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Mark Hamill Makes Vader Change the Subject

Pshht Themes

It's here, the final installation of THIS grouping of Star Wars reviews. After taking some time to thaw Erin from her carbonite, our core trio are back with their thoughts on The Return of the Jedi, plus reviews of the trilogy in total with additional comments about the digital changes to the trilogy. We learn that Jabba's robots are highly sadistic, Ewoks have evil emperor eyes, and Ian McDiarmid was only 38 when he first played the role of Darth Sidious!!! Obi Wan is a sly dog... from a certain point of view, Yoda doesn't want to talk family lineages, and many Bothons died to bring us this edition. . . .But wait, IT'S A TRAP! Erin hates Vader's egg head, Matt explains the Rule of Two (no more, no less; two shall be the number of the ruling, and the number of the ruling shall be TWO), and Brennan is turned off by poorly a CGI'd  alien Joe Cocker.  This ends this transmission, May the Force be With You, Always. 

2hr 21mins

13 Jun 2021

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Mark Hamill Crashes into a Swamp

Pshht Themes

Our core trio are back in the Star Wars universe to geek about the greatest movie of them all, "Empire Strikes Back". Erin has an interesting collection of Star Wars home merchandise, while Matt and Brennan establish that C3-P0 is the most KY ever, also, they establish what "KY" means! *Insert new, more advanced, yet still cheesy PowerPoint swipe. This time a diagonal!*Our group tackles the big developments in the Star Wars universe following the first movie's success: better graphics, better writing, new worlds, bigger budgets, and a serious discussion regarding Lando as the only black man in space. They discussed the risk of casting a muppet as the greatest Jedi master, did Vader hold his breath to scare Luke, and how Han and Leia represented the formative years for a young Erin. And let's be real, it's really creepy that Darth Vader can choke people via TV screen. 

2hr 11mins

29 May 2021

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Mark Hamill, Welcome to the Chiss Ascendancy: Ep. 3

RuPalp's Podrace: A Queer Star Wars Podcast

Points of Interest: Assigned Tarkin at birth,  war crime corner, notes on "redemption arcs", Tech discourse, Baby Chopper, Mark Hamill can't find Tarkintok, and Commander Fox and the Prenup from Hell.Find us elsewhere:Tiktok - @rupalpspodraceTwitter - @RuPalpsPodraceInstagram - @rupalpspodrace

1hr 6mins

15 May 2021

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Mark Hamill - Recognizing Excellence in Customer Centricity - S7E5

Voices of CX

Mark is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and spent 10 years in the UAE before moving back to the UK in 2019. Recently he has moved to Hungary with his family. Mark started as a consultant for a Customer Experience Consultancy. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of ARCET Global. In 2013, Mark co-founded Awards International UAE which successfully ran 15 large-scale business Awards programmes, with the average audience being in excess of 250 business leaders.Over the years, Mark successfully forged strong relationships with some of the leading business people across the world. Mark’s focus is now on building more engaging Awards concepts and Business Community events to fit with customer and market needs.In particular, Mark has been heavily focused on creating content for companies as well as Customer Centricity Programs and Predictive Talent Management Solutions.Follow Mark Hamill on LinkedInEmail Mark Hamill at mark@arcetglobal.comGet to know ARCET Global and check out their upcoming event calendar:18-19 May 2021: Customer Centricity World Series15-16 September 2021: European Customer Centricity Awards27-28 October 2021: North American Customer Centricity AwardsFollow Worthix on LinkedInFollow Worthix on Twitter: @worthixFollow Mary Drumond on LinkedInFollow Mary Drumond on Twitter: @drumondmaryThe Voices of CX Podcast is a podcast that covers all things business strategies, customer decision insight, empathetic leadership practices, and tips for sustainable profitability. With a little bit of geeking out on behavioral science, A.I. and other innovation sprinkled in here and there. The guests span multiple industries, but all of them have years of experience to bring to the table.


3 May 2021

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Episode 2- ft. David Lawler- Wandavision, Future of the MCU, Mark Hamill's view of 'The Last Jedi' & Obi-Wan Kenobi

Knuckle Head Radio

Appearing on my 2nd episode of Knuckle Head Radio is Youtuber David Lawler, who talks with me about the latest Disney+ hit series, Wandavision, as well as the direction the Marvel Cinematic Universe is headed in, Mark Hamill's conflicting views about Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi and one of the most anticipated pieces of content of all time, 'Obi-Wan Kenobi'--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/knuckleheadradio/support


5 Mar 2021

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Mark Hamill

Glitches & Gearheads Podcast

He is the best Star Wars fan!


2 Feb 2021

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Nerd Discussion ep 9: Mark Hamill and Gina Carano call out Lucasfilm!! Thanos vs Kratos! Who wins!

The Professional Nerds

In this episode we follow up the Lucasfilm controversy and battle The Mad Titan against The Titan Slayer! Check out The Proffesional Nerds on YouTube!!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/andre-taylor4/support

1hr 16mins

6 Jan 2021

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Episode 39: Mark Hamill on Ice - South Dakota

Ghost Geeks Roadshow

Take a trip with Alyssa and Kristen as we follow the Yellow Brick Road to Easton Castle, where mystery awaits in perhaps the inspiration for the land of Oz? Meanwhile, my Mom gets drunk on Vodka energy drinks before taking us down to Devil's Gulch, whose legends and spooky activity have real range. Don't miss my mom's brain shutting down in real time, all thanks to BANG! energy drinks! Let's go see a ghost (who hopefully isn't the Regina George of ghosts)!


9 Sep 2020

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Mark Hamill of ARCET Global - Building an Innovative Business & Trusting Your Customer

Bankhouse Media

In this episode, we're joined by Mark Hamill - the CEO of ARCET Global.  ARCET Global is an innovative & forward-thinking business that helps organisations grow through learning, recognition and building business communities.  This wide-ranging episode is jammed with tips like how to leverage the power of your network, how to trust your team & listen to your customers, the power of instructional videos, & so much more.  


29 Jul 2020

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Ep 266 - Corvette Summer (1978) with special guests Mark Hamill, Annie Potts and Steve Molaro

I Saw That Years Ago

This week we hot-rod the show by having Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Annie Potts (Ghostbusters) and Steve Molaro (Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon) discuss the movie! Heady days!So, join us for Corvette Summer.Warning. Explicit language at times To contact the show email show@isawthatyearsago.com You can also support us via Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/istya

1hr 41mins

5 Jul 2020