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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Gloff. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Gloff, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Nick Gloff. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Nick Gloff, often where they are interviewed.

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Training Philosophy with Nick Gloff

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This week we dive into Training and I mean dive. We had the chance to chat with the outstanding young bodybuilder and coach Nick Gloff. And boy he did not disappoint. Hope you all enjoy this week's episode. See you next Friday.

Jul 24 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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60: Finding Your Peace With Nick Gloff

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Today we sit down with newly hired assistant coach for Camp Jansen and deemed The Philosopher of Bodybuilding as of today, Nick Gloff. We get real nerdy as we open with Nick's experience in the biomechanics lab researching rate of force development. Then we discuss how to pick a training style best for you, and why specificity is so important to understand for your recovery and performance. Then we discuss Nick's mental approach to training while finding your peace in bodybuilding.

You can connect with Nick on Instagram here.

Jul 22 2020 · 1hr 17mins
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E169: Nick Gloff: Strong Mind - The Will To Overcome

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This week on RX’D Radio, Jordan Shallow is joined by the unconventional and impressive Nick Gloff. Nick is only 22, but his short trajectory through life has been anything but uneventful. 

In this episode, we get to know Nick: through a pivotal moment at age 12; through his  journey out of obesity and into football; as a really strong bodybuilder. Each of these events has provided him a source of motivation, and training has been the greatest vehicle to teach him how to strive for excellence. The duo dive into their approach to programming and the importance of always challenging your own knowledge. Strong topics covered in this episode include comprehension of “first principles intent-based programming”, proving concepts from experience rather than preaching general knowledge, and the great frustration behind the all-encompassing smoke-bomb platitude, “it depends”. Tune in for a wild ride!

Nick’s Media:

Instagram: @nickgloff

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Jun 10 2020 · 1hr 34mins
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Ep.32: Nick Gloff

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On today's episode we discuss what it means to train with true intent, our dark memories that drive some of our most powerful lifts, and more
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May 21 2020 · 1hr 30mins
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Episode 160 - Nick Gloff

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 For this episode, Colt and I sit with Nick Gloff.  Nick is an exercise scientist who we have no doubt will move on to do great things in whatever it is that he pursues.  He is also a bodybuilder, a trainer, and a podcaster.  During this episode you will hear us discuss Nick’s fascinating research while studying at university, his approach to training, some tips on staying active during quarantine, and much more. Be sure to follow Nick Gloff on the socials to stay up to date on all the training tips and motivation that he has to offer.

May 03 2020 · 1hr 26mins
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Episode #49 Bodybuilding Master class with Nick Gloff

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Today I'm joined by bodybuilder and coach Nick Gloff. nick is an exceptionally skilled coach and lifter and is a joy to watch! Loved this chat

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Apr 15 2020 · 1hr 8mins
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Ep. 10 - Biomechanics and Physiology of Hypertrophy with Nick Gloff

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Nick is currently an undergraduate in Exercise Science with a double major in Kinesiology and a minor in Biology at the College of Brockport. He's doing undergraduate research in the Biomechanics lab and has been training for powerlifting and bodybuilding over the last 4 years.

This was a lengthy episode but I'm sure you'll like it, first half is about physiology and biomechanics, in second half we go into some more practical stuff like periodization and mebotalite training, as well as a lot more stuff, you can find the timestamp of the episode below.


0:30 - Nick introduces himself

2:00 - Experience in the Biomechanics lab working on rate of force development

4:50 - Force velocity curve and power training

9:10 - EMG activity and its relation to hypertrophy

13:30 - Using pauses in parts of the ROM with higher EMG activity

18:10 - Why power training isn't optimal for hypertrophy despite high EMG activity

21:05 - The henneman principle and selective recruitment in high velocity contractions

23:35 - Physiological mechanisms of low rep high intensity training

31:00 - Importance of controlling the eccentric to maximize hypertrophy

34:30 - Deadlifting without a belt for hypertrophy

43:30 - How to think in the absence of scientific evidence and why do we lack data on certain topics

52:45 - The use of periodization for hypertrophy training

1:01:20 - Fatigue management and drawbacks of preplanning volume increases and deloads

1:08:00 - External stressors and autoregulating intensity

1:10:25 - Practical tips to gauge fatigue levels in a training session

1:22:30 - Practical fatigue management strategies

1:26:20 - How to assess hip and ankle mobility for squats

1:32:00 - The role of rectus femoris and the lower back in hip mobility

1:37:30 - Unilateral movements and their benefits for hypertrophy

1:41:55 - Benefits and drawbacks of training muscles as a functional unit in complex movement patterns

1:52:00 - Blood flow restriction training as a tool for injury management

1:59:00 - Physiological benefits of metabolite training

2:06:35 - Practical programming of metabolite training

2:20:00 - Where to find Nick on social media

2:22:35 - Requirement to have a productive coaching relationship

You can follow Nick on Instagram @nickgloff or send him a friendship request on Facebook, he's currently taking on a few more online clients so if you like his approach to training and would like to work with him make sure to contact him as soon as possible since spots are limited.

I hope you enjoyed the episode, see you on the next one!

Oct 08 2019 · 2hr 27mins
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Nick Gloff – Training considerations for making reliable physique progression

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In episode 36 of The Muscle Engineer Podcast I am joined by Nick Gloff, who is one of the rare people who are strong, have fantastic execution AND are well educated.

Topics discussed with time stamps:

6:25 Nick’s background and training history

16:36 How to balance striving for perfect execution vs actually progressing in loads

29:32 Momentum - how much is acceptable and when is it too much, with barbell rows and dumbbell lateral raises used as examples

42:26 Alignment and how to reduce joint stress on certain exercises (e.g. skullcrushers)

55:40 Pain when doing certain exercises and picking exercises for you

1:05:24 Warming up and using drills to fix your “mobility issues”

1:12:32 Chasing “optimality” and overthinking everything while not taking care of the really important stuff

1:20:33 My closing thoughts on the episode

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Sep 24 2019 · 1hr 24mins