company will look like, and why Common Desk chooses management agreements with landlords. He deep dives into why the return to office will come back in a major way, what has changed and how flexible office space going from 2% to 25% of the office market. Enjoy!  Learn more about Chris Powers and Fort Capital: www.FortCapitalLP.com Follow Fort Capital on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/fort-capital/ Follow Chris on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/FortWorthChris Follow Chris on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chrispowersjr/ Subscribe to The Fort on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuJ32shRt8Od3MxMY-keTSQ Follow The Fort on Instagram: www.Instagram.com/TheFortPodcast Common Desk Nick Clark on LinkedIn (03:12) - What are you seeing now in the world as we emerge from Covid? (05:20) - How are banks and capital markets reacting to the new trend of shorter-term leases?  (07:57) - The Management Agreement Model (10:07) - Do the rest of the building tenants benefit from the flex-office operation or is it only common desk customers? (12:05) - Do you perform better being located on the first or second floor of a building? (12:36) -Is there data that shows a building performs better when all tenants can participate in common desk amenities? (14:15) - Do you only operate off the management agreement model? (19:35) - What services does Common Desk provide within the space? (20:49) - Are you seeing larger companies coming into Common Desk who really want you take care of the amenity side of work? (24:53) -  What are the key things that make a successful Common Desk location? (29:42) - The Process of Selling Common Desk to WeWork (37:30) - How long does it take to open one location? (38:26) - Do you think the changes in the way we work over the past two years are permanent? (42:18) - Is there anything interesting WeWork is doing behind the scenes they’re really focused on? (44:39) - Does Common Desk only work in an office setting or have you thought about occupying other asset classes? (45:55) - Did you learn anything about business or life grinding through Covid as a leader of a company? (48:47) - Nick’s Belief That Lawns Shouldn’t Exist (51:24) - Nick’s Desire To Buy a Waffle House


26 Apr 2022

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Nick Clark 60 Minute Power Class

Play Hard & Love Big Yoga Radio

Join Nick Clark for a 60 minute Baptiste Yoga Power Yoga class. Roll out your mat and let’s play! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/playhardlovebig/support


21 Mar 2022

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Episode 18: Fostering Lifelong Running with Nick Clark

Making Strides Podcast

In this episode of the Making Strides Podcast AJ and Adam sit down with Nick Clark to discuss developing a lifelong relationship with running. Nick has been at the top of the game in the ultra world, runs the Gnar Runners (race organization in the northern Colorado area), and has been running consistently for decades. He brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective with his history and involvement in the running community. He also has a son who is very much into running, so we get to talk about his development now that Nick is on the other side of things to help foster a lifelong love of the sport. 4:00 Nick's entry into running 5:40 AJ’s relates and compares his entry into running 8:15 Adam’s entry to running and setting up for success long term 13:20 Post competitive athletics burnout 15:45 Motivating factors for Nick over the years 22:00 Nick’s motivation to transition to trail & ultra running 23:40 Nick’s injuries over the years…or lack thereof 28:25 Nick’s influence on his son's running journey 31:20 Youth in sports for longevity 35:00 Key components to lifelong running  Nick's Race Directing Company, Gnar Runners Adam's website at RunMental Adam's Instagram RunMental facebook page AJ's website at Up and Running Physical Therapy AJ's Instagram Up and Running PT facebook page 


25 Jan 2022

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Nick Clark "Meet The Teacher" Interview

Play Hard & Love Big Yoga Radio

Introducing our "Meet The Teacher" series with Christa Nicole Gunn as she interviews Nick Clark,  co-founder of Spotted Dog Yoga!  This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/playhardlovebig/support


25 Oct 2021

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Talk It Up Episode #20 w/ Nick Clark

Talk It Up

This is Episode #20 of the Talk It Up Podcast w/ Nick Clark which aired 5/25/2021 .  In this episode we discuss, Family, How to be better, Last Names, Work Ethic, Support Systems, CRISPR and Designer babies, Autism, Growing up Poor, NBA Playoffs and Finals Picks, COVID19 Vaccinations, Asian Hate Crimes, Religion, Traumatic events, Favorite Movies, and The Notebook.    To view broken down clips of this episode please click on the Talk It Up CLIPS channels and Subscribe to the Talk It Up Clips page. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe7RBSf7vzXVRZrZhGEOuhA APPLE PODCASTS: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/talk-it-up/id1502023480 SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/3vqQQXXYNEMpmQyr6u3c2b STITCHER: https://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=511806&refid=stpr Don't Forget to subscribe to this channel as well and turn on all notifications so you can be alerted the moment the next episode release. Thank you all and I hope you Enjoy!!   This podcast is comedy based and all real people telling real stories. Will Palmer and his guests use this platform to express their feelings and opinions. The topics discussed are meant to provoke thought. I hope the content of this podcast encourages you to form your own opinions of the events and topics discussed. Thank you in advance for viewing. You are awesome !!!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/talk-it-up1/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/talk-it-up1/support

2hr 13mins

25 May 2021

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Breaking Up With Acting with Nick Clark

Chats with Creatives

In this episode Bronte Charlotte chats to Nick Clark, an ex-actor who made the choice to take a step back from the creative industries and study psychology. Nick speaks on the importance of non-judgment, empathy, different ways of defining yourself, finding joy every single day, and understanding human behaviour and mental health. We delve into the types of changes that need to happen within society to remove the stigma of mental health, our experiences of the Australian education system and where we truly believe it needs changing. We dig deep into Nicks’ transition out of acting, the moments that brought him to the decision, how his life has changed since, and the power of gardening. Content Warning: At moments we do mention suicide in relation to mental health, and talk pretty openly about our own experiences of anxiety and depression.During this episode we discuss:[01:57] A wide vocabulary and its power, feminist young adult books, sexisim and women using alias’ to be respected as men are.[07:51] The shortcomings of the Australian education system, sexual health and queer education in schools, the discrepancy of education levels between public and private schools and between states in Australia.[16:10] Understanding addiction, suicide, and mental health, how equipping people with the tools to deal with whatever comes their way will always have a better outcome, and supporting those who need it in the way that they need it.[28:12] What drew Nick to the creative arts in the first place, the Launceston Competitions, and moving to Melbourne to study at the VCA.[35:01] Why Nick left the creative arts, expression and storytelling taking a back seat as human behaviour comes to the foreground.[41:34] The three experiences that pushed Nick to psychology over horticulture, the lack of skills/knowledge/money/time those in charge of a creative process have to properly support creatives through a high-stress experience.[47:59] The power structures that need to shift, the responsibility of those who put on a show needing to change, the all-encompassing experience of the performer and the far too common experience of not being taken seriously.[53:30] Stepping out of the circle of theatre and suddenly being able to vocalise the political issues within the circle.[57:11] The stigma of leaving your creative profession, the idea of ‘failure’ or ‘giving up,’ and others forcing their opinions onto you.[1:05:54] Creating a robust sense of who you are, filling your day with joy if you face a hardship, and being content with every single part of your journey because you are exactly where you are because you are meant to be.[1:09:35] The concept of ‘Self,’ of not defining who you are by what you do, of being okay with your actions in a day and letting that be your personal measure of success.[1:14:32] Creativity synthesising into other parts of Nick’s’ life, gardening, cooking and studying being their own outlets, finding what truly satisfies him.[1:17:08] Lighting designing and operating for Stock Take: Bitches in Business by The Daughters Collective and Poopie Tum Tums by Hot Department.Head over to the @chats.w.creatives Follow our host Bronte Charlotte on Instagram @bronteandsunshineFollow this week's guest Nick Clark on Instagram @mrnickclark

1hr 30mins

4 Mar 2021