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Creating Apps with Tara Reed, When You're The Friend Who Plans Everything, and Gender Reveal Parties

Just Between Us

Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kobQdTmcl9l-4OcXiagLRl5mVVyceQLMgaMuwq41H9s/edit?usp=sharingGabe shares how and why they picked their new name! The duo then respond to a listener who is feeling frustrated that they are always the one to reach out and make plans. This sparks a conversation about Allison and Gabe'e own friendship dynamic. They're then joined by Tara Reed the founder of Apps Without Code to talk about app design, the tech industry and what the hell it means to "code." And finally, gender reveal parties! Why are they still happening? This has been a Forever Dog production Produced by Melisa D. MontsPost-Production by Coco LlorensExecutive produced by Brett Boham, Joe Cilio, and Alex Ramsey.To listen to this podcast ad-free Sign up for Forever Dog Plus at foreverdogpodcasts.com/plusAnd make sure to follow us on Twitter, instagram and Facebook at ForeverDogTeam to keep up with all of the latest Forever Dog News Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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8 Feb 2023

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Tara Reed on Reprogram Your Fear Mindset + Create Apps (Without Code) to Work Less and Live More

Your Own Magic

Imagine working only 2 days a week, being financially free, and spending your days traveling and enjoying life. That dream is the reality of today's guest, Tara Reed. Tara is the CEO and founder of the multi-million dollar tech startup, Apps Without Code, which teaches people how to come up with app ideas & build them without writing any code. Tara’s company, Apps Without Code, has trained over 150,000 people across 14 countries in building their own apps and app-based businesses. Even more noteworthy, 80% of AWC clients are women and people of color, helping close the tech industry’s gender and minority gap. In this episode, we talk about breaking into the tech enterprise, the perks & challenges of creating an app, her work/life balance, her experience working in a male dominant industry, finding your superpower through your challenges in life - and tips for reprogramming your fear mindset blocks that prevent you from pursuing what you’d love to do. Enjoy Tara's magic! CONNECT WITH TARAappswithoutcode.comig @tarareed_FacebookListen to her Tedx TalkCONNECT WITH RAQUELLEyourownmagicpodcast.comig @raquellemantrafb group your own magicSIGN UP FOR YOM Retreat IIIwith Bree Melanson + Raquelle hereMY NEW SHOPeyesofaspen.com10% off any purchase MAGIC10+ free shipping for orders over $55 in USAJOIN THE Your Own Magic Private Facebook GroupSubmit a topic/question hereJOIN ‘YOUR OWN MAGIC’yourownmagic.lifeMembership site with guided meditations, journaling prompts,+ more spiritual toolsHas YOM helped or inspired you in any way?If you feel the nudge, leave a rating and review.Your support helps us and means so much. Thank you!Create your podcast with the same host I use - RedCircleSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/your-own-magic/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


30 Jan 2023

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EP4: Embracing The Multiple Characters Within with Apps w/o Code Founder Tara Reed


Meet Tara Reed - CEO of Apps Without Code, a company humanizing app development, helping thousands of ambitious professionals take an idea and turn it into something that can serve millions. But Danielle and Tara aren’t here to talk tech… Tune in as Tara shares her road from scarcity mindset to abundance queen through the help of hypnotherapy, time travel, and challenging herself to get more self-actualized. As well as finding and embracing all the different “characters” she embodies. Acknowledging that this world is not always created or designed for us, listen in as your host and her good friend Tara urge you to walk through every portal the universe opens for you. Only then, can you grow, reach the next level and find your highest authentic self. QUOTABLES “You are the vibrational average of the five people closest to you.” “There's always a portal there for you. And most people just never open any of the doors.” “I’m a lot and that’s beautiful.” KEY POINTS - Meet The 3 Goddesses, Super Hero, and Inner Child [3:23] - When scarcity looks you in the eye [8:24] - Shifting your definitions of success and into your highest self [26:37] - Tara’s Birthday Challenge [34:53]  - Opening portals to different levels [40:35]  - What does masculine and feminine mean to you? [47:06] - How to thrive in a world not designed for you [50:02] - The importance of the people closest to you [56:02] GUEST INFORMATION Tara Reed  IG | instagram.com/tarareed_ appswithoutcode.com RESOURCES - Join Member Up - Get 14 days FREE - Watch the Course From Scratch Masterclass - Follow Danielle on IG - Follow SINCE3000 on IG GO SUBSCRIBE to SINCE3000 on All Streaming Platforms -  Subscribe on YouTube -  Subscribe on Apple Podcasts - Subscribe on Spotify

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11 Jan 2023

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108. Pt 2: 3 Black Women, Generating Over $30 Million in Sales, Share Their Top Business Tips with Tara Reed and Teri Ijeoma

Hello Seven Podcast

Tara Reed and Teri Ijeoma are back for part two, and the three of us are going deep into the mindset it takes to create millions and answer your questions about how to make it happen. Tune in this week as we discuss all the things that could have derailed our million-dollar ideas, and how we overcame them, creating massive returns on the other side. The three of us are at the Rodgers Ranch answering a ton of your questions about your offer, strategy, knowing what you want, being seen, living well, and everything else that’s going to move your business to the next level. Get full show notes and more information here: https://helloseven.co/108-2

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27 Dec 2022

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108. Pt 1: 3 Black Women, Generating Over $30 Million in Sales, Share Their Top Business Tips with Tara Reed and Teri Ijeoma

Hello Seven Podcast

Today, I’m joined by two seven-figure entrepreneurs: Teri Ijeoma and Tara Reed. We believe that every single one of us has a million-dollar idea, and we’re here to show you how to make it come to life. The three of us are at the Rodgers Ranch discussing our million-dollar ideas, how we did the work to make them happen, and why it’s possible for you to do the same. Get full show notes and more information here: https://helloseven.co/108


20 Dec 2022

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Bootstrapping to $1 Million with Tara Reed

Arlan's Academy - Powered by Runner

Highlights from the conversation:Peeling back the curtain (1:06)Tara’s first $100,000 (3:00)The business model (6:23)$1 million in 2019 (12:31)Tara’s 2-day workweek (15:52)A downside to bootstrapping (21:40)Convincing premium customers (24:05)Contact Tara / Wrap-up (27:22)Arlan's Academy is a free learning resource that allows you to hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry about a variety of topics. Check out more at arlansacademy.com. Brought to you by HireRunner.co.


20 Apr 2022

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181: How Do I License My Artwork? 6 Experts Share Their Best Advice with Gary Levine, Jennifer Orkin Lewis, Tara Reed, Lilla Rogers, Lori Siebert, Ronnie Walter

The Inspiration Place

How to license your art is one of the most-asked about topics in the artist community. I decided to do a round-up episode and highlight some of the past conversations and put them here in one helpful podcast. Ronnie Walter: How can an artist find out if licensing is a good option for them? She explains what you need to know, and the 3 pathways artists can pursue. Lilla Rogers: When another artist succeeds, it’s good for all of us. Hear her advice about licensing “saturation.”  Hint: there’s always a demand for fresh new ideas. Jennifer Orkin Lewis: Hear how to find inspiration each day. Jennifer shares her process once she’s determined what she wants to create. Gary Levine: Find out how Gary and his firm works with artists and how they work with the retailers. He explains deadlines, how buyers make their decisions and how they determine what upcoming trends. Tara Reed: Hear how Tara works with her agent and how she creates her collections. Find out the best place to start and the must-have options when designing your collections. Lori Siebert: What do you need for your portfolio? Lori breaks it down and explains the categories that buyers will look for. She also explains that creating art that brings you joy is still the best place to start. Art licensing can feel complicated. You don’t have to know all the pieces before you start. Check out the full recordings for more insight and inspiration. 009: Licensing Your Art with Tara Reed 010: How to Get an Art Agent with Gary Levine 027: Drawing Everyday with Jennifer Orkin Lewis 068: Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers 155: Licensing Your Art with Ronnie Walter and Miriam Schulman 163: How to Get Started with Art Licensing with Lori Siebert and Miriam Schulman 🎉FREE GOODIES!🎉 Don't forget to check out the Inspiration Place goodie bag. Go pick up your party favor over at SchulmanArt.com/freebies. Whether you're a passionista or a passion professional, I've got something just for you. ++++++++++++++++++++ 🎤NEVER MISS AN EPISODE! If you loved this, I've got more inspirational episodes coming your way! Please make sure you hit the subscribe or follow button in your podcast app. And if you're feeling extra generous- leave me a review-- https://schulmanart.com/review-podcast ++++++++++++++++++++ BTW If you pop your Instagram handle at the end of the review, I'll even give you a shout out over on my IG stories! ++++++++++++++++++++ I'd love to chat with you on Instagram: http://instagram.com/schulmanart


22 Feb 2022

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Need an app built? Here's how you can do it yourself. w/ Tara Reed

Black Tech Green Money

Tara Reed is a non-technical founder building software without writing code. She's the founder of 'Apps Without Code' the #1 online school for app entrepreneurs which helps anyone come up with a strong app idea, build it without writing code, and teaches them how to make money from their app idea.On this episode, Tara speaks with Will Lucas about what's required to build an app, the difference between native apps and web apps, and how to determine if your app idea is worth the investment of time and money.Follow Will Lucas on Instagram at @willlucasLearn more about other Black tech disruptors and innovators at AfroTech.com Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Jun 2021

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SUNDAY EDITION: Tara Reed Is The Only One Challenging Your Relationship With Money

The Only One In The Room

Tara Reed is the CEO and founder of a million-dollar tech startup called Apps Without Code. After running marketing initiatives at Google, Foursquare and Microsoft, Tara branched out to launch her own startups using unconventional techniques. Her online school has trained over 85,000 entrepreneurs across 14 countries, and teaches people how to build their own apps, validate their business ideas, and build revenue-generating businesses. She is a TEDx speaker, Forbes & Entrepreneur magazine special feature, past participant of 500 Startups Accelerator, and alumnus of Columbia University.Instagram: @tarareed_ & @appswithoutcodeLinkedIn: Tara Reed & Apps Without CodeTwitter: @tarareed_ & @appswithoutcodeSpecial thanks to our Sponsor Betterhelp:Start living a happier life today! As an Only On In The Room listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor at Betterhelp.com/One. Join the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of experienced Better Help professionals. Be sure not to miss our weekly full episodes on Tuesdays, Scott Talks on Wednesdays and our brand new series On My Nightstand on Fridays by subscribing to the show wherever you listen to podcasts. Join our Only One In The Room Facebook Group if you'd like to ask a question of any of our upcoming guests for this series. Also visit the website www.theonlyonepod.com for the latest from our host Laura Cathcart Robbins like featured articles and more.We love hearing from you in the comments on iTunes and while you're there don't forget to rate us, subscribe and share the show!All of us at The Only One In The Room wish you safety and wellness during this challenging time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Jun 2021

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#180 – From $0 to $5M Without Writing Any Code with Tara Reed of Apps Without Code

Indie Hackers

At some point, Tara Reed (@TaraReed_) decided that she didn't want to build a funded, scale-at-all-costs, move-fast-and-break-things type of business. The trouble was, by the time she realized this, she was already headed down that path with investors, employees, and high expectations. In this episode, I talk to Tara about quitting one business to pursue a new idea, bootstrapping her way to $5M in annual revenue, and what she's learned about the future of no-code from teaching others to build no-code businesses. Apps Without Code, Tara's business for teaching people to build businesses and apps without code: https://www.appswithoutcode.com Follow Tara on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaraReed_ Idea to Income in 60 Days, Tara's free webinar: https://www.appswithoutcodetraining.com/ewwebinar-1/?utm_campaign=indie-hackers

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11 Nov 2020