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Exploring IoT and DevOps with Jared Porcenaluk

Tech Jr

IoT (Internet of Things) and DevOps are difficult concepts to wrap your head around. This week Orlando IoT's organizer and DevOps extraordinaire Jared Porcenaluk joins us to explain what IoT and DevOps are, and how to get into either area.

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15 Apr 2020

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#3 - The Bronco IoT tailgate party with Jared Porcenaluk


This episode among the first interview that I have done. The guest today is Jared Porcenaluk. We learned a bit about Jared and his path to software development we discussed coding, management and dealing with bad code And finally, we talked about IoT, how to get started and his famous Bronco project More information about Jared and the projects can be found at: Jared's Personal website jaredporcenaluk.com Orlando IoT communicty - meetup.com/iot-orlando/ Jared's twitter - twitter.com/jporcenaluk Bronco project - jaredporcenaluk.com/category/smart-bronco/ Any suggestions, questions and concerns? Feel free to contact me at Email - marko@backendbear.com Twitter - @backendbear Youtube - youtube.com/channel/UCb7Y9bvj4I-Rm4a-Ewmj1aA Facebook - facebook.com/backendbearpodcast

1hr 8mins

24 Jun 2019

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222 – 🔒 Top 3 IoT Security Secrets & Azure Tips with Jared Porcenaluk

Thunder Nerds

In this episode we get to talk with Jared Porcenaluk: Software Developer and Orlando IoT Organizer. We discuss how Jared got his start in the industry via the need for one line of javascript. We chat all about IoT security, and what you need to know to keep safe. We also dive into the world of Azure: what it is for, how to use it, and how it compares to other technologies in this area. Episode Sponsor https://pantheon.io/Everything your business needs for digital speed and agility. Show Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/jporcenalukWebsite: https://jaredporcenaluk.com/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jared-porcenaluk-63927043/IoT & Monsters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgbQ1APxbU0Smart Bronco Project: https://jaredporcenaluk.com/category/smart-bronco/Nebbia Technology: https://www.nebbiatech.com/Orlando IoT: http://orlandoiot.com/Azure: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/Interview at DevFest Florida 2019: https://www.thundernerds.io/2019/01/jared-porcenaluk-devfest-florida-2019/DevFest Florida 2019: https://devfestflorida.org/


8 Jun 2019

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Iot Ford Bronco with Jared Porcenaluk

Developer Side Quests: The Podcast

Guest Bio Jared Porcenaluk is a warlock alchemist who bides his time by mixing software development and DevOps to create magical panaceas for all sorts of development process ailments. Lately, he's been delving into clairvoyance by way of the Internet of Things, gathering information from far off lands without even needing to be there. As many alchemists do, he swings between believing he's Level 1 and Level 20, depending on whether his latest potions succeed or fail. He writes, prolifically, on ancient scrolls, as well as Twitter @jporcenaluk and on his blog at jaredporcenaluk.com. What was the quest? I've been searching for a way to better understand my noble steed from anywhere in the four corners of this ancient kingdom. It is a Bronco with the power of more than a hundred average horses, specifically, it is a 1988 Ford Bronco II. He had been vexed with a spell that made it impossible to understand what his internal coolant temperature was, and so by mixing a Temperature Sensor elixir and, strangely enough, a raspberry pi, I was able to achieve a sort of second sight into the inner workings of the beast. Now I'm able to read the temperature of the coolant from anywhere, and most importantly, it is accurate. Blog: https://jaredporcenaluk.com Ford Bronco Blog: https://jaredporcenaluk.com/category/smart-bronco/Special Guest: Jared Porcenaluk.


29 Apr 2019

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Overcoming IOT Challenges - Jared Porcenaluk

Tech Talk With Rishi

In this podcast,  Jared Porcenaluk talks about IOT, its characteristics and requirements and challenges. Jared is an Orlando IoT Organizer, Microsoft MVP  and a full-stack software developer at Nebbia Technology.  He help connect people that connect things. He believe IoT can lead to a better future for everyone. You can find Jared here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jared-porcenaluk-63927043/ 


27 Apr 2019

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178 – Jared Porcenaluk 🍊 DevFest Florida 2019

Thunder Nerds

Jared is the organizer of Orlando IoT and a full-stack developer at Nebbia Technology. As the Orlando IoT organizer for the past two years, he’s helped connect people who connect things by organizing a monthly meetup. As a software developer at Nebbia, his mission is to make software projects be more successful by leveraging DevOps and the cloud. Talk: IoT + DevOps Deploying to a server or the cloud is difficult enough. What about when there are hundreds or thousands of devices, spread across the globe, with limited connectivity and no one around to reset them? When it comes to the Internet of Things, having an understanding of the people, processes, and tools it takes to provision and update devices is a key part of success. Links DevFest: https://devfestflorida.org/speakers/jared_porcenalukWebsite: https://jaredporcenaluk.com/blog/Twitter: https://twitter.com/jporcenaluk


22 Jan 2019

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Changing the Way Society Thinks About Work — Jared Porcenaluk on Being Unplugged

Unplugged Sunday | Hello Tech Pros

Jared Porcenaluk wants to change the way society thinks about work. Jared Porcenaluk is a developer and tech enthusiast with five years of experience, mainly in the Microsoft .NET stack. He lives in Orlando, works at Nebbia Technology, and also co-organizes the Internet of Things Orlando meetup group. Jared was a guest on HTP-46 "Programming is like the most epic video game over", talking about how Jared got into software development, the struggles he's faced along the way and the vision he has for his community. Show notes at http://hellotechpros.com/jared-porcenaluk-unplugged/ Key Takeaways Take advantage of all the recreational things your locale has to offer. Sometimes it seems that you have time and don't have money and when you have money you don't have time. It's possible to work so hard that you don't want to do anything to unwind. Each generation has it's own struggles. Millennial get a bad rap for not working hard and realizing that life is tough. The more fun we find ourselves having, doing the work that we find enjoyable, the more rewards we reap. We need to change the way society thinks about work. Since the 1970's we have doubled our productivity. But we're still working as much or more.   Resources Mentioned Zero to One by Peter Thiel (Listen for free on Audible) Jared's 3-2-1 Margarita recipe   Sponsors Transource Media - Audio / video production. These are the guys I use for every episode of the Hello Tech Pros podcast. Be a guest on this show. HelloTechBook.com - Get a free audio book.


26 Jun 2016

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Programming is Like the Most Epic Video Game Ever - Technology Thursday with Jared Porcenaluk

Technology Thursday | Hello Tech Pros

When Jared Porcenaluk first experienced computer programming courses in college, he felt at a competitive disadvantage and quickly decided to change his major. After a second attempt in a more collaborative environment, Jared grew to truly love the practice. Now he wants to build an international hotspot for IoT in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. Jared Porcenaluk is a developer and tech enthusiast with five years of experience, mainly in the Microsoft .NET stack. He lives in Orlando, works at Nebbia Technology, and also co-organizes the Internet of Things Orlando meetup group. Show notes at http://hellotechpros.com/jared-porcenaluk-technology/ Key Takeaways Learning computer programming is never-ending Attempt to deeply learn every day .NET stack now plays nicely with other stacks - or a least nicer IoT is the "train of awesome" - only visionaries can see it for what it is Come to Orlando IoT Meetup Group Resources Mentioned "I'm grokking, here!" jaredporcenaluk.com .NET Gulp NuGet Internet of Things (IoT) Orlando Unikey


19 May 2016