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Black Sun King 012 Podcast True Truth.

SEEK WISEDOME. Nothing that is Popular is Ever Truth, and What is Unpopular is Never Cool. Go Figure, LIVE for ThySELF, Fuck the rest of these ARCHONS; the answers are within.Wisedome is its own reward. I am glad and happy not being anyone. I want to just be LIFE, Be REAL to beWISE. ~E.G.Plott~. Full write up about stranded jungle kings and queens live free with solution here click https://www.facebook.com/100009420921504/posts/2758013334522670/?d=n. Read the rest of my statement back to SMA at “ THANK YOU SO MUCH #EricPlottREVIEW: To ADD WE LOVE ​ @Satanic Matrix Awareness This is such an Honor to have such a badass person and channel say such things. I have to admit even though Santos Bonacci, CULLEN SMITH are two Geniuses on the subject of Etymology and Syncretism of AStroTHEOLOGY helping bridge people out of the Dangerous Brainwashing from the Belief Dogmatic Religious Bias; others to check out as well who actually HELPED ME wake up out of the Christian Bible faith, was ex MINISTER KEVIN WESLEY, and Jamarr Milton (Proves Torah and Bible was plagiarized from Egyptian Khemites and Book of the dead etc) which I know both personally and have done work with as well. I went even deeper, as my higher self, just like your higher self is truly connected to this VOID or the AETHER itself, which is our SUBCONSCIOUS.. So the nice cool thing is when we stop thinking and overtly conscious dwelling or overthinking, we block our DMT drip from the , I actually experienced for myself upon near-death experience a Black Spinning vortex that was not only a Black hole, but also another Sun, a BLACK SUN...Aka the Sun behind the sun. Since I had this experience I have done everything to find out more, as it zapped or downloaded a heavy amount of wisdom in my brain I never knew, like arithmancy, and I never had been good with numbers, till this electrical spark of all numbers in-universe being a code just 1-9...then it repeats back over and over.. So this black sun even telepathically told me a lot of stuff, from my god-self, or highest self, and chose myself due to my courage, so the number one thing that will allow our superpowers is to remain following that heart as a compass, do follow it; you know what is right for you, do it...If we don't know yet , just remember all will be fine, in the end it is all heading to that ending result. We can’t screw this up, so it will all be fine, we are almost there. This Matrix is controlled by us, we can hack and glitch this matrix when we become YOU IN VERSE. You are the controller and ruler of this reality. By LETTING GO...Let go of all thoughts completely and watch eventually how much power you will have tapping into this subconscious. It is a Mind-Blowing thing when you test it and see manifesting magic into your existence. I would never have believed that EYE MYSELF am Beyond GOD. Which is only a man-made archon title, label, and word? I am so excited to see your latest work, and just tag me or I will share whenever I get a prompt update, I am also telling all my best friends about your stuff. Keep it up, I love that you are comfortable and being yourself. Very Down to Eartha and cool way to go about it. Where you from now or did you say Florida I heard, you still there, we go there many times of years to leave and go to Central America. Check out, if you or your family ever needs to flee the matrix check out Stranded Jungle Movie Belize Central America, you always got home down in HEAVEN JUNGLE MANSION, with our Living Soul Family. We don't have rules regulations, no need for money or taxes and fees, we make money obsolete. We have gardens and can thrive off the land, property tax is 25$ yearly, people in America are so read the rest at here https://www.facebook.com/100009420921504/posts/2758013334522670/?d=n. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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14 Sep 2020

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Ep.33 Part 2 The "Shocking" conclusion to Ken Wheeler and Factory Spec Suspension.

The Dirt Bike Burrito Podcast

Part 2 from our chat with Ken Wheeler from Factory Spec Suspension. We are sorry for breaking up this interview and leaving you in "suspension". Hopefully you can "rebound" from only having half the interview for a week. Well you are only a few "Clickers" away from hearing the episode.So sit back, "Preload" your ears and get ready for another tank slapping-ly good episode.

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16 Jul 2020

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Fireside with Ken Wheeler

STOKED! Fireside Chats

Join me as I sit by the fire with Ken Wheeler, master of puns, music, and meat. We talk MMA fighting, what too hot really means, and more! All hot sauces sampled on the show today: https://cutinosauce.com/product/habanero/ https://www.shaquandawillfeedyou.com/products/oooohmami https://pirateslantern.com/original-bajan-pepper-sauce/ https://www.spiceoflifeselectionsusa.com/product-page/holy-smoked-pepper-sauce https://bigredshotsauce.com/shop/3-kings-sauce/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/stoked/message

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11 Jul 2020

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Ep.32 Part 1 - Suspension Tuning Ken Wheeler from Factory Spec Suspension

The Dirt Bike Burrito Podcast

Ken Wheeler from Factory Spec Suspension sits down with us to talk about his story with motorcycles and where he developed his large knowledge of Suspension. Ken breaks down the Suspension components and Tuning to hopefully pass educates us on the second most important part of the motorcycle.(Sticker kit being obviously the most important part)From motocross and Enduro through to FMX, Ken has helped the best riders in Australia sort out their bouncy stuff!


9 Jul 2020

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Episode 70: React Performance with Ken Wheeler

Web Rush

Recording date: 2019-12-12John Papa @John_PapaWard Bell @WardBellDan Wahlin @DanWahlinCraig Shoemaker @craigshoemakerKen Wheeler @Ken_WheelerResources:ReasonMLSML FamilyUsing Web WorkersReact LoadableImmerReact ProfilerWebPack DashboardFinal ThoughtsTesla CybertruckSourcetreeReact PerformanceTimejumps02:05 Guest introduction02:21 What is Spectacle?08:48 What brought you into this space?09:43 Sponsor: Ag Grid10:50 Why do I fix performance issues I can't see?20:15 What is a spot update?25:17 Sponsor: IdeaBlade26:19 What kind of performance gains can be had?33:08 What kind of tools are you using to test and measure?35:17 How do you get started?38:55 Top 3 performance tips42:18 Final thoughts


11 Feb 2020

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ASRH_S4E2: What’s the deal with Ken Wheeler? (feat. Cahlen)

Assembly of Silence Radio Hour

If you don’t know Ken Wheeler - he’s a translator of ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Pali texts, tatted from head to toe and author of “Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism”.  Wheeler is an iconoclastic figure within philosophical, metaphysical, scholarly and scientific circles who now appears to be spending most of his time making YouTube videos (on his Theoria Apophasis channel) about metaphysics, electromagnetism and camera equipment.  He also likes to crack the kinds of jokes one might expect from a 6th grader. Is he for real?  Noah and Cahlen discuss the man and some of the unexamined implications of his ideas. The Trigrams are briefly discussed in this episode so here is Noah’s Trigram YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8j2QsBqUb7ylMAnjUCS_ow and a paper on the subject: https://medium.com/@taijireality/consciousness-and-time-part-1-24c2f6e11b62 ASRH Contact/Support: silentassembly@protonmail.com https://www.patreon.com/taijireality BTC: 3ArEkk6xAZia13gmtJzbmEMW1haHVUPCfz ETH: 0x56073462949bA7EFB21dFB562067b4628685436C PayPal: t a i j i r e a l i t y atsign geemaildotkom ASRH theme music “Huddled” by Peck Slip: https://peckslip.bandcamp.com

1hr 13mins

27 Jan 2020

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Ken Wheeler Chats With Kent About Going For Challenging Opportunities

Chats with Kent C. Dodds

Almost every demo Ken has done at a conference was wildly out of his league technologically. The deadline for the conference pushes him to grow rapidly. Conference-driven development. Elon Musk says, "If it's physically possible, then we can make it happen." Take stock of the situation and ask yourself what the reality of it is, is it possible? If so, then you can accomplish it.It's not possible to take the second step or even the last step unless you've taken that first step. Finding a simple way to take that first step and just going for it is critical to becoming the person that you want to be.Even to this day, Ken still is anxious to get on stage, but it's always awesome afterward. Some talks go well, and others don't, but even if it didn't go well, you still went up there and did it. The audience is rooting for you, and despite what you might think, the majority of them don't know the subject of your talk, and the few that do still want you to succeed.HomeworkWrite down three things that you've been holding back onChoose one of those things and write down the steps that you can take to accomplish that!ResourcesPrinciples in ActionGuest: Ken WheelerTwitter: @ken_wheelerGitHub: @kenwheelerWebsite: kenwheeler.github.ioSoundCloud: thekenwheelerHost: Kent C. DoddsWebsite: kentcdodds.comTwitter: @kentcdoddsGitHub: @kentcdoddsYouTube: Kent C. DoddsEpic React: epicreact.dev


27 Nov 2019

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2019/11/09 – Ken Wheeler – Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Magnetism … But Didn’t Know Who to Ask!

OSOM First Hour

What is “magnetism?” And, no, I don’t mean the “boy/girl” kind; I mean, the real physical thing: Two pieces of “something” (can be metal or not …) that — “for some reason” — insist on coming together if left relatively near each other in space, “all by themselves.” Tell me honestly: who DIDN’T “play with magnets” where they were a kid growing up … mystified and enthralled by the wonder of the many invisible attractions and repulsions one could experience “playing with a magnet” … like, “playing with the godlike forces that must have created the Universe itself ….” Which is exactly what my guest — citizen-scientist and “magnetic expert,” Ken Wheeler — is going to argue tonight. “Magnetism” is the invisible signature, made visible — of the invisible “hyperdimensional” forces that actually maintain our existence and our lives … and the life of the Universe all around us. Magnetism [...]

1hr 1min

9 Nov 2019

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16: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Open Source with Ken Wheeler

React Podcast

Michael and Michael talk with Ken about the good, bad, and ugly of open source. Ken shares the pain and frustration he's felt as an open source developer and what keeps him coming back for more as the Director of Open Source at Formidable Labs. They talk GraphQL, Reason, React, and the best tweet Ken ever tweeted... Featuring Ken Wheeler — Twitter, Github, Website Michael Jackson — Twitter, Github, Website Michael Chan — Twitter, Github, Website Notes & Links Formidable Labs: Open Source URQL — Universal React Query Library Building the Walmart iOS Pharmacy with React Native — Ken's first talk at React Conf 2016 Using React for Anything but Website — Ken's 2017 React Conf talk Ken's Best Tweet ReasonML reason-react


14 Aug 2018

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E7 - Ken Wheeler, Rapper turned Developer, Kanye, React Native, Reason, and More

Workshop.me Podcast

Ken Wheeler tells us about some of his open source projects like Victory, Spectacle, how he went from Rapper to Developer (and met Kanye), why he loves Reason an more.


30 May 2018