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Ep. 6 - Lisa Burton O'Toole, VP @ HearstLab

DevOps Diversity Podcast

During this episode, Lisa discusses how she is supporting women-led startups through the HearstLab accelerator, from funding to shared resources.Lisa's investment thesis is that diverse teams build better businesses. She supports this with data such as "women-led startups give 2.5x higher returns than male-led businesses", and "ethnically diverse startups are 35% more likely to outperform their non-ethnically diverse counterparts".Lisa gives insights into the shared services available at HearstLab, including a 'DevOps Fellow'. Early stage startups can spin up their infrastructure, operations and tooling while learning best practices from the DevOps Fellow who has worked with dozens of other startups who face similar problems.Lisa Burton Ph.D. is the Vice President of HearstLab, where she provides investment and support for early-stage, women-led startups that innovate across media, data, healthcare and technology. At HearstLab, Lisa identifies prospective startups to invest in and supports the portfolio companies in residence, including advising on data science and product. She also leads innovation initiatives across Hearst in collaboration with the HearstLab Scouts, a group of over 100 women executives that work full-time at Hearst and donate time to the Lab.Lisa volunteers to support women in business and STEM through WiTNY, Pipeline Angels and Girls Who Code. In addition, she mentors startup founders through NYU Summer Launchpad, Project W, Springboard Enterprises and NUMA. She is an Advisory Board Member of Duke University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and serves on the NYU Innovation Fund’s Investment Review Board.Lisa Burton O’Toole https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-burton/Cuba Article: https://devops.com/despite-sketchy-infrastructure-cuba-embraces-devops/Lisa Shissler Smith Episode https://open.spotify.com/episode/27xoTB1SNlvjJOUaMJtVJG?si=866c3b9621f04dfdHearstLab https://www.hearst.com/hearst-life/hearstlabStrategio https://strategio.tech/


27 Sep 2021

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Dr Lisa Burton ... my journey with the Modern Mystery School

Modern Mystery School UK & EU

Dr Lisa is a doctor, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, and healer in The Lineage of King Saloman.Her early medical career focused on critical care giving her experience of major incident and injury management, training with a vast array of mentors like the military and airline industry. In this time, peak performance training linked the idea of mindset and potential for her, and she pursued a portfolio of holistic skills such as CBT, acupuncture and reiki.Now practising as a GP, she experienced a car crash and spine injury in 2017 which demanded she re-evaluate her purpose and meaning.Struggling to heal through her injury, she combined her interests to study metaphysics leading her to the Modern Mystery School with whom she studies to this day. After vastly transforming her own wellbeing, she now has a private healing practice dedicated to empowering people into their own potential teaching meditation and more across the world.


27 Aug 2021

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Ep. 66 // Choosing Joy: Lisa Burton

Terminal Exchange


13 Jul 2021

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Content Classico, AKA Passive TV Consumption!!! with Lisa Burton

Wines, Wines, Wines

Welcome our early 30's friend Lisa Burton onto the pod, while we whine about the act of passive TV consumption. It’s good old fashioned escapism, but is it rotting our brains?!!? Listen to find out (for Christine (mid to late 20's)-- most def, Lisa is coping way better). Check out @grownfromscratch for your Houseplants, Terrariums, and Gardening fantasies. Follow the newly “CROPPED” theaters in Chicago; Stepping Stone Theater and the Lantern Comedy Collective for classes and shows! And as always check out the Devil's Daughter Patreon for some EVIL content.  Want to whine? Email me! wineswineswinespod@gmail.com


8 Mar 2021

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Lisa Burton on Emboldening Women Entrepreneurs

ASME TechCast

As vice president at HearstLab Lisa Burton O’Toole, evaluates and invests in women-led startups and strongly believes that we need diverse teams working on technical problems. Burton is passionate about promoting entrepreneurship among technically minded women. In this episode of ASME TechCast, Burton discusses why mentoring is valuable for women and shares advice on how to find a mentor. In 2020, Burton received ASME’s Kate Gleason Award honoring women entrepreneurs who make a significant contribution to the engineering community. 


3 Mar 2021

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HearstLab's VP, Lisa Burton O'Toole; corporate <> startup partnerships


Here are a few lessons for other corporate accelerators from Lisa Burton O'Toole, VP of HearstLab1. Focus on startups you can IMPACT rather than tying it to a strategic goal2. Connect YOUR expert employees with startups for 30-min mentor sessions to drive sales, marketing, etc.3. Use YOUR employees to evaluate prospective startups before investingShoutout From Lisa To:"Madhuri Yechuri is the Founder &amp; CEO of Elotl...she is a brilliant engineer and former VMware...we are very excited to be part of their journey!"


25 Feb 2021

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Hot Dish with Lisa Burton

Talking Shop w/ James Dugan & Rob Grabowski

This week, James and Rob are joined by midwesterner Lisa Burton! They talk about the improv community in Minneapolis, divorce, goal setting, pan of bars, and ship talk. Follow Lisa Burton on instagram @ squidpickle Check out the Devil's Daughter Podcast Network Patreon. As always, please rate, review, and subscribe. 

1hr 15mins

1 Sep 2020

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Stardew Valley with Lisa Burton!

The Nerdologues Present: Talking Games

On this week's Very Special Episode, host Tim and his SO Lisa Burton dive into the game that's become their current obsession, Stardew Valley (they're even playing it while they record this episode!!). Thanks so much to Cards Against Humanity for sponsoring this ep and to the Chicago Podcast Coop for its continued support.


25 Jan 2017

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149: Lisa Burton


LISA BURTON (@LisaBurton) on brings her head shot and resume to her PopFury callback as we talk about getting engaged, getting engaged again, getting engaged yet again, getting married, and getting divorced. We also chatter about a Trump-supporter dating website, Adult Breastfeeding Relationships and dealing with other people's loud sex. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:40 Lisa has a callback audition for the musical improv ensemble Baby Wants Candy immediately after the podcast. Sammy reads her blog post from her last audition for BWC… from 7 years ago.  7:45 Sammy found Lisa’s old wedding website. She is an open book about her marriage and divorce. “We had laughs, we bought coffees, and took a selfie being like, ‘It’s our last day together!’” 11:45 Lisa details the process of getting amicably divorced. She recommends Judge Aunt Renee Goldfarb and 27th floor of the Daley Center for a pleasant divorce. 19:00 She has been engaged 3 times by age 29. A surprised Sammy has so many questions about her previous engagements. 25:30 Lisa’s boyfriend, Tim Dunn, just moved in with her. She explains what you should talk about before moving in together. “They have to love me...but they don’t have to like me--that’s 100% how families work.” 34:40 Sammy wonders how Lisa’s friends &amp; family will react if she gets engaged again. She gives advice on how to talk to acquaintances about their divorce. 45:20 Please listen to our podcast friends at Rabbit Hole and Talking Games. 46:20 Lisa is very excited about the armor females (don’t) wear in video games, new Trump-supporter dating site and Adult Breastfeeding Relationships 52:55 A man started because his neighbors were having loud sex. Lisa and Sammy have opposite reactions on hearing other people having sex. 58:30 Being upfront about a woman's divorce may be sexy. 1:00.15 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen to PopFury on Google Play Music!

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13 Jun 2016

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128: Tim Dunn and Lisa Burton


TIM DUNN (@timothyrdunn) and LISA BURTON (@lisaburton) wave their wands and apparate in Penthouse Studio 4W! The enchanting duo discuss their trip to Harry Potter World, moving in together, the canceled Trump rally, the Captain America Ulta burglar and Deadpool. NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:40 Tim and Lisa went to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. They give the hilarious inside scoop on their Harry Potter World experiences. 22:25 They are moving in together and explain “ship dating” to Sammy. Tim dropped the the L-word first despite his plans falling through. 31:45 Please listen to our friends at the Rabbit Hole and Remake podcasts! 33:10 The Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled due to protests. They are voting for different candidates. 39:15 Nursery staff referred a 4-year-old to a counter-terrorism organization when they misunderstood him. Lisa just caught up on Dubsmash. Tim had to explain pop culture to a ship-bound Lisa. 44:40 A man dressed as Captain America burgled several Ulta Salons. Lisa and Tim outline the costs of maintaining their respective looks. 48:55 Cosplayers were kicked out of a Frozen on Ice event for dressing as Elsa and Anna. Lisa is a huge Deadpool fan. 53:00 Lisa is training for a half-marathon; Tim showers at the very hip and white David Barton Gym. 1:01:10 Tim is working on a new web series, Board Life. 1:03:00 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!

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14 Mar 2016