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#320: Syndication, Debt, Equity, and So Much More! -with Gene Trowbridge

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow with Kevin Bupp

 Gene Trowbridge is a nationally recognized securities attorney.  Gene has been in the commercial and investment real estate business continuously since 1972 and in the legal profession since 1996.   He is a member of the California Bar. And as the founding partner of Trowbridge Law Group LLP, Gene’s law practice concentrates on the syndication of commercial and investment real estate, through both debt and equity.    As a former syndicator, who for ten years raised investor capital; he served as the sponsor of sixteen investment groups, by raising equity from investors, through registered representatives in the broker-dealer community, once sending out 1,676 K1s in a single year.   He was responsible for the organization of those investment groups; the acquisition, management, and disposition of the real estate; and communications with the investors.   Quotes:  “The biggest mistake for new syndicators is trying to draft your own documents.”  “Investors need to take it upon themselves to get knowledgeable about mobile home parks, self-storage, multifamily. You need to have some education on the real estate.”  Highlights:  1:45- Gene shares about himself and how he got into the real estate space  6:46- Gene gives his opinion on if there are any changes coming down the pipe with the new administration that will impact syndicators  21:30- Gene shares some of the big mistakes that new syndicators make  29:44- Gene shares the advice he’d give new limited investors or passive partners  Guest Website:  https://trowbridgelawgroup.com/ Want to Own a Piece of Clearwater Beach? Register for Our Upcoming Webinar to Check Out the Off-Market Deals We're Buying Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team 


27 Apr 2021

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Passive Investors, ask these 4 Questions of Syndicators! with Gene Trowbridge

Passive Wealth Strategy Show

As the Founding Partner of Trowbridge Law Group LLP, Gene Trowbridge’s law practice concentrates on the syndication of commercial and investment real estate, through debt and equity.As a former syndicator, who for ten years raised investor capital through the broker-dealer community, he is able to communicate with his clients on both the technical and the practical aspects of state-federal securities laws. A long-time CCIM and CCIM Senior Instructor, now having attained Senior Emeritus status, Gene won numerous awards for his teaching ability. His book It’s a whole New Business!, is really a how-to manual on real estate syndication. In this episode, we talk about some of the proposed changes to security law, and Gene’s TOP 4 Questions all passive investors should ask their syndicators. [00:01 – 04:01] Opening Segment I talk briefly about great values that await you in this episode I welcome our guest, Gene Trowbridge Gene talks about his backgroundLaw career Real Estate Investing background [04:02 – 17:14] Changes the SEC proposed for Security and Syndication laws Gene’s thoughts on the regulation changes brought about by the SEC Impact of Finder-Referrer Definition changes to passive investors Potentials for fraud in the rule changes Really understanding and taking the ROI’s into account  [17:13 – 24:37] TOP 4 Questions Passive Investors should ask Get educated in real estate Gene goes over the 4 Questions every passive investor should ask [24:38 – 34:22] Closing Segment Quick break for our sponsors What is the best investment you've ever made other than your education?Teaching What is the worst investment you ever made?Signing up for some audio courses when I wanted to be an accountant What is the most important lesson that you've learned in business and investing?The value of listening Gene talks about one of his biggest mistake in his syndications Connect with our guest. See the links below. Tweetable Quotes: “If you’re gonna be a passive investor in real estate, I think you need to go out and get educated in real estate.” - Gene Trowbridge “Teaching was my best investment other than education. Because when you teach you do get educated. But it also taught me people skills, taught me patience.” - Gene Trowbridge “Listening is really important. You just don’t know everything, so I learn a lot by listening.” - Gene Trowbridge Resources: Trowbridge Law Group It’s a whole new business - Gene Trowbridge Connect with Gene, send him an email at gene@trowbridgelawgroup.com or visit https://trowbridgelawgroup.com/ LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.


15 Apr 2021

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Selling the sizzle with Gene Trowbridge

The Cashflow Project

Join Steve Fierros and his co-host, Matt Callihan, as they chat with Gene Trowbridge about the questions first-time syndicators should ask and consider. Gene is a real estate syndicator and a co-founding partner at the Trowbridge Law Group. He has decades of experience and knowledge of being part of syndications! In this episode, Gene also shares with us the importance of building relationships and the upcoming changes to the definition of an accredited investor.  Syndication is not about Real Estate We all know that in syndications, you have to form a lot of partnerships with multiple investors to start pooling capital for a certain deal. Before these partnerships are formed, you have to build relationships with the investors to find out if they’re the right people that will match well with your personality and values. If you’re aiming to have a wide network and long-term connections, developing your relationships with these people is important. You will want to earn their trust and confidence in your capabilities.  Gene said that syndications are not about real estate, but rather the relationships you build with people. Outline of the episode:  ·        [01:56] The start of his real estate syndication journey. ·        [05:03] At the age of 45 he decided to get into law school. ·        [07:28] Gene’s why for helping people in their syndication journey. ·        [09:42] The common mistakes early syndicators make. ·        [12:00] Do you need a key man insurance? ·        [14:46] Questions first-time syndicators should be asked. ·        [18:08] Investing in deals and their TBD podcast series. ·        [19:32] You need to decide what you really want to do before asking for help. ·        [23:26] The importance of having policies in your business. ·        [24:25] Great kinds of properties to invest in real estate today. ·        [27:00] Different kinds of companies shutting down because of the pandemic. ·        [28:27] Long-distance is a good long-term solution for office problems. ·        [31:27] A proposal to modify the accredited investor definition. ·        [35:28] Working with syndicators that are not from your local area. ·        [38:50] Gene’s two extremely valuable presentations. Resources: ·        Office: (949) 570-1507 ·        Direct: (949) 855-8399  ·        Email: gene@trowbridgelawgroup.com ·        Company Website: https://trowbridgelawgroup.com/ ·        Personal Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/genetrowbridge/ ·        Company Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/trowbridge-law-group-llp/ ·        Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trowbridgelawgroup/ ·        Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKK5l9ng1bkW-ihHufDgGA Connect with Cashflow Project! ·        Website ·        LinkedIn ·        Youtube ·        Facebook ·        Instagram


16 Feb 2021

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JF152 The Legal Process of Real Estate Syndications with Gene Trowbridge

The Passive Investor Show

Gene Trowbridge of Trowbridge Law Group stops by to explain how and when syndicators of commercial real estate structure, plan and legally raise capital from their investors.  A thorough explanation from when to reach out, timelines and preparation and post follow up consulting. Every firm should be compliant, and Gene bares it all with us on the show. Enjoy! This episode was sponsored by Trowbridge Law Group “My goal is to speak to as many investors as possible and hope to be a blessing to them through our conversation. How can I best support you?” -John Fortes Considering passively investing? Here’s how it works: What is Multifamily Syndication? Everything you need to know about: Passive Investors Happy investing! Resources: passiveinvestorshow.com johnfortes.com Become A Passive Investor Passive Investment Tracker: projectedreturns.com Courses & Fund Calculators: Start Learning Consulting Services: Consulting Network with me on LinkedIn Let’s connect on Facebook See us on Instagram Tweet me on Twitter If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than a minute, and it really makes a difference in helping convince hard-to-get guests. I also really enjoy reading the reviews! Looking to leave us a review but you’re not on iTunes? Leave us a review here: https://www.podchaser.com/PassiveInvestorShow


2 Feb 2021

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E168: Security Investing 101 - Gene Trowbridge

The Investor Mindset - Real Estate Show

This week we've got an episode PACKED with amazing information and advice from legendary real estate attorney Gene Trowbridge on what to look for when investing in a security deal. 👉👉 Get The Passive Investing Playbook - https://theinvestormindset.com/passiveThis week our guest is Gene Trowbridge who has over 25 years of experience in creating and sponsoring real estate investment groups. We're diving deep into what goes into the PPM, the operating agreement, and more importantly, what key aspects and elements you need to understand to set realistic expectations for your investment and returns.  Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a real estate syndicator. He developed numerous mini-storage facilities using money from private investors. In addition to his law practice, Gene is a pre-eminent educator in the world of real estate and syndication. Gene has served as a senior CCIM instructor for a number of years and he has written a comprehensive book on real estate syndication entitled It’s a Whole New Business, which has sold over 10,000 copies. Gene has conducted a number of highly regarded intensive workshops for real estate Syndicators, teaching them how to legally raise money from private investors.Hit subscribe to join the community and build your investing knowledge today! KEY TAKEAWAYS1. Accredited investors don't have protection from the government and a sophisticated investor does.2. Key questions to ask the sponsor as an investor: What happens to my money if something happens to you?Have you done this before?Are you putting money into the deal?How do I get my money back if something happens to me?3. There should be two managers: an LLC or S corporation and another living person. You need a second person as a manager for continuity should something go wrong.4. The PPM should have at least the description of the business, the offering terms, and conflicts of the manager, sources and uses, distributions and fees, authority rights, liquidity, and dispute resolution. The PPM is the story and explains, in the detail, the full aspects of the deal. 5. The members should always have the right to replace the manager.6. Before going into a deal it's VITAL that you read through the operating agreement fully. 7. Find a PPM and study it before you invest so you can understand how it all works. 8. You can ask questions about the deal to the attorney that drafted the terms but the person who's representing your interests has to be your attorney. 


19 Nov 2020

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27. Gene Trowbridge on Real Estate Laws, Securities Laws, and Crowdfunding

Make It Rain: Multifamily Real Estate Investing for Millennials

Gene Trowbridge has a wide and varied experience.  He has been a real estate syndicator, educator in the world of real estate, senior CCIM instructor, author of “It’s a Whole New Business”.  Currently, Gene practices law where he and his partners provide securities offering documents and advice for seeking to do Regulation D Rule 506 Offerings, Crowdfunding Offerings, Regulation A Offerings, and Public Offerings.  He is truly a wealth of knowledge and hope you enjoy the discussion and resources as much as we did!  For more info, check us out on Instagram @makeitrainpodcast and our website at makeitrainpodcast.com.Gene’s website: trowbridgelawgroup.com . Gene’s email: gene@trowbridgelawgroup.com.

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27 Oct 2020

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The Power of Raising Capital for Real Estate with Syndication Attorney Gene Trowbridge

Monumental with Evan Holladay

Gene is the founding member of Trowbridge Law Group LLP and they concentrate on the syndication of commercial and investment real estate through both debt and equity. Gene has represented over 500 clients in this area with a median offering size of 2 million dollars and serving offerings all the way up to over 100 million dollars. He is a former syndicator himself for 10 years. He has raised investor capital and was intimately involved with those deals.As a senior instructor at CCIM, he has won numerous awards for his teaching ability. His book, It's a whole new business, is a how-to model on real estate syndication.You can buy his book here: https://www.amazon.com/Its-Whole-Business-Gene-Trowbridge/dp/1424332257Want to achieve MONUMENTAL results in your life and business? Let’s hop on a call! Visit coachwithevan.com to see how we can best help you unlock your full potential, get your start in multifamily investment or development and make massive impact.Leave a review for Monumental on iTunes: https://bit.ly/eholladaySubscribe to the podcast and emails from Evan: https://evanholladay.com/Follow Evan on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evanholladay/Follow Evan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvanHolladay/Follow Evan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvanHolladayContact Evan: https://www.evanholladay.comIf you have questions on podcasting and creating a thought leadership platform, shoot me a text at 502-627-0501! I want to help!


19 Aug 2020

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WS651: Reviewing The Details Of A Subscription Agreement with Gene Trowbridge

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Following on from the previous episode, where we talked about the operating agreement, Gene Trowbridge joins us once again, this time to discuss the details of the subscription agreement. This document is crucial to understand both for the sponsor and the investor. In this show, Gene outlines the three sections of the subscription agreement. The first component consists of instructions to the person who wants to subscribe to the deal — the investor. Some of these guidelines include the account where investor money will be held, accredited investor criteria, and company information.


2 Aug 2020

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WS650: Reviewing The Details Of An Operating Agreement with Gene Trowbridge

The Real Estate Syndication Show

In yesterday's episode, we discussed the private placement memorandum (PPM), and today, Gene Trowbridge is with us again, this time to review the details of an operating agreement. We know that the PPM is the story of the deal and that it should be written in simple-to-understand language. According to Gene, the operating agreement is then the ‘rules of how we are going to implement the story’. In this show, Gene begins by providing an overview of what the operating agreement, or company agreement as it’s called in Texas, includes. He then dives into the pertinent articles that all passive investors should pay attention to.Our gracious sponsor: Gene Trowbridge and Jonathan Nieh, founding partners of the top syndication firm Trowbridge Law Group LLP have a legal team with over 50 years of combined experience in real estate syndication and the practice of real estate securities law. Over this time Gene and his partners, in several past firms and currently,  have helped clients raise close to $5.0 billion dollars in offerings by empowering entrepreneurs to raise capital legally. To learn more about Trowbridge Law Group LLP, visit our website at www.trowbridgelawgroup.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


1 Aug 2020

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WS630: Sell the Sizzle in Order with Gene Trowbridge

The Real Estate Syndication Show

To land your syndication deals, you need to develop a sure-fire process that helps you deal with investors and deepen your offerings. In short, you need to learn how to sell the sizzle. In today’s episode, we happily welcome back Gene Trowbridge, award-winning attorney, syndicator, and master of the sizzle; his book, It’s a Whole New World, is practically prescribed reading on our end. Gene is on the show to unpack his four steps to selling the sizzle of real estate syndication. After sharing details about his background, we dive straight into the conversation as Gene explains how to pique an investor’s interest. We talk about the benefits of being an expert in a specific area and how this helps you to recognize opportunities.Our gracious sponsor: Lionshare Bookkeeping believes the key to generating wealth is understanding where it comes from, and where it needs to go. They provide bookkeeping and financial coaching exclusively to Real Estate Investors - focusing on cash flow, strategy, and action. Go to http://bit.ly/LionshareBookkeeping to connect with them now.


12 Jul 2020