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Laughing and Living with David McQueen

Clowning Around Podcast

Join Em Stroud and her Clown Barbara as they chat all things laughing and living with David.  How can we laugh more in life? Why do we view work as a thing that has to be serious?  How can we find more little moments?  What has Barbara got in store for David and much much more… Connect with David: LinkedIn: mrdavidmcqueen About David McQueen: David McQueen is an international speaker, storyteller, facilitator and presenter. Passionate about effective presentation and communication skills for business and education. His humour, story telling and ability to connect with audiences across the board has made him the choice speaker for conferences, corporate events, associations, networking groups and after dinner all over the world.


29 Mar 2022

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027 Pushing Boundaries with David McQueen

Bigger Than You

Do you push your boundaries whether that be personal, business or even where you travel to? In today's discussion with David McQueen we talk about the importance of adventure and pushing your boundaries to fuel curiousity and learning. We also talk about how David uses his platform to ensure that issues around race are discussed and hear David's top tip for solopreneurs. About David: David is an entrepenuer, executive coach and speaker.  Website: www.davidmcqueen.co.uk Twitter @MrDavidMcQueen_ Instagram: MrDavidMcQueen LinkedIn: David McQueen About Julie: Julie is serial entrepreneur and community engagement strategist with more than 20 years experience, a business mentor, keynote speaker, and 10 times author, including her latest book Leading from the back. Julie has grown multiple six figure businesses and is passionate about supporting small business owners to achieve their goals. The BIGGER THAN YOU movement has been developed to inspire people to take action and move past their fears. Take the Tribe Leader quiz here Link to facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/julie.creffield.1 Link to facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/biggerthanyou Link to instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Julie_Creffield/ Link to LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliecreffield/?originalSubdomain=uk


31 Jan 2022

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#13: Talking Lessons in Leadership with David McQueen

Pros and Comms

Great leaders listen, even if they don’t like what they hear. Becoming a better leader takes an enormous amount of self-reflection and ego checking. And sometimes it takes the work of someone who’s outside of your sphere of influence who isn’t afraid to challenge you to help you achieve it. In this episode I’m joined by David McQueen, a professional speaker, executive coach and host of the Leadership Decoded podcast. David has worked with everyone from students to global corporations to high-profile individuals, coaching his audience on leadership, communication and workplace culture. For more information on this episode head to David's Pros and Comms page Come and say hi on Instagram @prosandcommspodcast Carry on the conversation using the #prosandcomms and find me on Twitter @Maaria_Ginai


20 Sep 2021

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"Better" (Acts 2:38-47) - David McQueen - July 25, 2021

Dearing Christian Church

What could ever be better than Jesus walking through life along side of us?


26 Jul 2021

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David McQueen; Inclusive Leadership

The Transection Podcast

This week Harris speaks to executive coach, entrepreneur, speaker and facilitator David McQueen. David champions anti-racist work and is very vocal about inclusive leadership and examining our biases. You can find David at www.davidmcqueen.co.uk. Follow us @transectionpodcast on social media and sign up to our mailing list at mxharrishill.com/transection.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/transectionpodcast/message


28 May 2021

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David McQueen

Great Things God Has Done

In this episode, Dave talks to David McQueen of Beltway Park Church in Abilene Texas.  They discuss his childhood in the Texas panhandle, being a bus ministry kid,  how he felt called to ministry around the age of 15 (6:00) and how he was a want to be athlete in his high school years (7:20). David shares about his college experience where he interned in a church while also working in the tire shop at Sears and the lessons that taught him (9:30). David talks about his journey to Beltway Park and how at the time Abilene was the last place he wanted to return to (23:00). Dave asks about what has changed at Beltway in David’s 22 years there (28:00) and he shares about their focus today. David shares some suggestions and resources including a series on anxiety and Toby Slough’s book Not Yet. Dave is then joined by his colleague Brad Leeper for some closing thoughts. To learn more about David McQueen and Beltway Park Church you can visit their website at beltway.org You can find the book that David mentioned Not Yet: Finding Freedom When Anxiety, Depression, and Other Crap Come Knocking at Your Door by Toby Slough Here. To learn more about the Senior Pastor call mentioned in this episode contact Linda Stanley at linda.stanley@generis.comFind out more about Dave Travis at generis.com/dave-travis and subscribe to the newsletter at churchleaderinsider.substack.com This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit greatthingsgodhasdone.substack.com


18 Jan 2021

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S2E6: David McQueen building leaders

We're Building

Kicking off 2021, resuming season two with David McQueen. Passionate about leadership in his 30 years as an entrepreneur, professional speaker and executive coach. The hosts explore, generational differences and how the black community can move forward.www.davidmcqueen.co.uk

1hr 2mins

13 Jan 2021

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Ep 112: Making love last - lessons from 35 years together with Madeline and David McQueen

Project Love

Hi lovely, We are back! After our quarterly monthly break from recording and we are jumping back behind the mics with a special relationship episode.  We got together with the playful power couple: Madeline and David McQueen to talk about how they have made love last (while having two children and running a business together) for thirty two years.  I’ve known Madeline and David for over ten years and they offered me invaluable guidance and advice on love and relationships in the years when I was dating.  They have always been intentionally open about talking about their relationship and sharing about the ups and downs, warts and all, of being in a long term relationship. They believe passionately that friendship in your relationship is key and that every relationship requires work to help it to thrive. They are also both coaches and so they bring a level of insight, self-awareness and a no-nonsense practical attitude to their relationship which you don’t often find in other couples.  They have so many pearls of wisdom to offer on how to make love last and so in this episode Vicki and I got to ask them about how they have made their love last for over thirty years and what advice they would give to others about how to cultivate a happy and healthy relationship.  As ever, when I speak to Madeline and David, I came away with so many gems and aha moments (and was squirming in my seat on a number of occasions too, as you’ll hear!). So I hope you find some valuable gems in this too. If you enjoy this episode please leave us some of those shiny 5 STARS on your podcast channel - every review makes such a difference (and it makes our day)!  Lots of love, x Selina


5 Nov 2020

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Leadership is Being a Servant Leader In All Areas with David Mcqueen

Everyday Leadership

On today's episode, I talk to David about having uncomfortable conversations with people but doing it from a place of love, we discuss cancel culture, inclusive and servant leadership as well what it takes to sustain a marriage after 32 of being with his wife, education and why it is for the privileged,  showing vulnerability as a man as so much more. About David McqueenDavid McQueen is a husband, father of two, entrepreneur, professional facilitator, world-class speaker and executive coach who works with C-Suite clients globally across banking, technology, advertising and the non-profit sector, specifically focusing on both leadership and presentation skills.David Mcqueen - https://www.davidmcqueen.co.uk/Q Talent management - Agency dedicated to providing high-quality talent for your event with a seamless process that makes booking and delivery a delight. The Black Founders Hub -  The Peer Network for High-Growth Black-Owned Service Businesses.LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrdavidmcqueen/If you liked this episode, please share it with your friends / write a review - it goes a long way! :)In this episode of Everyday Day Leadership, David and I discuss (times are approximate):Having uncomfortable conversations and approaching it from a place of love - 1:20 Not worrying about cancel culture and speaking truth to power - 03:20Defining what servant leadership means and why it is so important  - 05:20How people respond to various leadership styles - 11:00Creating an environment where employees have a voice - 14:00Using B.R.A.V.E framework to help companies live up to their values - 19:003 major keys to sustaining a relationship of 32 years - 22:00Working with your partner - 24:45Why not growing up is important in a relationship - 28:00Being vulnerable and overcoming the “boys don’t cry” mantra- 31:00Singing at his wedding - 34:00Education is not designed for the poor or disenfranchised - 39:00The good side of social media - 46: 00Working Hard v Working Smart - 49:45Subscribe using your favorite podcast app viaApple PodcastsSpotifyDeezerStitcherSPREAD THE WORD. LEAVE A RATING, REVIEW, AND FEEDBACKYou can do this on Apple podcast or on Sticher Your ratings and reviews help us place the podcast in front of new leaders and listeners. I am always keen to get feedback so if you have any thoughts once you’ve listened to this interview just drop me an email at hello@mindsetshift.co.ukI appreciate you and your support

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27 Oct 2020

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The Power of Storytelling to Build Relationships and Win Support with former Disney World exec Lee Cockerell and David McQueen

The Connected Leadership Podcast

In this episode Andy and his guests Lee Cockerell (founder and CLO, Cockerell Academy, former Executive VP Operations, Walt Disney World Resort) and David McQueen (Board Adviser, Leadership Specialist and Presentation Skills Coach) discuss how professional relationships underpin executive success and using storytelling as a leadership technique for engaging with staff and customers. Stories are a key tool for leaders, whether in communicating effectively with their teams, delivering impactful presentations or just motivating individuals. Learn how the most famous storytellers in the world, Disney, approach it and some simple techniques to help you get your message across.  Full show notes to come on http://www.andylopata.com/podcasts


13 Sep 2020