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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jeffrey Bland. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jeffrey Bland, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jeffrey Bland. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jeffrey Bland, often where they are interviewed.

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Functional Medicine Insights | Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine.

Learn more about Dr. Downey https://seaworthymed.com/

Jun 17 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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222: Your genes are not your destiny | Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.

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Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.: “If we know our genes, we know not how we're going to die—we know how we're going to live.”

Bland, the father of functional medicine, joins mbg co-CEO, Jason Wachob, to discuss how to approach your genes with a functional medicine lens, plus:

*The top five plant-based foods for longevity*

*The four quadrants of function in functional medicine*

*How to practice functional medicine if you don’t have access to a practitioner*

*Why you might want to drink more beer*

*The next superfood and why it's so hard to harvest*

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May 15 2020 · 1hr 17mins

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Dr. Jeffrey Bland - Founding Father of Functional Medicine

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Join Dr. Frank Lipman as he sits down with long-time friend, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, to talk about owning our immune defense in the time of COVID-19 and future pandemics. Dr. Bland co-founded The Institute for Functional Medicine, founded the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI), and is known as the “father of Functional Medicine.” He has spent 35+ years teaching people how to build their health through diet and lifestyle - which create the resilience we need right now. Listen in as they discuss the factors which depreciate the immune system against foreign invaders including chemical exposure, sugar dysregulation, air pollution, and more.

May 06 2020 · 39mins
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The Future of Health Care with Dr. Jeffrey Bland - Recorded Live!

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I had the honor of chatting with The Father of Functional Medicine- Dr. Jeffrey Bland. We discussed the future of health care and the current world pandemic we've been facing.

Learn more from Dr. Bland: jeffreybland.com

May 03 2020 · 1hr 4mins

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Episode 97: Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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Biological aging is clearly an important risk factor for many of our most common chronic degenerative conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. So much so that these maladies are often described as “age-related diseases.”

One of the most important contributors to disease processes associated with biological aging is something called “cellular senescence.” This term essentially refers to aging at a cellular level with loss of function and even the ability to divide. There may be an upside to a cell losing its ability to replicate when we consider cancer. On the other hand, when considering immunity for example, we depend on a constant repopulation of functioning cells in order to optimize the ability of our immune systems.

There is an active process within our bodies whereby we are able to identify and rid ourselves of older cells that have lost their function. These have been termed “senescent cells,” and a growing body of science reveals that eliminating these senescent cells may prove to be helpful with many of these so-called age-related diseases and perhaps may impact the whole notion of biological aging as well.

There are a variety of natural products that function as “senolytics,” meaning that they have the ability to aid the body in ridding itself of senescent cells. When this occurs, our bodies naturally repopulate themselves with younger, more functional cells which, in a sense, turn back the hands of time, at least as it relates to this important parameter of biological aging. Some of the important candidates being studied right now include flavonoid compounds like quercetin, curcumin, luteolin, and fisetin.

Another important area of research focuses on preserving youthfulness and vitality at a cellular level. One intervention that seems to preserve cellular functionality is caloric restriction. Indeed, much research demonstrates in a variety of animal models how effective caloric restriction is not only at a cellular level but also in terms of life extension for the animal itself. And it is this area of research that underlies the popularity of so-called “intermittent fasting” as a way to enhance immunity and possibly even extend lifespan.

Moving forward, we should certainly expect to see significant expansion in research that focuses on both how our cells preserve their function as well as how our bodies rid themselves of cells once they come become senescent. The obvious extension of this research will likely be improvement of our health spans and possibly even of our lifespans.

Today’s interview is with Dr. Jeffrey Bland. Dr. Bland, founder and president of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute, is a leading authority on the topic of senotherapeutics and I am certain you will find his information interesting, useful, and thought-provoking.

Apr 27 2020 · 54mins
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The New Science Of Immuno-Rejuvenation with Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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People have never been more curious about strengthening the immune system than they are right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has got us all thinking seriously about our health and what it means to have immune strength, now and in the future. To get the most out of this trying time, we need to be open to looking at our health in ways we haven’t before. My guest today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, is a pro at that, and for this reason and so many others he is considered the father of Functional Medicine. Dr. Bland has been an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for over 35 years. He’s authored five books on nutritional medicine for the healthcare professional and six books on nutrition and health. With his wife, Susan, Dr. Bland founded The Institute for Functional Medicine in 1991, a nonprofit organization focused on educating healthcare practitioners on effective approaches to treating and preventing chronic disease by getting to the root cause. 

Dr. Bland has always been a major inspiration for me. I was thrilled to have a video-call with him to discuss new ways of looking at optimal health and immunity in the face of this pandemic. In trying to better understand COVID-19, Dr. Bland went back to the basics of the immune system. He breaks down the processes at work, explains what the now often-heard phrase “cytokine storm” means, and talks about using food as medicine to promote immuno-rejuvenation. That means we’re not just supporting the current state of our immune system, we’re reviving it from the ground up. We talk about this and so much more on this week’s valuable episode. 

Here are more of the details from our interview: 

  • Acknowledging the psycho-physical effects of COVID-19 and the three zones of learning the disease offers (4:35)

  • The flexibility and adaptability of our immune system (12:21)

  • Research from the HIV/AIDS epidemic showing dramatic effects of giving African women a simple multi-vitamin (16:35)

  • Immuno-rejuvenation and why our focus should not be on supporting our immune system but rejuvenating it (19:31)

  • How phytochemicals in plants impact human immune systems (24:03)

  • Himalayan tartary buckwheat and its immunopotentiating compounds (28:06)

  • How food influences the function of our immune system (40:30)

  • Five significant changes Dr. Bland predicts in how we will see healthcare globally post-COVID-19 (50:59)

  • The interrelatedness of our immune and nervous systems, and our control over the function of these systems (1:00:43)

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Apr 20 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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Dr. Frank Lipman talks with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for over 35 years and the father of functional medicine. Dr. Lipman deems Jeffery Bland as the person who has brought the most change to how we practice medicine today. Dr. Bland was also the instigator of an ah-ha moment Dr. Lipman had in 1988 - by presenting a model (that would become "functional medicine") of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine that finally made sense. Tune in as they chat about the gut, autoimmunity, the microbiome and much more. 

Jun 12 2019 · 48mins
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Ep 100: Functional Medicine and High Vibration Living at its Best with Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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Today we begin our Learn From Our Elders series, where Robyn has curated people who are 65+ and still contributing massively to their own body of work, and to the planet. And our first discussion in this series is with a very inspirational man and renowned leader in functional medicine. Together with his wife, he founded The Institute for Functional Medicine in 1991, a nonprofit organization focused on educating healthcare practitioners on effective approaches to treating and preventing chronic disease. He is an author of several books on nutritional medicine. He has been an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for over 35 years. He is known for his ability to synthesize complex scientific concepts in a manner that is both personable and accessible. Not only does he educate others on these profound functional medicine and scientific concepts on an academic level but he lives and shares them deeply and openly on a very personal level as well. Our elders have much to teach us about life and living and health and healing, if we’re willing to open up and listen. And Dr. Jeffrey Bland teaches and shares with us some great lessons on how to live a happy functional high vibration life in this special 100th episode. So here’s to listening and learning from our elders.


To connect with and learn more about Dr. Bland: Click here

Find out about Dr. Bland’s Institute: Click here

Get his book “The Disease Delusion” : Click here

Learn about his upcoming Annual Thought Leaders Consortium: Click Here


Read the full transcript on our website: https://greensmoothiegirl.com/your-high-vibration-life/episodes/ep-100-functional-medicine-and-high-vibration-living-at-its-best-with-dr-jeffrey-bland/

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Oct 03 2018 · 53mins
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Jeffrey Bland, PhD on The Future of Medicine

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My guest in this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is the legendary Jeffrey Bland PhD, Founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine. Early in my medical career I attended a lecture given by Dr. Bland and it changed the trajectory of my career. At its core, Functional Medicine seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialties. Having my mentor join me for this conversation was truly a delight and an honor.

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Jul 04 2018 · 59mins
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Episode 68: Dr. Jeffrey Bland

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Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the author of The Disease Delusion, is known as the “Father of Functional Medicine”, a medical approach that focuses on the personalized prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Over the past 35 years Dr. Bland has traveled more than 6 million miles teaching more than 100,000 health care practitioners in the USA, Canada and more than 40 other countries about Functional Medicine.

He has been a University biochemistry professor, the Research Director at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, the co-founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine (1991), and the founder/President of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute. He has authored more than 100 scientific publications and 11 books for the health professional and health consumer. He lives in Bainbridge Island, Washington with his wife Susan, and near his three sons and their families while pursuing his hobbies of boating, surfing, scuba diving and a life-long passion for learning.

Apr 04 2018 · 57mins