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104: Scaling Sales Processes with Data & Technology w/ Todd Abbott

B2B Revenue Acceleration

Everybody is looking at data. Whether from a privacy standpoint, or a productivity standpoint, data is king. But how do you harness that data to inform good decision making? In this episode, we interview Todd Abbott, CEO at InsightSquared, about utilizing data & technology to create scalable sales processes. We talked about the key elements to consider when trying to build a scalable sales process, what data points you need to collect, and the biggest mistakes companies make when trying to scale their sales processes. To hear this interview and many more like it, subscribe to The B2B Revenue Acceleration Podcast on Apple Podcasts, on Spotify, or on our website. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for B2B Revenue Acceleration in your favorite podcast player.


3 Jun 2021

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Your Personal Automated Rev Ops Team | Todd Abbott from InsightSquared

UpTech Report

If you work in sales for an enterprise company, you probably have an expert revenue ops team providing you with engaging visual insights into how you succeed, why you fail, and in what areas you should be focusing your attention. And if you don’t work for an enterprise company… you might find yourself gazing blankly at Excel spreadsheets, wondering what all these numbers mean.  This was the experience of Todd Abbott. After working for a large company with excellent resources and support, he found himself in an entirely new situation. “I went to a startup that didn't have that, and I was lost. And so that's when I got exposed to InsightSquared many years ago, simply searching the web, like we all do, looking for a solution to a problem I had.” He couldn’t have predicted that he would go from customer to CEO.  On this edition of UpTech Report, Todd tells the story of how he joined the company, and explains how InsightSquared auto-generates revenue intelligence with interactive reports, forecasting, and even coaching through the use of a virtual assistant.


5 May 2021

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Todd Abbott 030821

Alabama's Morning News with JT

Todd Abbott, Program Director of Educational Talent Search at Wallace State Community College, talks about what the program is and what services it provides


8 Mar 2021

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Revenue Intelligence + Advanced Sales Math - with Todd Abbott, InsightSquared CEO

Metrics that Measure Up

In this episode, we discuss the revolutionary concepts of Revenue Intelligence and Advanced Sales Math with Todd Abbott, CEO at InsightSquared.Revenue Intelligence and Advanced Sales Math are critical competencies to successfully maneuver in todays B2B SaaS reality of compressed sales cycle and the changing customer buying journey.The good news - traditional metrics including lead conversion rates, close rates, pipeline coverage ratio, and sales rep productivity still are helpful to calculate basic sales math. Basic sales math is essentially what level of “X” inputs are required to achieve “Y” outcomes.  X being primarily marketing + sales investments and Y being new revenue.Advanced Sales Math takes this concept to another level, and will dramatically increase the performance of the #1 reason why B2B SaaS CRO’s and VP Sales lifespan is less than 18 months. The #1 reason the average CRO / VP Sales tenure is so short - the inherent challenges and low performance of FORECASTING!Research highlights that only 54% of opportunities forecasted to close actually close in the original “closing” accounting period. The average number of times an opportunity “pushes” or changes forecasted close data is 3+ time.A key, new variable in advanced sales math is the ability to factor in buyer engagement metrics, across each step of the buying process across every resource at both the buyer and the seller.  The challenge of traditional “event” based sales processes and forecasting were dependent upon the accuracy and timeliness of data  in CRM systemsThe proliferation of point solution in martech and salestech has led to even more complexity of filtering through the noise to find the right signals to increase forecast accuracy.  Having  integrated Go-To-Market teams coupled with an integrated and unified GTM data source is mandatory to enhance revenue intelligence leading to improved forecast performanceThe concepts covered in this episode of Metrics that Measure Up are thought provoking, and even possibly career preserving for any CEO, CFO and CRO in todays B2B SaaS ecosystem.


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 018: Analytics for Better Sales Processes with Todd Abbott

The SaaS CX Show

Analytics for better sales processes in InsightSquared with Todd Abbott


6 Apr 2020

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Friday Fundamentals: 70. With Todd Abbott on Why Funnel Reviews are Broken and What you can do to Improve Them

The Sales Hacker Podcast

On this episode of Friday Fundamentals, we chat with Todd Abbott on why funnel reviews are broken and what you can do to improve them.


3 Apr 2020

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103. Accurate Data Will Set Your Funnels Reviews on Fire w/ Todd Abbott

The Sales Hacker Podcast

This week on the Sales Hacker podcast, we speak with Todd Abbott, the President and COO of InsightSquared. Todd and I discuss the reasons that we're all running our forecasting and pipeline and funnel reviews in the wrong way because we're reliant on reps inputting manual data. What we really need to do is find systems that automate the input of data so that we can spend our time coaching reps and really guiding them to better performance. InsightSquared sells a solution that does that.


31 Mar 2020

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Episode #6 How to lead sales transformations with Todd Abbott, EVP Global Sales and Services, Mitel

Ask A Sales Leader Podcast

In this episode of "Ask A Sales Leader", Phil interviews Todd Abbott, EVP of Sales and Services Mitel, a $1.3B provider of unified communications solutions for businesses.  Todd leads a 1,700 employee sales organization and shares his expertise on the following topics: *How to drive transformations and why first line sales managers are the key to success *How to set up a high velocity sales motion to target the SMB segment *Why there are strong similarities between the SMB sales process and manufacturing in factories *Marketing's role in supplying the sales factory with raw materials in the form of leads  *How to leverage high velocity sales processes to execute with speed and penetrate enterprises. *How to change cultures to support a new strategy, for example moving from on-premise solutions to as-a-service solutions *How to ensure that outside sales people's time is maximized so that they can be productive *How to build and manage customer success in a as-a-service model *Why the sales management system drives behaviors in the sales organization. 


27 Feb 2019

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TalkingHeadz Todd Abbott

TalkingHeadz on enterprise communications

In this TalkingHeadz, Evan and Dave discuss the UC channel with SVP Todd Abbott at Mitel. Todd joined Mitel in April of 2017, and before that he worked everywhere else. He is in the complex role of encouraging UC channel partners to both sell and evolve as industry evolves toward cloud-delivered services. Todd takes us on a channel evolution safari. About ToddA seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in the computing, networking, and business communications industries, Todd Abbott develops go-to-market strategies, sales models, and channel programs. He is currently Mitel’s Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Services, and oversees global sales operations, including cloud and enterprise sales, professional and support services, and channel programs. Prior to joining Mitel, Todd has held senior executive positions at several business communications companies, including Symbol Technologies, Seagate Technology, Avaya, and Sonus Networks. Earlier in his career, Todd spent eight years at Cisco Systems. Todd began his career in 1982 at IBM Corporation. Todd has a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Finance and Marketing from Northeastern University (Boston, Massachusetts). Cross posted at https://TalkingPointz.com/th-todd-abbott


18 Nov 2018