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#63: Jay Acunzo [Tension] – How to tell great stories with a professional speaker and veteran podcaster

Creative Elements

Jay Acunzo is an author, speaker, and showrunner. He's the host of 3 Clips (recently acquired by Castos) and Unthinkable, which he describes as Radiolab for creators. Jay writes a weekly newsletter called Playing Favorites, a membership called Make What Matters, and in 2018 he published his book, Break The Wheel: Question Best Practices, Hone Your Intuition, and Do Your Best Work. With a combined 15+ years of public performance and creative projects working with companies like Google, ESPN, and HubSpot, Jay's goal is to demystify the creative process – because anyone can make things that make a difference.  In this episode, we talk about how Jay built an appreciation for creative nonfiction, what it takes to be a good speaker, the storytelling frameworks you can use, and why Tension is at the core of a good story. Full transcript and show notes Listen to Unthinkable Subscribe to Jay Acunzo's newsletter Follow Jay Acunzo on Twitter *** LISTENER SUPPORT Join our community on Facebook Support this show through Buy Me A Coffee *** SPONSORS Try Podia and save 15% for life as a Creative Elements listener Start your free trial of SavvyCal and get your first month free using promo code ELEMENTS Get a free month of Blinkist Premium Try Grammarly for free and save 20% on Grammarly Premium *** ABOUT JAY CLOUSE Subscribe to my weekly newsletter Find me on Twitter Find me on Instagram Enroll in my course on podcasting, Podcast Like The Pros *** PODGLOMERATE NETWORK This show is a part of the Podglomerate network, a company that produces, distributes, and monetizes podcasts. We encourage you to visit the website and sign up for our newsletter for more information about our shows, launches, and events. For more information on how The Podglomerate treats data, please see our Privacy Policy.  Since you're listening to Creative Elements, we'd like to suggest you also try other Podglomerate shows surrounding entrepreneurship, business, and careers like Rocketship.fm and Freelance to Founder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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29 Jun 2021

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#11 Playing Favorites ft. Jay Acunzo

The Newsletter Nerd Show

If creativity is not bigness, what is it? What does it take to create someone's favorite work? How is the asterisk the tiniest storytelling tool? Jay Acunzo writes Playing Favorites—a weekly newsletter to help people create stuff that matters—and answers these questions on this episode.  We also unpacked a lot from creativity equations and crap pedestals to cliffhangers and storytelling techniques.  On Jay's content spectrum of transactional to transformational, this is 100% transformational. Dig in :) To never miss out on The Newsletter Nerd Show, consider subscribing on your favorite podcast player and on https://thenewsletternerdshow.substack.com/ Time Stamp 0.43 - Creativity is not bigness 1.31 - If creativity had an equation 3.41 - Crap pedestals and the legend of the creative genius 9.15 - Creativity is a mess 11.20 - Mr.Schread, constraints, and creativity 16.50 - What it takes to become someone's favorite 18.05 - Building blocks to creating work that matters 21.07 - Transactional vs Transformational work 25.15 - Matching delivery with promised value 26.20 - Shoutout to the incredible Ann Handley 27.25 - Vetting ideas for the newsletter 28.30 - Why "think outside the box" is incomplete 29.30 - What to do when you're frustrated with something 30.48 - Where Playing Favorites fits in Jay's journey 31.59 - First edition of the newsletter 34.28 - An ode to the asterisk 36.18 - Using tension in storytelling 37.09 - Open loops in stories 38.34 - Cliffhangers vs clickbaits 42.15 - What not to chase in the newsletter world 43.51 - The world needs compasses not maps 45.48 - Reading Room 53.54 - Have You Ever?


25 May 2021

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Why Resonance Matters More Than Reach: Rethinking Marketing with Jay Acunzo

Ripple Effect

You should always follow best practices, right? Not necessarily, according to Jay Acunzo. As a marketer, Jay has dedicated his life to creating content that matters instead of maintaining the status quo or following generalized measurements of success. Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, or product manager, his tips will help you better understand how to resonate with an audience, build a community, and create love and trust for your brand.


13 May 2021

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How to Create Better Content by Conducting Better Interviews: Jay Acunzo of '3 Clips' on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs

Author, speaker, and showrunner Jay Acunzo analyzes three clips from a Marketing Smarts podcast interview with Alan Alda and distills lessons from it that will help you to conduct better interviews and create more effective content.


25 Mar 2021

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How To Create Your Audience's Favourite Podcast with Jay Acunzo

Customer Show

It's easy to get someone's attention. But to really make a difference, you need to be able to hold that attention. Jay Acunzo joins Katelyn Bourgoin to share what it takes to become your audience's favourite show. On this episode of Customer Show, Jay and Katelyn discuss: How to design a premise for your show people care about The subtle difference between a boring show and people's favourite show How to ask questions that create great content And so much moreJay Acunzo is a podcast specialist, author, and designer of shows loved by millions.Twitter: https://twitter.com/jayacunzoPodcast: https://www.marketingshowrunners.com/podcast/Website: https://jayacunzo.com/Connect with Katelyn on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KateBourGet your free Customer Ranking Calculator: https://customercamp.co/calculator


25 Mar 2021

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Jay Acunzo — Podcasts, Storytelling, and How To Make Your Audience's Favorite Show

Everything Is Marketing

On the show today is Jay Acunzo. Jay is the founder of Marketing Showrunners — which helps marketers create their audience's favorite show. He's also a keynote speaker and consultant who's worked with brands like Drift and Wistia to create some of my favorite shows.I wanted to bring Jay on because he's "the guy" when it comes to creating a podcast or video series for your business. I first came across Jay when he created a podcast series for Drift and since then he's created many more amazing series like I Made It for Podia and Against The Grain for Help Scout. He also has great thoughts on how to define a show premise, which also translates really well to positioning, designing value propositions, and creating a pitch that resonates.You'll hear about why he loves podcasting and the unique opportunity it presents to connect with your audience, how to develop a strong premise for your show so that you don't blend in with every other generic show out there, and his approach to prepping for interviews, interviewing, and crafting a compelling story.More on Jay: @jayacunzo on Twitter Marketing Showrunners 3 Clips podcast Sponsored by SparkLoop — the referral tool for newsletters. Hundreds of smart newsletter creators use SparkLoop to get more, high-quality email subscribers on autopilot. Get started in 5 minutes and start a free 30-day trial → sparkloop.app/eim🙌 Thank Jay for coming on the show with a quick tweetIf you've got a question or takeaway you want to share from this episode, you can do so in the Swipe Files community. You can chat with guests of the podcast as well as a bunch of other top-notch marketers. Join a community that will help you do your best work and be prolific. Check it out at swipefiles.com/membershipI write an occasional newsletter about cutting-edge, comprehensive, and sometimes even crazy marketing ideas. Subscribe to become a better marketer, one idea at a time at swipefiles.comYou can also get my free newsletter Marketing Weekly. It's a curated digest of the best marketing content in your inbox every Sunday morning.If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts or your podcast player of choice? It takes less than a minute and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews!Looking for marketing jobs? Check out Hey Marketers, a free job board I created just for marketing jobs.★ Support this podcast ★

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8 Feb 2021

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The KEY to SEO in 2021 & Beyond (becoming somebody's favorite) - Jay Acunzo

SEO for the Rest of Us


11 Jan 2021

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Why It’s Essential Marketers Think Smaller When It Comes to Creativity with Jay Acunzo

Tech Qualified

As a marketer and a creator, you know creativity is essential in this industry. But what you might not know: You could be thinking about creativity all wrong. Now, that sounds a little oxymoronic. Isn’t creativity all about not having boundaries? Thinking big? Creating that “wow, genius” viral moment? Jay Acunzo begs to differ.  The award-winning podcast host, global keynote speaker, and author firmly believes creativity is less about coming up with sporadic, disruptive ideas and is instead something that should occur consistently on a more micro level. Spoiler: Putting processes in place to help you harness your creativity is key. Jay has worked for some major tech companies, including Google and Hubspot, and he’s had a hand in helping grow startups, like Dailybreak Media and Boston Content. Now he’s doing his own thing at Marketing Showrunners, where he helps marketers from brands like Red Bull, BBC, Adobe and The New York Times best serve their audiences. On a recent episode of Tech Qualified, Jay explains how he’s rethinking creativity — plus the essential role creativity plays in marketing.


16 Dec 2020

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Episode 60: Shifting The Culture of Marketing with Jay Acunzo

The Authentic Audience Podcast

Jay Acunzo is a public speaker, author and the founder of Marketing Showrunners, a media company that teaches marketers how to make podcasts with engaging content that support their businesses, and serve their audiences. Jay’s mission is to help people find and share their voices and use their creativity to make a positive difference. He believes that marketing should be about holding people’s attention and building trusted relationships by focusing on the needs of customers and crafting compelling stories that reveal the passions, struggles, and belief systems of the people behind the brand. Jay believes that businesses should be run for good not gain and he has recently filmed a docuseries about B-Corps who are redefining the traditional business model by concentrating on customers, craft, and community rather than simply chasing financial success.Links From Episode: Jay's Website: http://jayacunzo.comJay's Instagram: @jacunzoJay's Book - Break The Wheel: http://jayacunzo.com/bookMarketing Show Runner's Website: https://www.marketingshowrunners.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 Oct 2020

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#88 with Jay Acunzo – keynote speaker, author of 'Break the wheel', and podcast and docuseries host/ producer

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Today we spoke to Jay Acunzo – keynote speaker, author of 'Break the wheel' and podcast and docuseries host/ producer. Jay shares the opportunity that the pandemic gave him - with more quality family time at home. Jay tells us what success means to him...opens up on creativity, curiosity and practice. We discuss 'Marketing Showrunners', the platform where Jay helps people find their voices and elevate their podcasts. We talk about Jays' work with large multinationals like Google and HubSpot - and smaller and leaner companies; he educates us on the word telic, and paratelic...and what they mean. Find out more about Jay @ www.jayacunzo.com Thanks for joining us on our show!


5 Oct 2020