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Creating a Million-Dollar Comic Book NFT Saga with Huxley's Ben Mauro

The Hyper Room

On this episode of The Hyper Room, Casey Hyper talks to the creative mind behind The Huxley Saga: Ben Mauro - in our interview we discuss:- How Ben started the comic before the NFT launch- Tailoring a release strategy in the quickly evolving landscape of Web3- The value of Digital vs Physical comics- The importance of community building with your fanbase.- The potential of comic book royalties on the secondary market- The future of building out IP in Web3-------Show Notes at: http://www.thehyperroom.com-------Telegram: https://t.me/thehyperroomDiscord: https://discord.gg/6mBKD4kSrFTwitter: https://twitter.com/thehyperroomInstagram: https://instagram.com/thehyperroom


23 Aug 2022

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Concept designer Ben Mauro on building his HUXLEY universe

befores & afters

Concept designer Ben Mauro joins Ian Failes from befores & afters for a discussion about Mauro's HUXLEY universe. We talk graphic novels, film projects and NTFs. 


30 Jul 2022

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How Huxley pushed against NFT trends and won – Ben Mauro

One More Question

Highlights from the conversation:A graphic novel [is] one of the few ways a single creator can create the entire productYou go to a meeting and they're just like "Cool art, kid – but what does this look like as a movie?"Once NFTs + Web3 happened. It was just like, well, maybe this is a more interesting way to launch a product?You can't one-to-one sell a product like you would in Web2, you have to create some kind of interesting gamificationI feel like a lot of stuff in Web3 is reverse – "Here's some art. Maybe I'll make a product, if you give me money"Everyone was treating it like a Kickstarter. And I was treating it more like sales distribution More about Ben MauroWorld builder. Character creator. Storyteller. Ben Mauro’s work has made a powerful impact on the gaming world, as senior concept designer and art director for first-person-shooting dynasties Halo and Call of Duty. Ben has been crafting the characters, weaponry, machinery and gamescapes that have made these franchises house-hold names for two decades. His visions have graced the big screen in Elysium, Chappie, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Now he unveils his fully-fledged graphic novel series, Huxley.Find Ben here: Twitter | Instagram | WebsiteFind HUXLEY here: Website | Twitter | Discord | Opensea Show NotesPeople:Sava ZivkovicCompanies and organisations:Yuga LabsRespawnDark HorseMiscellaneous:Web3Web2How you can helpReview the podcast and leave a comment.Share this as far and wide as you can - tell your friends, family and colleagues about us (caveat: if you own a family business, these may all be the same people)Tell us how we can create a better podcast - tell us what you liked, didn’t like, or what you’d like to hear more (or less) ofTell us who you’d like to hear on the podcast. Suggest someone that you think we should interview.One More Question is a podcast by Nicework. We are on a mission to build purposeful Web3 brands that people care about.One of the things we do best is to ask the right questions. This podcast exists because we want to share some of the best answers we have heard over the last 15 years. Our clients range from a venture studio and Hollywood film producers to the inventors of the hamburger, to name a few. We have had the honour of talking to guests like Micheal Bierut, Natasha Jen, Bruce Mau, Jack Butcher, Aaron Draplin, Marina Willer and Fredrick Öst. Their work has shaped our industry over the last 40 years. The aim is to share useful perspectives, insights and inspiration you can use as you go about building your brand. Hosted by our founder Ross Drakes.For cutdowns of the podcast visit our YouTube channel.Subscribe iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google PodcastsMusic by: @dcuttermusic / http://www.davidcuttermusic.com


22 Jun 2022

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#279| The Huxley NFT project by its creator Ben Mauro

NFT Morning, Decouvrez tous les projets NFT et Crypto-art

We had the chance to host the creator of Huxley the NFT based comic book and Sci-Fi universeTo know more about Huxley Movie’s trailerThread about the projectHuxley’s twitter profileBen Mauro on twitterWebsiteHuxley comics on opensea This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.nftmorning.com


28 May 2022

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How Ben Mauro Brought Huxley Saga to Web3

The Lucky Trader DeFi and NFT Podcast

Lou brings on Ben Mauro from Huxley Saga to talk about his shift into Web3. Ben has a strong history of design work on teams such as the Halo and Call of Duty franchises. Huxley has been a passion project for Ben since before Ethereum even existed, and the pivot to Web3 has been successful thus far. The Huxley Comics Issue #4 and Human Avatars will be released soon. Listen to see what else Ben has up his sleeve. Find Us on Socials: Huxley: linktr.ee/huxleysaga Discord: https://discord.com/invite/huxley Ben: https://twitter.com/BenMauroArt Lou: https://twitter.com/loudogsherman Lucky Trader: https://twitter.com/luckytraderhq  Lucky Trader News https://twitter.com/luckynftnews  


18 May 2022

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Episode 375 - Ben Mauro - Creator, “Huxley”

CG Garage

Is Huxley the new Star Wars? This week, Chris chats to Ben Mauro, the film and game concept artist who single-handedly created Huxley, a comic book set in a richly detailed post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe. Thanks to the power of NFTs, Huxley has evolved beyond the pages of a graphic novel into something far bigger, with a film from Marvel producer Avi Arad in the works, plus trading cards, a potential TV series, and much more.  Ben talks about the incredible journey of Huxley, from how he found motivation and inspiration to single-handedly create the comic book, to how NFTs have empowered him to focus on the project, to its exciting future. Ben also shares his savvy knowledge of how NFTs work and gives his thoughts on how big media franchises are cashing in on their astonishing rise, as well as explaining how to avoid rugpulls.

1hr 4mins

16 May 2022

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#25: Building the next STARWARS w/ HUXLEY (Ben Mauro)

ZenChats with Zeneca

This episode of ZenChats features an interview with Ben Mauro, the creator and mastermind behind Huxley. Ben's entire career has been devoted to lore building and storytelling in order to create entirely new worlds. He has worked as a senior concept designer and art director for gaming juggernauts such as Halo and Call of Duty, and his ideas have influenced films such as Elysium, Chappie, and J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, among others. In this episode, we cover Huxley, his full-fledged graphic novel NFT series. We discuss the design process and how he spent ten years on Huxley, providing a finished product first, which is rare in the NFT market, his big vision for Huxley, and much more.Don't miss this episode if you want to discover more about Huxley and its creative universe, which has been in the works for ten years.I hope you enjoy this episode with Ben Mauro discussing Huxley, and please consider subscribing to the podcast and leaving a review - it really helps  🙂 Also, you can check out the video version on the ZenAcademy YouTube channel by clicking the link below 🎥Ben Mauro & Huxley:TwitterWebsiteLinktreeBen's TwitterZeneca:TwitterNewsletterWatch this ZenChats episode on YoutubeCourse on how to launch an NFT projectZenAcademy:TwitterDiscordGet a ZA NFT


3 May 2022

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Concept designer Ben Mauro on building his HUXLEY universe

VFX Futures

Concept designer Ben Mauro joins Ian Failes from befores & afters for a discussion about Mauro's HUXLEY universe. We talk graphic novels, film projects and NTFs.


13 Apr 2022

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Episode 35 - Ben Mauro

The Learn Squared Podcast

Industry legend Ben Mauro joins us to share his career journey, developing his own IP in the shape of Huxley and how the NFT space is a game-changer for creatives.  FOLLOW Ben https://huxleysaga.com/ https://twitter.com/benmauroart https://benmaurodesign.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ben_mauro/?hl=en https://www.artstation.com/benmauro FOLLOW LEARN SQUARED ( ALL First Lessons are FREE!) https://www.learnsquared.com https://www.instagram.com/learnsquared https://www.twitter.com/learnsquared https://www.linkedin.com/school/learnsquared YOUR HOST  https://www.artstation.com/dhanda https://www.instagram.com/dhandatron https://www.twitter.com/dhandatron

1hr 23mins

8 Apr 2022

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NFT Rumors: The Podcast - NFT News & Interviews

On this week's episode of NFT305, Lucas and Alec keep you up to date with all of the NFT news from the past week.  We talk Shopify allowing NFT purchases, Splinterlands raising capital, Coca-Cola NFTs, Stoner Cats, and more.  On a new segment, Alec and Lucas each bring a notable NFT project which we highlight.  Alec goes in depth on World of Women NFTs and Lucas discusses the evolving Whelps NFT project.  Alec is then joined by video game designer and digital artist, Ben Mauro, to learn about his Evolution NFT collectible project.  They also discuss larger NFT concepts, play-to-earn, Axie Infinity, and more.  If you enjoy NFT305, please leave a review and share with your friends!  Also, follow us on Twitter and check out the website at the links below.   Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftrumors Website: NFTrumors.com Ben's website: https://benmaurodesign.com Ben's Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenMauroArt Thanks for listening and we'll see you all next week! 


29 Jul 2021