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223: Scott Miller: Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow (Encore)

Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

“Listen first” and “Disrupt yourself before you are disrupted.” Those are some of the hard-won lessons from Scott Miller on this encore episode.  Scott is the Executive Vice President of the Thought Leadership practice at FranklinCovey and author of Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow, about becoming the leader you would want to follow. In this episode, he offers many lessons that are critical for the challenges facing today’s leaders. For a complete transcript and links from this episode, please visit: https://whitneyjohnson.com/scott-miller-encore/


6 Jul 2021

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265 Scott Miller - Storytelling & Abundance Mindset

Podcast Junkies

06:00 – Harry welcomes back to the show, Scott Miller, who speaks to how the global pandemic impacted him and what motivated him to write a second book17:37 – How Scott handled educating his children on preparedness amidst this pandemic20:28 – Scott speaks to the ten-part Mess to Success Series he’s currently working on31:19 – Scott talks about the concept of finding the smallest viable market33:43 – How Scott gets the most value out of his podcast guests36:23 – The importance of friending your competition and hiring people who are smarter than you41:20 – Scott recalls some of the best advice he’s received from his team and how he handles controversial guests48:23 – Scott and Harry talk about the value of engaging in civil discussions with those you don’t necessarily agree with51:22 – Scott stresses why it’s vital to develop your storytelling craft58:14 – Scott reflects on where he is currently in the story of Scott Miller1:01:00 – Harry thanks Scott for joining the showTWEETABLES“I worked twenty-five years inside of a corporate giant. But I think the pandemic, like for all of us, changed everybody’s values. So, I want to spend the next half of my career teaching people the lessons that I’ve learned.” (11:27)“All that matters is our relationships and helping each other. That’s all that matters.” (19:51)“Instead of net fishing, you should be spear fishing. How do you create the most successful podcast with the fewest number of listeners?” (31:59)“Leadership is a broad category. Leadership is culture. Leadership is sales. Leadership is profit. Leadership is customers. Leadership is marketing. Leadership is brand.” (34:27)“I also just think there’s two types of mindsets, a scarce mindset and an abundance mindset. I just do not believe that the podcast I host is smaller because you host your podcast.” (37:57)“I do not like to kick people when they’re down. If someone deserves to be kicked, I’ll call them up and kick them. And I won’t tell you that I kicked them. Or I won’t vote for them. But I generally believe that if someone is coming on my podcast, my job is to give them a platform where they can share what it is they’re talking about. I’m not a journalist, I’m a podcast host.” (47:10)“You learn, as a podcast host, bruise hard, heal fast. You cannot serve all people all the time.” (50:41)“Storytelling is such a valuable skill for CEOs, for CFOs. What is our story? Where are we going? How are you part of that? What is the antagonist? How can you be part of the solution? What does success look like? What does it feel like? Same as a podcast guest.” (54:24)THANK YOU SPONSORS!FocusriteFullCastLINKS MENTIONED*FullCast Website *Podcast Junkies Junkies Facebook GroupLink to Podfest Expo Virtual SummitScott’s LinkedInScott’s PodcastsScott’s WebsiteScott’s Books:Management Mess to Leadership SuccessMarketing Mess to Brand SuccesOther Books Mentioned:AntifragileBlack SwanGood to Great🎧Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCastCLAIM=33c94ffabdbb59a14d1d03afae2cb684cce43fc1=CLAIM 


18 Jun 2021

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Episode 178 - Own Your Mess (ft. Scott Miller)

The DTALKS Podcast - Detoxing from Life

In this episode of the podcast Joe welcomes back former guest, Scott Jeffrey Miller to discuss his latest book "Marketing Mess to Brand Success". Joe and Scott discuss the journey from Scott's last book (Management Mess to Leadership Success) to this one, how this book is about leadership more than marketing, and what advice he gives all listeners on how to 'own their mess.' Because this is Scott Miller the podcast takes a few interesting twists and turns, and listen in to hear how Scott spins a joke set-up into a powerful piece of career advice! Enjoy! For more information, or to buy "Marketing Mess" click below About Scott Jeffrey Miller -  Scott currently serves as the Special Advisor on Thought Leadership for the FranklinCovey Company and is the host of their weekly podcast series, On Leadership with Scott Miller. Scott also hosts FranklinCovey’s monthly bookclub on Bookclub.com debuting in April, 2021. Additionally, Scott is the prolific author of numerous books, writes a column for Inc. Magazine, and keynotes for clients around the world. To quickly and easily leave a rating/review for this podcast please go to:  https://ratethispodcast.com/dtalkspodcast Thanks to Snuffy for this episode of the podcast! Snuffy is a clothing brand about empowering you to show your weird - unapologetically, with bravery and confidence. 10% of profit goes to LGBTQ+ organizations led by Trans* people of color. Shop online now at snuffy.co Also, thanks to Empire Toys for this episode of the podcast! Nostalgia is something everyone loves and Empire Toys in Keller Texas is on nostalgia overload.   With toys and action figures from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and today, Empire Toys is a one-stop-shop for a trip down memory lane and a chance to reclaim what was once yours (but likely sold at a garage sale)   Check out Empire Toys on Facebook, Instagram, or at TheEmpireToys.com The DTALKS Podcast has also been ranked #9 in the "Top 40 Detox Podcast You Must Follow in 2020" according to Feedspot.com for our work in the Cultural Detox space. Thank you so much to the Feedspot team!  https://blog.feedspot.com/detox_podcasts/


17 May 2021

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4 Ideas to Turn Your Marketing Mess into Brand Success with Scott Miller

Creating a Brand

For many new organizations and entrepreneurs, marketing ends up turning into a time-wasting mess. In today’s episode, I am bringing back a friend of the podcast, Scott Miller. Scott served the Franklin Covey group as their CMO for many years, and he is also the author of multiple best-selling books, including marketing Mess to Brand Success that we will be talking about in this episode. Today, Scott is going to share 4 ideas with us that will help us turn our marketing efforts into successful strategies to grow our brands!MORE: https://creatingabrand.com/096


11 May 2021

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Scott Miller - How to Brand Yourself for Success

Smart People Podcast

Scott Miller built a 25-year career at the FranklinCovey Company serving in nearly every role imaginable. Scott currently serves as the Special Advisor on Thought Leadership for the FranklinCovey Company and is the host of their weekly podcast series, On Leadership with Scott Miller. Scott's newest book is Marketing Mess to Brand Success: 30 Challenges to Transform Your Organization's Brand (and Your Own).You can read more about Scott at: scottjeffreymiller.com.We have a brand new podcast coming soon! To learn more about the upcoming show, sign up for the newsletter at smartpeoplepodcast.com/new.Become a Patron!Help us grow and become a Patron today: https://www.patreon.com/smartpeoplepodcastSponsors:Felix Gray - Go to felixgrayglasses.com/smart for the best Blue Light glasses on the market!FundRise - See for yourself how one hundred fifty thousand investors have built a better portfolio with private real estate. Go to fundrise.com/smart.LinkedIn Jobs - When your business is ready to make that next hire, find the right person with LinkedIn Jobs. Your first job post is free. Just visit https://linkedin.com/smart.Donate:Donate here to support the show!

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11 May 2021

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General Scott Miller- Great Leaders Never Stop Learning

From The Green Notebook

General Miller talks about the lessons he's learned over the past 38 years of service. He discusses crucible moments that shaped him, including a firefight in Mogadishu in October 1993 where he served as the assault force commander. He also shares how these crucible moments have influenced him as the current commander of forces in Afghanistan and for his latest undertaking, preparing to fully withdraw US and Coalition Forces from Afghanistan after an almost two-decade long campaign. Finally, General Miller discusses the important role reading and fitness have played in making him a better leader. 


24 Apr 2021

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Scott Miller: Sponsorship Why? What & How?)

Celebrate Recovery Podcast

Scott Miller: Sponsorship (Why? What & How?)


21 Apr 2021

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Scott Miller | Management Mess to Leadership Success

Positive University Podcast

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Today Jon is joined by Scott Miller. Entering his twenty-third year with Franklin Covey, Scott serves as the executive vice president of thought leadership. Among his many other accomplishments, Scott is also the author of “Management Mess to Leadership Success.”   During this episode Scott shares phenomenal strategies from his book as well as what he’s learned throughout his journey at Franklin Covey and how he himself has grown as a leader.    It’s a fast paced conversation with practical takeaways that will help you achieve greater success in your life and career.    If you enjoy this, please rate the podcast and leave a review. Positive U is 100% free and when you leave a review you help encourage others to listen as well.    Our featured resource today is STICK TOGETHER, it’s a brand new book with a simple lesson building a stronger team by Jon Gordon and co-author Kate Level. When you order the book you can also download a free action plan (for a limited time). And we’re hosting a LIVE free webinar to share tips from the book! Get all the details at sticktogetherbook.com


28 Mar 2021

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We sat down down and chatted to new label mates Scott & Adam of The Dust Coda on episode 50. This episode is also available to view via our YouTube channel. We split the episode into two as today the boys celebrate their second album Mojo Skyline which is now out and available to buy. During the episode we discuss the process and stories behind the artwork. Also how they ended signing with Earache records during a pandemic. This episode also includes their single 'Jimmy 2 Times'. This has been edited from an episode from our weekly show that streams LIVE @ 9pm Every Tuesday on Facebook LIVE, TWITCH and YOUTUBE - https://youtu.be/gq-oili68xo See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


26 Mar 2021

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Everyone Deserves A Great Manager (with Scott Miller)

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

When you hear the word “management”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Red tape? Bureaucracy? Stasis? For many people, management is perceived as the enemy of progress. But in reality, effective managers are necessary for progress. We need leaders who can work within constraints, maximize resources, and clear the path for team members to do what they do best. Today’s guest is Scott Miller. He’s the author of Everyone Deserves A Great Manager, and on this episode he shares with us the six core principles of effective management. This episode is sponsored by Bambee. Get your free HR compliance audit at Bambee.com/accidentalcreative. This episode is also sponsored by Skillshare. Get a free trial of Premium membership at Skillshare.com/AC.


8 Mar 2021