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Episode 138: How to Make Money As a Cookbook Writer with Christine Dyan, RDN

Cookbook Love Podcast

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I’m excited to welcome Christine Dyan, The Money Mindset Dietitian to the podcast. Christine is also the creator & host of the “Make More Money as a Dietitian'' podcast and Founder/CEO of Christine Dyan International. Christine supports Registered Dietitians who desire to increase their earning potential so they can better market themselves and charge what their services are worth. Today on the show  Christine and I have a great discussion about  money, how our thoughts truly drive the results we’re getting when it comes to our money, and Christine’s tips for developing a better relationship with money.  Things We Mention In This Episode: Christine Dyan InternationalLearn more about How to Get Paid to Write a Cookbook during this free masterclass 


22 Apr 2021

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Improving Your Money Mindset and Building Wealth with Christine Dyan Thomson

Pursuing Private Practice

Christine Dyan Thomson joins me on this episode of the podcast to get real about money mindset! The conversation is so needed. As dietitians, our field is made up of mostly women, and that can sometimes make the conversation around this topic feel extra charged. I feel like I’ve been talking about this topic with so many of you lately though, and the more we can address our fears and desires around money without shame, the better our collective mindsets will be. When women earn money, a large percentage of it is invested back into our children, our families, and our communities, and that is such a good thing!  When we believe in our mission and we invest money into our mission, we have more power to make an impact and change the world. Some of the topics discussed include: The power of community in the success of your business Taking personal responsibility for what you want in your career Shifting your wealth identity through mindset work For more information, visit https://www.pursuingprivatepractice.com/65 Want 3 new clients this week?! Join our FREE Marketing Bootcamp Challenge to learn the 3 marketing strategies you need to land 3 new clients (and keep them coming back!). Get the details and join here!


30 Nov 2020

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023: An Important Resource on Privilege from Christine Dyan

The Unconventional RD Podcast

This week, I ask you to check out Christine Dyan's podcast, Make More Money as a Dietitian, and specifically episode 17 on privilege. Then after you listen to the episode, head over to her Facebook group, Money Mindest Mastery for RD Entrepreneurs to continue the discussion.  I also talk about an incredible organization - Diversify Dietetics & update you on my plans for increasing diversity and inclusion within The Unconventional RD brand.


8 Jun 2020

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Make More Money with Christine Dyan

Brave Girls with Tracy Imm

Meet my favorite Windy City friend and mastermind buddy, Christine Dyan on today’s podcast. A registered dietitian nutritionist and true change agent, we talk about how she pivoted her focus in the past few years as she more fully stepped into who she is here to be. Christine strongly desires change in her industry and is focused on her legacy. She currently works with registered dietitians across the country to confidently charge more for their valuable services and grow their client portfolios. She focuses on teaching her tribe both marketing and mindset techniques that have worked for her. Relying on her spiritual beliefs, Christine teaches her clients to communicate the value of their work and to shift their money mindset as they create and sell programs for their clients. We talk about worthiness, shame around asking for money and why so many women fall into this trap.  I also love the advice that Christine dishes out around nutrition and why it’s critical at this time in our history to work with a trained registered dietitian and understand how food impacts how you look and feel. We also talk about how you can heal your body through eating the right foods. We talk about cyberbullying and the impact it has on girls developing eating disorders. Christine has worked in just about every setting a dietitian could work and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what’s happening in her industry. Christine shares her Brave Girl journey and her moves to Birmingham, Los Angeles, New York and then back to Chicago and what each city meant to her. She shares some of her dreams and aspirations for her work and personal life that are amazing. I love that Christine has invested in herself and done the work her coaches have told her to do as well as remembered who she is at her core. She shares why our brain is our greatest asset and how we must always be investing in ourselves. She shares tips on being a good steward of our time and that being of service is so critical. Christine has recently launched her own podcast, Money Mindset Dietitian and I know it’s going to help her industry as it transforms and will be a part of Christine’s legacy. 


25 Nov 2019

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Registered Dietician Christine Dyan Thomson on the Importance of Chocolate Cake (E30)

The Art of Personal Growth Podcast | Amber Beam

Some conversations are just so fun, you never want them to end. That's how I felt in my recent conversation with registered dietician Christine Dyan Thompson. In this week's episode of The Art of Personal Growth Podcast, Christine and I had a great conversation about health, food, and happiness. Here are six of the best gems from our conversation, but make sure you listen to this week's episode to hear them all! The post Registered Dietician Christine Dyan Thomson on the Importance of Chocolate Cake (E30) appeared first on Amber Beam | Career Coach | Career Change at 40+.

19 Jul 2016