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Israel Folau back playing Rugby League in Australia - Martyn Iles (ACL) - 12 Jul 2021


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12 Jul 2021

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Ep7 – What can we learn from Israel Folau?

Active Intelligence NZ

Footballer Israel Folau thought he would never play in the southern hemisphere again – but was his exile too extreme? Folau was baited into posting a Bible verse online about his beliefs regarding the need of LGBTQ people to turn to God. Rugby Australia responded by ripping up his contract. American radio host Dr Michael Brown joins Aaron to explore how cancel culture wants to put Christians in the closet. 


27 May 2021

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Israel Folau is Back - Religious Freedom - Martyn Iles (ACL) - 24 May 2021


We’re updating this week’s political agenda with the Australian Christian Lobby.Help Vision to keep 'Connecting Faith to Life': https://vision.org.au/donateSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


24 May 2021

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590: Meshel loves the Botox, sexiest accents debate & Israel Folau into the Dragons den!

Jade & Damien


2 Feb 2021

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COVID diaries, Day 3 - Reuben Kaye - Why aren't your balls in my mouth Israel Folau?

Friends With Benefits with Tash York and Bettie Bombshell

OW YIS WE ARE BACK! With another fabulous friend, with a whole lotta benefits!In this special broadcast Tash & Bettie are recording from the comfort of their own self isolation stations! That's correct it's Covid - 19 Global Pandemic times, and your gals are pushing on heels first with wine in hand! .We unfortunately had a guest cancel at the last minute, so we scrolled around Facebook and found someone that was online. We found Reuben Kaye... an international superstar that has graced many random bedrooms all around the globe! It really is hard to write a jazzy intro for this artist, because he is one of the greatest entertainers in the world. A true cabaret icon, MC extraordinaire, writer, comedian with the longest legs in the biz! Reuben has taken the world by storm with his one of a kind persona, and has even managed to bribe his way onto Channel 4 in the UK. There is no one else quite like Reuben Kaye, and honestly that's probably a really good thing. We chat about COVID-19 and how it's helped us realise that boxed wine is a totally acceptable form of alcohol, as well as Reuben's latest project UN-WINE-D! The only guided meditation with a wine pairing.Also... WE FINALLY GOT AN EMAIL!A quick reminder to email all requests to tashis1butt@gmail.com ... But first get to know us! The burlesque sensation that is Miss Bettie Bombshell! She's the current Miss Burlesque Australia, she's performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas - 3 times AND she's a kick ass producer (The After Hours Cabaret Club). Of course it wouldn't be friends without her best pal - cabaret wineo, MC and award-winning artist Tash York. Together the two have sold out shows in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Melbourne Fringes and have performed at a number of events all over the world.As always we have the Shade Corner... the weekly Queensland fact - WHAT it’s - VERY sunny there. Will Bettie have an actual fact? Does she ever? SHE did not have one.Want to know more.... find Reuben Kaye on the internet!Website: https://www.reubenkaye.com/homeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/reubenkayecabaret/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoriginalrubykaye/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReubenKayeTash Yorkwww.tashyork.comF: www.facebook.com/tashyorkinitI: www.instagram.com/tashyorkinitPatreon : https://www.patreon.com/TashYorkinitBettie Bombshellhttps://www.missbettiebombshell.comF:www.facebook.com/MissB.BombshellI: www.instagram.com/msbettiebombshellhttps://www.patreon.com/BettieBombshell See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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5 May 2020

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Religious Discrimination, Marto’s Movie Munch & Israel Folau

Youth In Control

Your host Leon chats to Darcy and Anthony about issues impacting LGBTIQA+ youth communities including the government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill and the latest Israel Folau controversy. On a lighter... LEARN MORE The post Religious Discrimination, Marto’s Movie Munch & Israel Folau appeared first on Youth In Control.


26 Mar 2020

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Israel Folau, You Are A Dosser And A Bum

Scrums and Scrumpy

Do not adjust your monitors – we actually decided to come back. We stayed away as long as we could, but the pod drew us back in on the eve of the Six Nations – the most exciting time in the rugby calendar. We missed quite a lot, as it turns out. Christy applauds proper shithousery! Tom drinks vin rouge! Jack imagines Tyson Fury!Part 1: We preview the greatest rugby competition in the world (subject to conditions, apparently) as well as revisiting all the Premiership movements we missed during our hiatus. We also briefly touch on the lineups for the European quarter-finals as some tasty ties present themselves. Part 2:Huge Scoops are back in force, with discussions of Saracens, major transfers, Tier 2 progressions and (of course) top level shithousery regarding the Israel Folau situation. Part 3:Chloe’s Questions are back, presenting us with some more Brexit and Love Island-themed thinkers. We also lay out our predictions for the Six Nations, with winners, losers, best players and bold predictions all on the line.

1hr 36mins

1 Feb 2020

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Israel Folau: Do sport and religion mix?

Wimbledon Daily

Darren and Eleanor debate whether sporting personalities should be able to voice their beliefs – no matter how controversial they are.It comes after Israel Folau – who was sacked by Australia Rugby for making homophobic comments on social media - signed for Super League side Catalan Dragons this week.Britain’s first openly gay rugby player, Halifax prop Keegan Hirst, tells us why he’s appalled that Catalan Dragons have signed Folau, whilst BBC Religion Editor Martin Bashir explains Folau’s interpretation of religion. Also on ‘The Inside Track’ – we look at what legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s legacy might be, after he died along with his 13-year old daughter Gianna and seven others in a helicopter crash on Sunday.


30 Jan 2020

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Martyn Iles and John Steenhof - Israel Folau (Religious Liberty Part 5)

Christians Engaging Culture Podcast

Christians Engaging Culture is currently in a module on religious liberty. This week we are looking at religious liberty in the workplace. We are listening to two resources from the Australian Christian Lobby. The first is an interview between Martyn Iles and John Steenhof, who is the Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance. And the second is a section of Martyn Iles’ podcast called The Truth of It. Folau’s case is demonstrative of what can happen to other people of faith in Australia who fall foul of codes of conduct that exist in many professional contracts. Steenhof and Iles show why Folau’s is an important test case and provide an argument for why Folau (and other Australian workers) should be free to share their faith without fear of recrimination from their employers. You may have noticed we’ve used a lot from Martyn Iles recently and that is because he has been speaking so helpfully on religious liberty in Australia in the past year or so. We are thankful to the Australian Christian Lobby for giving us permission to republish this podcast. You can find out more about them at acl.org.au. Christians Engaging Culture exists to equip the members of St Thomas’ to give faithful answers in everyday cultural conversations and to turn those conversations to the gospel. The aim of this podcast is to start conversations around our church community, so please encourage everyone at church to subscribe (and show them how to!) and when you see people, ask them what they thought of this week's episode. You can find the Christians Engaging Culture website here. If you are not a member of St Thomas', we invite you to look at the 'About Us' page of our website here.


13 Oct 2019

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#05 - JCK Interview (Rock, Hip Hop, Religion, Israel Folau, Politics, Ambitions etc)

Kiwi Talkz

Spoke with Auckland Hip Hop/Rock Musician JCK about Music and a few other topics. At the end he performed two songs from his album. JCK Social Media PagesYoutube - https://www.youtube.com/user/jckmovieFacebook - TIMESTAMPS00:55 JCK and the Dirty Ho Bags02:13 Freak In The Club07:17 Music Videos/Dress Attire12:03 Creative Control12:52 How JCK got into Composing14:15 Eminem/How JCK got into Hip Hop15:54 JCKs albums16:38 JCK Retiring From Hip Hop17:18 JCK To Old To Do Hip Hop18:50 White Rapper In A Polynesian Culture20:23 JCK doing production for Woodcut Productions22:13 How JCK composes23:05 Rock VS Hip Hop24:27 Being Paid To Do Music25:52 Scoring Music For Porn27:36 48 Hour Film Festival29:47 Balancing Work And Music31:57 Video Games32:44 Ambitions & Goals33:24 Podcasting/No Money In Hip Hop36:41 India40:32 Politics42:30 Religion52:01 Israel Folau53:18 Good & Bad Parts Of Religion54:49 Terrorism56:08 Similarities Between Religions58:20 Christianity 1:00:00 New Album1:00:40 JCK wants to form a band1:03:44 Lead Us Forth/ Time Signatures1:06:19 What Makes A Genre A Genre1:07:15 How To Contact JCK1:08:02 JCK Performs 2 Songs

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11 Jul 2019