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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Curt Nelson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Curt Nelson, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Curt Nelson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Curt Nelson, often where they are interviewed.

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Curt Nelson on the hitting evaluation process and how to teach hitting mechanics, game planning and timing

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Today we have on Curt Nelson, Professional Hitting Consultant. and NW bandits head coach (WA).

Curt works with players from the big leagues to little league. So on the show we discuss what his evaluation process looks from when a person walks in the door for the first time, to fine tuning professional hitters mechanics. We dive deep into hitting mechanics, game planning, timing and much more. This episode is so good and here is Curt Nelson! 


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Show notes courtesy of Zach Casto

  • The goal of a coach is to take each player and take them to the next level.
  • When pre assessing a player, you need to understand the level of play of the player.
  • Professional players you need to look up video to get a start on understanding them.
  • You want to see how each player moves and thinks to understand what can work for the player.
  • Lead by asking questions to learn more about each player.
  • The more you understand the setup, his mechanics, bat path, his thoughts, and understanding are all crucial understandings.
  • Changing the mind first will create a smoother change.
  • “Mobility plays a ginormous role.”
  • “There are no absolutes, but timing, balance, and bat path are close to absolutes.
  • With that being said, the bat path can be different for each player.
  • You can’t make any change without the relationship piece though.
  • When asking questions, ask about their timing mechanisms, what they are trying to do to the baseball, their thoughts on the tee, and what their approach is.
  • Understand what the hips are doing.
  • “The ground is the number one source of power and energy.
  • Any question that gives you insight is important.
  • Ball flight is important to understand the approach and mechanics.
  • Video is your friend in understanding this.
  • Start with movement preparation drills before you go into swings.
  • Example: Slam balls and PVC pipe connection drills. (This helps showcase the body and how well it moves.)
  • After movement prep work on each hitters routines.
  • Group up each hitter to work on the routine together with other players and they can talk to find solutions to situations.
  • After the grouping you can work on team hitting and allow competition to flow between the athletes.
  • “Everything starts with a setup.”
  • Getting into the right setup for that hitter is paramount.
  • Every hitter needs to start in balance.
  • The head has to be in the center of the body.
  • Don’t get hitters to get into their quads and legs too early.
  • “Hitting is done more flat footed than we think.”
  • Being on the balls of your feet isn’t conducive for balance.
  • A quality sets up the athlete to be consistent and have success.
  • There is a right position/setup for everyone.
  • Mobility is a huge factor.
  • It’s about finding the right balance.
  • Example: If the ankle is a problem you can move it to find the right balance for each hitter.
  • “You’re trying to maximize each individual.”
  • The mirror is a great teacher for each hitter.
  • It gives the hitter instant feedback on what they are feeling.
  • When you’re in a mirror you can feel what you’re trying out.
  • Put an X on the mirror. Tell the athlete to keep their forehead in the X to find the right setup and movement.
  • This helps the player to find the right movement that promotes not a ton of excess movement.
  • Have a balance beam where the hitter has to make a clean forward move and then move backwards. This will help the athlete find the right movement.
  • “Stride our to 50-50, then back to your setup.”
  • The setup is the key that unlocks the best results for the player.
  • “There is not a specific move to have everyone use.”
  • Use trial and error and work it in real time in the cage.
  • “There is no fooling balance.”
  • If the athlete knows where he is at in space, then he will have confidence and conviction behind what he is doing.
  • You’re trying to gather and load against the back leg.
  • This can help the head stay still.
  • You’re trying to promote a powerful and balanced forward move.
  • When gathering, the stride leg is working underneath the front shoulder or underneath the front hip.
  • This prevents the foot from reaching out too far.
  • When you lost balance then the body breaks down it’s efficiency.
  • You want to get your body ready to move it’s weight to put all it’s force into the ball.
  • To test out a forward move:
  • Draw a line of of the back foot and video it.
  • Guys who are in balance don’t go outside of that line.
  • You can use a wall as well.
  • Put the back on the wall and the player should not feel any body part touch the wall.
  • As the front foot picks up the back heel needs to stay grounded in the forward move.
  • The glute possesses the power in the swing.
  • Look for the root cause that is effecting a good move or a bad move for the player.
  • Start looking at timing and then go from there.
  • Teach a player the difference between perceived 50-50 balance and what it actually is and feels.
  • Look at the head first at 50-50 to find the right look for the player.
  • Some guys are 60-40 at foot strike.
  • We as coaches have to help the player find their best setup at foot strike.
  • The move of the player should naturally allow the flute of the athlete to load up.
  • Coil and scap loading takes the hitter off of his line and balance.
  • If the hands are behind the body then the front side has to move more to compensate.
  • Get the hands in the position of launch that stays in line.
  • To do this have the player work on taking their hands back based off of the chalk line in the batter’s box.
  • Some hitters have their hands back too far at launch as well.
  • You just have to work with the player to find the most comfortable and natural launch position for success.
  • You want to create adaptable and adjustable hitters.
  • In the world of hitting nothing is really new.
  • Hitting changes based off of what the pitchers are doing.
  • Example. With sinkers/pitch to contact pitchers, hitters are trying to hit the ball in the air.
  • The timing is crucial for the proper time to barrel up the ball.
  • If you’re late, start earlier so you have more room for error.
  • As the elbows are going down the hands get on plane with the pitch and the bat will lag to create whip with the swing.
  • We are trying to run the barrel north to south to square up the baseball.
  • An east to west barrel can roll over balls that should be squared up.
  • One of the hardest things to do when teaching hitting is timing.
  • Have game footage and practice footage where you can see the difference between the player in game and in practice.
  • The video helps the hitter and coach create an understanding of what happening to the hitter whether that’s his movement, mental game, or pitch mix.
  • Understand what each pitcher is trying to do in order to create a hitting plan.
  • Example: with a sinker pitcher try to hit the ball in the air.
  • The ultimate goal is to hit line drives.
  • Find out what the fastball is doing and try to base things off of that pitch.
  • Then you can eliminate offspeed pitches.
  • Try to find the sequence due to patterns.
  • Feet together go forward:
  • The player starts with the feet together and this works the forward move.
  • The hitter needs to try to get to 50-50 balance.
  • You can use a mirror or video to assess the forward move.
  • You can use a Chuck It to work on the top hand.
  • You can use a frisbee to work on the bottom hand.
  • Bat path drill:
  • You can use a bat and tell the hitter to release the bat at the pitchers head.
  • If the bat path is going east or west then the bat will land pull side or opposite side.
  • The goal of any coach is to have the hitter self assess and coach themselves.
  • The best players can coach themselves.
  • Allow for communication to happen constantly so you can help them.
  • As a coach you are going to leave some days wanting to do better and then there are days where you will feel you did a great job.
  • Journaling is a great way for each player and coach to remember what has worked and what doesn’t.
  • Create your own opinions based off of trial and error. Trial and error will allow for the opinion to be created.
  • “Don’t think like everyone else. Think outside of the box.”
  • Failure will breed success if you stick with it.
  • Keep trying and giving your best.
  • Keep up the energy.
  • “Always remember that it’s about the player.”
Sep 07 2020 · 1hr 29mins
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Curt Nelson of the KC #Royals joins us!!

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We talk to the Royals Hall Of Fame Director Curt Nelson!! Talk about Ned Yost’s Royals career and so much more!!
Oct 04 2019 · 2hr 19mins

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Curt Nelson of the KC #Royals joins us!!

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We talk to the Royals Hall Of Fame Director Curt Nelson!! Talk about Ned Yost’s Royals career and so much more!!
Oct 04 2019 · 2hr 18mins
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Curt Nelson (Part 2) Director Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame

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In part two of this interview with Curt Nelson, he will share the insightful stories recorded within the Negro League Hall of Fame. 

Discover how this talent-rich league of African-Americans helped shape even more than just baseball history, it shaped American history. 

Jun 06 2019 · 24mins
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Curt Nelson Director Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame

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Curt Nelson has been with the Kansas City Royals since 1999. Curt isn't just the Director of the Royals Hall of Fame, he helped spearhead its development in 2009. 

Curt shares stories from their two World Series Championships as well as their four AL pennants.

May 30 2019 · 25mins
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Hitting Round Table with Doug Latta, Curt Nelson, and Cody Atkinson

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Doug Quotes
  • We dont chase results. We chase the ability to move in balance and take an effortless swing.
  • The human body is the strongest and most efficient in a position of balance. 
Curt Quotes
  • The more information we can spread about good swings, the more our game is going to progress in the right direction and especially for the players which is what its all about.
  • Timing is the most important thing, always
Cody Atkinson
  • We’ve got to learn to time for best fastball and adjust on the fly without taking panic swings.
  • An athlete will self organize if you give them the right things to focus on.


Doug Latta

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Cody Atkinson

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Sep 13 2018 · 1hr 53mins
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Johnny Rocket launch Pad Episode# 122: War or No War (Johnny Rocket vs. Curt Nelson)

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Show Summary: This week it’s WAR!  Johnny and Curt end up debating on whether or not governments should get involved in conflicts. We also talk about United Airlines, Donald Trump, Libertarianism, and the sexual abuse case involving Seattle mayor Ed Murray. It’s classic Launch Pad crew at its finest.

 About the Guest: The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is Liberty!

Each week we strive to bring you the best guests in talk radio. The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad delivers weekly interviews of Noteworthy: Politicians, Experts, and Activists. The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is "Launching Ideas in Your Direction".

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Kitty Rose won the OutMusic Award for Best Female Vocalist in 2005; was inducted into the Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2007; and has toured all over the world bringing her unique blend of swing, country swing, jump blues and rockabilly to happy fans of roots. She has performed with a wide variety of artists from Kris Kristopherson to Dead Kennedys, from Aaron Tippen to Hootie & The Blowfish, from Elliott Smith to Third Eye Blind and Cake.

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The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is pre-recorded,  mixed, and mastered by Curt Nelson from  Speed of Sound and Tommy Sound.The theme song of The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad is "Over You" Performed by:  The Hot Roddin' Romeos from the record Boozehounds released by: Splatterhouse Wreckords

Apr 29 2017 · 59mins
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Comparing the Champs with Curt Nelson (BP Kansas City Episode 31)

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Since we're waiting on the end of the 2016 season, we found a chat that we hadn't shared with you before. In this episode, we're sharing some insight from Curt Nelson, Director of the Royals Hall of Fame. Nelson talked with us about Alex Gordon's impact on the franchise, on the greatest Royals playoff moments, retiring numbers of Royals greats, and a comparison of the 1985 and 2015 World Series Championship teams.

Follow the Vault at @KCBaseballVault. Follow host Jeff Herr at @TheJeffReport, co-host Michael Engel at @michaelengel. You can also email feedback to KansasCityBaseballVault@gmail.com. Email us a question and if we answer it on the air, we’ll send you a gift certificate to our friends at Kelly’s Westport Inn.
Oct 27 2016 · 25mins
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Kelly's Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Curt Nelson

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The regular season can't get here soon enough. While the Royals cruise through spring training, we covered a few of the remaining battles while also discussing the final second base decision to keep Chris Getz over Johnny Giavotella. We also talked a bit goings-on in Omaha and brought up the idea of a platoon (or replacement) for Jeff Francoeur and tossed out an idea of trading for David DeJesus. Most of our time this week, however, was spent talking with Curt Nelson, director of the Royals Hall of Fame. We talked about his vision for the exhibits and artifacts within the Hall of Fame and what he tries to present to those who visit the stadium and want to dive into the history of the franchise. Of course, we also had to bring up the question of "How does Emil Brown end up eligible for the Royals Hall of Fame?" Curt walked us through the process of nomination and how they've revamped the voting to include fan votes and we looked at a few specific cases on the current eligible ballot as well as other names from the past that may be revisited. It's interesting stuff to think about, especially as other players like Mike Sweeney, Johnny Damon and Carlos Beltran are nearing eligibility for the team honor.
Mar 27 2013 · 1hr 24mins
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Royalman Report presents The Kansas City Baseball Vault: Mayor Sly James, Mike McCartney, George Toma and Curt Nelson of the Royals Hall of Fame.

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The guys wrapped up All Star Week with a star studded, action pack show! Mike, Troy, Chris and Jeff Herr were joined in studio by Curt Nelson, proprietor of the Royals Hall of Fame. (Jeff Logan was out on assignment.) The guys talked about the All Star experience with Curt but were quickly joined by Mayor Sly James. The Mayor discussed what it took for the city and the success that this All Star Week was. Then the guys were joined by NFL Hall OF Famer and future Royals Hall of Famer George Toma who helped prep Kauffman Stadium's field. He told his story of catching the 1st pitch from Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson with a little help from Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins. Finally the guys were joined by the Voice of Kauffman Stadium, Mike McCartney. Mike and Curt paired up to exchange stories of this week and weeks gone by. They told us how a ball hit violently by Mark Trumbo ended up on top of the Royals Hall of Fame and then inside the Royals Hall of Fame. Mike talked about how hectic the booth was and what it was like working with the networks. This and so much more await you inside this weeks Kansas City Baseball Vault! For more tune in Sundays 7-8pm at www.RoyalmanReport.com for the Royalman Report and Thursdays from 6-7pm on ESPN 1510 for the Kansas City Baseball Vault.
Jul 13 2012 · 59mins