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Back and To The Left - Max Deutsch Returns - Another Progressive Podcast Host

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1hr 41mins

16 Oct 2020

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A View From The Left - Max Deutsch - Another Progressive Podcast Host

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1hr 35mins

1 Sep 2020

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Max Deutsch VS Magnus Carlsen la sfida

Alessandro de Concini - Pillole

Max Deutsch VS Magnus Carlsen: la sfida di apprendimento dell'anno.È possibile arrivare al livello di un campione del mondo studiando e facendo pratica per solamente 30 giorni?


2 Jun 2018

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Karen Cheng, Max Deutsch, Wakeout, Degreed and Peace

Justin Finkelstein Talks


29 Mar 2018

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Max Deutsch, Openmind and Going From 0 To Master

Justin Finkelstein Talks


20 Mar 2018

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Max Deutsch the obsessive learner, Perfectionism & Korea! 🎮 AskWeldon 173

The Weldon Green Show

TRAINING!Weldon's MAC training program ► https://mindgames.gg/MACUse the $5 OFF coupon "askweldon"Ask A Question by calling in on ANCHOR: https://anchor.fm/weldongreenJOIN MY DISCORD!! Ask a question there (or use #AskWeldon on Twitter): https://discord.gg/0fmDROEblvfN4NQSToday's Questions:1. Max Deutsch the obsessive learner2. I adopted the persona of perfectionism to avoid losing. How can I transition from that?3. Korea training meta? Create our own gaming culture.----► Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MindGamesConsulting-----The #AskWeldon show is about performance psychology and esports. Weldon Green is the sport psychology trainer for esports athletes and is focused on helping them optimize their game, learn faster, stop tilting, and get in the zone.-----WELDON'S LIST (https://mindgames.gg/tools)Learn about:📚 Summary of my favorite books🎮 The free foundations training based on the best articles and videos on my site🛎 Cool res--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/weldongreen/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/weldongreen/support


20 Mar 2018

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Max Deutsch, “The Myth of the Intuitive: Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical Method” (MIT, 2015)

New Books in Philosophy

There is a movement in contemporary philosophy known as “experimental philosophy” or “x-phi” for short. It proceeds against the backdrop of a critique of contemporary analytic philosophy. According to the Xi-phi critique, analytic philosophers rely too heavily on an unsound method which involves arguing for philosophical conclusions from premises whose force rests solely in what philosophers find “intuitive” or “obvious.” Using polling and survey methods, experimental philosophers show that claims that philosophers often take to be “intuitive” are in fact not commonly held among non-philosophers, and that individuals’ sense of what’s “obvious” varies according to factors such as ethnicity, geography, age, and gender. In light of this, X-philes claim that analytic philosophy is doomed, for it treats philosophers’ intuitions as evidence in favor of philosophical claims. But the variability of intuitions shows that intuitions have no evidentiary weight.In The Myth of the Intuitive: Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical Method (MIT, 2015), Max Deutsch defends analytic philosophy against the x-phi critique by showing that, in fact, analytic philosophers do not treat intuitions as evidence. Drawing on careful readings of the texts that are the central targets of the x-phi critique, Deutsch shows that analytic philosophers rarely appeal to intuitions as if they provided evidential support. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoicesSupport our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/philosophy

1hr 19mins

1 Aug 2015