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Boulevard der Helden: John Glenn

The Red Bulletin Podcast

Starautor Michael Köhlmeier erzählt die außergewöhnlichen Geschichten überlebensgroßer Figuren – faktentreu, aber mit literarischer Freiheit. Folge 12: womit der erste US-Astronaut, der die Erde umkreiste, zu kämpfen hatte.


20 Apr 2022

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Classic Lecture: Getting the first man on the moon – a view from 1965 by Col. John Glenn

AeroSociety Podcast

How was the USA’s quest to get the first man on the moon going halfway between JFK’s pledge and Neil Armstrong’s first giant step? Colonel John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, reviews NASA’s achievements before giving us a stage-by-stage view of how NASA was planning to get an astronaut to the moon and back.The lecture concludes with a fascinating question and answer session. A longer version of this recording, which includes Glenn talking through a range of images from the Space Programme, can be found on the RAeS website.Colonel John Glenn addressed the Royal Aeronautical Society on 8 October 1965. The recording was digitised thanks to a grant from the RAeS Foundation and the podcast was edited by Eur Ing Mike Stanberry FRAeS.


19 Apr 2022

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John Glenn the spaceman

Podcast from Ptown

This episode I talk about John Glenn and all the flying stuff that he did.


6 Apr 2022

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John Glenn's Historic Flight 60 Years Later

Atomic Gambit - A JFK35 Special Series

Until John Glenn completed his orbital flight in 1962, the United States was trailing the Soviet Union when it came to spaceflight. Sixty years later, NASA continues to lead in space. We revisit Glenn’s historic trip and speak with astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson about how far NASA has come since Glenn and where it hopes to go next.


3 Mar 2022

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2022.02.23 | 60th anniversary of the flight of John Glenn: Part II

The Space Show

On The Space Show for Wednesday, 23 February 2022: “Splashdown, John Glenn”, a new song celebrating the 60th anniversary of the flight of Friendship 7 by the HR Arts Factory. An interview with Simon Banks, an Australian composer and musician, about his song, five years in the making, about John Glenn. Siddharth Pandey (Mars Society Australia): An Astrobiology Expedition to Ladakk, India.


23 Feb 2022

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Episode 90 - John Glenn

FireStarters Podcast

In this episode Dan & Henry discuss; fighting the press, some long overdue D-Files, and an old nemesis makes shows up briefly.


22 Feb 2022

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John Glenn Became The First American To Orbit The Earth

On This Day In History

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20 Feb 2022

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2022.02.16 | Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first U.S. human orbital spaceflight by John Glenn

The Space Show

On The Space Show for Wednesday, 16 February 2022: A special edition of The Space Show commemorating the 60th anniversary of the first United States human orbital spaceflight by John Glenn in his Friendship 7 Mercury spacecraft. The program will feature a 1962 audio documentary about the flight, a  portion of Glenn's 2013 oral history recording, Glenn's 1962 speech to a joint sitting of the U.S. Congress, and several songs about John Glenn and his MA-6 mission.


16 Feb 2022

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Jeff Stein and the John Glenn Mercury 7 LeCoultre

GB Talks

In this episode, George is joined by Jeff Stein from OnTheDash as they discuss the John Glenn Mercury 7 LeCoultre watch with 24-hour indication


7 Jul 2021

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Mercury Rising: John Glenn And The Space Race

Are We There Yet?

When we think of the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, we focus much on the Apollo program and the U.S. astronauts who crossed that finish line. But the space race began earlier than that and was far more perilous than we thought. That’s according to a new book by author and historian Jeff Shesol. In Mercury Rising: John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the New Battleground of the Cold War, Shesol re-examines the cold war space race with a focus on John Glenn and John Kennedy. We’ll speak with Shesol about the book and how John Glenn’s Friendship 7 flight provided the momentum to win the space race. Then, what does it take to photograph celestial phenomena like solar eclipses? Turns out, a lot of math. Are We There Yet’s Randy Vuxta sits down with photographer Julian Diamond about the pre-planning it takes to capture a great shot.


29 Jun 2021