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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jess Lively. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jess Lively, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jess Lively. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jess Lively, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 83. Listening to your intuition with Jess Lively

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On this week’s podcast, I speak with Jess Lively. She helps people experience more joy, fulfillment, and presence through flow and the power of their subconscious.
We chat about:
* The story of her changing consciousness * Why allowing things to be easy is an option* How to listen to the inner voice, the intuition * What is manifesting 
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Jan 06 2020 · 1hr 2mins
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Developing Your Intuition with Jess Lively

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Hello our beautiful friends! Today we have a very special guest on the podcast. Jess Lively is a world traveler obsessed with consciousness, neurology, and helping people connect to the guidance within them through her podcast, The Lively Show. Today we go deep and explore the concept of the inner voice, and discover how it can guide us to live our dream lives. 

Full show notes: https://www.ikonns.com/podcast/57

Originally from Ohio, Jess started her career when she was fifteen with a jewelry business in Rochester, Michigan. After graduating from the School of Business, she started her own company Jess LC right away, transforming the accessory company into a successful full-time career in Chicago. Then Jess realised her real authentic passion laid elsewhere, and it took her years to find her authentic path. 

“While studying at School of Business, I found myself being unhappy. And I realised – if you are not happy now, you probably won’t be happy in 20 years doing the same thing. I wanted to help the other unhappy people struggling to find their path to joyful and happy life.” – Jess Lively

Jess had an American dream come true – she had a beautiful home, two dogs and a husband, but then she let it all go. When Jess and her partner were about to have kids, both of them understood they wanted different lives. Listening to her inner voice, Jess became aware she wanted another life – the one where she could get whatever she wants and go wherever she wants without the financial stress. 

“By having the experience of living the life you dreamt about allows you to let it go and move forward” – Jess Lively

After that life transition, Jess realised that the real life force is our heart, and the real life force of the element of consciousness of who we are is intuition and wisdom. Fascinated by the gift of the inner voice, Jess started journaling and having dialogues with her inner voice. “My mind had no other way of having peace other than defining the inner voice in me that had peace”, Jess reveals.

If you want to change something in your life and you feel really uncomfortable for a long period of time, then that is the most golden opportunity to find the inner voice that will lead you to the peace of your mind. How you can achieve it? First, Jess advises, you have to change your perspective from thinking to listening. 

“The difference between thinking and listening is that you don’t think of the answer, you listen for it. Your mind should stop for a moment and listen in silence to your inner voice. That’s why the only option to find peace is to go outside your mind” – Jess Lively

Implementing meditation and breathing practices into your life, as well as having deep conversations with yourself and understanding why are you upset about something, will help you to be fully and authentically unafraid to live the life that you dream about.

Tune in now and discover some amazing advice Jess has shared with us in this truly special conversation. We are so excited for you to discover how you can live your best life by allowing yourself to be led by your consciousness.

Here is what else we have talked about:

  • Growing up observing our parents as examples
  • Where the values we grow up with come from
  • Power of being aware of our values and using them in our advantage
  • Going through divorce and building our own path
  • How to be in touch with our intuition, consciousness, and inner voice
  • Listening to our inner voice and intuition to make the leap 
  • Living in the unknown 
  • How to connect all the dots of our life by looking backwards 
  • The power of journaling, asking questions and exhaling

Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode with Jess Lively, you can find out more about her here:

Jess Lively Show

Jess’s Instagram

 A book that we mentioned in this episode:

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

Oct 15 2019 · 55mins

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Spiral Dynamics and Inner Voice work with Jess Lively, Episode 15

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I had the pleasure of doing some inner voice work live with Jess Lively in Detroit this past fall. She gave me permission to air it on my podcast, and I'm so thrilled to share it so all of you too, can benefit from the conversation.
We get into Spiral Dynamics, so make sure to go on and listen to her episode,  http://jesslively.com/spiraldynamics/ and follow along on her journey as well at JessLively.com and on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jessclively/   She has been a mentor to me through my awakening and it was such an honor to do this work with her.
At the end of the episode she shares some wisdom with the group of women present at the recording, and I included it because I thought it was really valuable. I hope you enjoy this episode. lt is lot about religion, and how to interact with the people around you who may not be at the same level of consciousness.
Apr 29 2019 · 34mins
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What Do Enlightened People Look Like and How Do They Feel with Jess Lively

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Jess Lively, podcast host of The Jess Lively Show (which has over 10 million downloads) do a  deep dive on all things spiritual. We talk channeling, how to achieve flow states, and openly challenge the popular stereotype of what an enlightened being looks like (usually a man). We finish off the conversation trying to articulate what is must feel like to be an enlightened master and how ones goes about “achieving” enlightenment. Can we all “live outside our heads?” This episode is a ride, so hold on.      Jess is honest and raw and the conversation took me to a place I didn't expect.  I find Jess brave to talk about her spiritual beliefs so openly.  You're going to hear some of my experiences as well that may, for some, be a bit woo woo.  We speak quickly and you'll hear two women trying to articulate some very complex topics.    For more information on my journey and concepts around consciousness hit some of my earlier episodes, especially those with Dr. Eben Alexander.    Books and concepts mentioned in this episode that are cool to read for a better understanding of what the heck Jess and I are talking about try:    Micheal Singer Abraham Hicks Eckert Toile  Katie Byron
Oct 11 2018 · 1hr 17mins

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230 | Loneliness, Manifesting, Body Image, Law-of- Attraction, and Abundance with Jess Lively

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I’ve known Jess Lively for years, we both grew up in Michigan, and our paths overlapped there a few years ago. When we were both living there in 2016 we went to go see an Elizabeth Gilbert lecture about her book Big Magic and after over tacos we chatted for hours. Since then Jess has traveled all over the world in her own very Eat Pray Love-esque adventure and her life as changed so much. On that day we were both in an interesting places and I somehow shared with her off hand about Abraham Hicks over lunch, Jess ended up immersing herself in their work and implementing their concepts, along with many other teachers around the concept of law of attraction, manifestation, neuroscience, consciousness, and much more. She has  a unique  skill to distill heady esoteric content into practical terms. Most recently she's taken all of her work and created C-School, a live school in Australia where she now lives but is launching online this week. In this episode we talked about Death, loneliness, fear of not having enough time, body image and food, the law of attraction, time scarcity and time abundance, plus so much more. It was a different conversation than anything I was expecting and I loved every second. 

Notes from the Show:

-Jess Lively on The WebInstagram | Facebook | Twitter

-Jess' course Cschool 

-Crimson Circle

-Intro to Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks & Oprah

-The Journey of Souls

-Australian Carob Company

-Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert + her episode on Jess' podcast

-The Secret 

-The Power to Shape Your Destiny by Tony Robbins

-The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

-Isabel Foxen Duke + her episode on the pod

Cool Things to Check-Out:

-Meet me at The Good Fest on 8.11.18 in Philadelphia! Use the code KATIEDALEBOUT15 for a discount on your tickets!

-CONGRATS to all that just finished the Let [a podcast] Out online podcasting course with me! The next course will begin in October. Sign-up early to join us here.

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-Get my book Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling.

All original music composed by Carolyn Pennypacker RiggsAlbum art by Zoie Harman

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Aug 01 2018 · 1hr 54mins
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CLB 006: Jess Lively of The Lively Show - Intuition, Flow & Alignment

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In this episode, Leticia speaks with Jess Lively, host of very successful podcast, The Lively Show about her experience with flow, intuition, alignment and finding a peaceful, fulfilling and joyful approach to life.

How Jess started her own jewellery business at 15 years old, then moved into blogging, business consulting before starting her very popular Podcast, The Lively Show and then flowing around the world for 20 months
Intuition, what it is, how to hear from it, what questions to ask and how being guided by her intuition led Jess to living her dream life
The difference between journaling and writing to your intuition
What flow means to Jess and how the concept came into her life
Jess's definition of success
Why we feel resistance and how to overcome it
How to live in alignment
How to live with the duality of the intuition and the ego
The significance of subconscious blocks
How Jess uses both her intuition and flow when it comes to her business
Jess's advice for someone just getting started on the journey of discovering truth and purpose.
What's next for Jess in 2018
Feb 14 2018 · 1hr 28mins
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TPM032 - with Jess Lively - Part 1

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We might have to restrain ourselves from “fan-girling” out a little bit with today’s guest. In all seriousness though we are thrilled to have fellow podcaster Jess Lively on the show today. Jess runs online courses that help people live their best life, she has a wonderful podcast called “The Lively Show” (one of our favorites), and is currently traveling the world indefinitely.

Buckle your seat belts guys, because you are in for a fun and slightly mind-blowing ride with this conversation.  We talk about how, in American Culture, we are often taught that "success" equals hustle and struggle.  But what if there was another way?  And that science backed it up?  In part one of this conversation we dig into emotional frequency and what that means, classical personal development vs. quantum living, and climbing the emotional scale. We also use some very personal examples in order to apply these conter-intuitive concepts that Jess speaks about in her newest course, Flow with Intention Online. This episode is perfect for you if you are tired of struggling and want to hear about another approach to "success", if you get weary of all the talk about hustle in the personal development world and are interested in hearing a completely different approach, or, you are simply a Jess Lively Fan.  Enjoy!

Mar 29 2017 · 54mins
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028: Following Your Intiution with Jess Lively

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You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 028. Today, my mind is totally blown while I interview Jess Lively of The Lively Show. Join us as we talk all about her adventures, her current nomad lifestyle and how she learned to truly get in tune with her intuition and listen to her gut. Trust me guys, this episode absolutely changed my life and I think it might do the same for yours!

Mar 06 2017 · 46mins
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89 Jess Lively – Flowing with Intuition

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Jess Lively sold her belongings and is traveling around the world guided by her intuition. As the host of the podcast The Lively Show, she helps people transform their lives...

The post 89 Jess Lively – Flowing with Intuition appeared first on Make Your Mark Today.

Nov 01 2016 · 1hr
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Jess Lively: What happens when you let intuition take the wheel?

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When you think of masculine and feminine, do you naturally think "man" and "woman" respectively?

Our guest today believes everyone can harness both masculine and feminine energy to achieve greater success in business and, ultimately, life.

In this episode, Jess Lively unpacks how masculine and feminine, intuition and ego play together effectively. She explains why Oprah is the quintessential example of a woman who's exploited both the masculine and feminine energy and how we can replicate that approach.

Jess now helps people live from values-based intentions through LifeWithIntentionOnline.com and The Lively Show podcast. She began her entrepreneurial journey making jewelry at the side of the pool at the age of 15. Jess JC was born and cemented the notion that a business at its core is a process of creating something from nothing and finding customers who will buy it.

After completing her MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in 2007, Jess grew her accessory business into a successful full-time career in Chicago. Later, she transitioned into business coaching.

Knowing that her mission is to help people become more peacefully fulfilled by shifting their approach to life, she started her blog in 2009 to share that message and eventually a popular podcast, The Lively Show.

Jess Lively shares a simple process for liberating an astonishing source of guidance available to us all - our intuition. According to Jess, when we listen to and allow that intuition to guide our decisions, we'll experience opportunities for growth and adventure others will ignore.

In This Episode, You'll Learn:

  • What the basics of building a business entail.
  • How Jess’s “mess becomes your message” experience led to her current business success.
  • Societal changes that impact how women relate in the marketplace.
  • How entrepreneurs exist in a state of high ego and high intuition to create success in business.
  • How we can liberate and tap into our intuition to make better business decisions.
  • Jess’s step-by-step process for having a conversation between your ego and intuition.

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Aug 07 2016 · 55mins