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104. Demystifying Search Engine Optimization with Megan Clarke

The Content Experiment Podcast

With over 6 BILLION Google searches a day, how are you making your business searchable? And once visitors make it to your site, what are you doing to make sure they stay? Today on The Content Experiment Podcast, Megan Clarke of Clapping Dog Media and I explore why good SEO is good business, how to get found on Google, and what makes a great meta description -- and how talking about what you know can lead to great SEO for your site!  Megan is also one of the presenters at The Content Experiment Summit. Registration is now open! The Summit features 25 speakers who are sharing little tweaks coaches and course creators can make on their content and marketing to get a better ROI on their time and financial investments in content and marketing.  Tune in now! Mentioned in This Episode Clapping Dog Media SEO Audit The Content Experiment Summit About Megan Clarke Megan Clarke has been helping small businesses get found on Google for nearly 10 years. She is on a mission to unveil the negative connotations of SEO and show you how impactful and even fun SEO can be. Find Megan at Clapping Dog Media or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.


1 Mar 2021

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Megan Clarke

Business Owners Only

As an ecommerce business owner, you know the vital role SEO plays in bringing prospective customers to your site. But, says Megan Clarke, too many entrepreneurs find it intimidating… or are misinformed about what an effective strategy looks like. They might spend a lot of money on SEO help… without much to show for it. But, with 270,000 ecommerce sites in the U.S. alone, you can’t ignore this essential element of your marketing.


19 Jan 2021

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RAW interviews: Education Officer Megan Clarke on the Safety Net

RAW News Podcasts

RAW1251AM's Johnny Jenkins sits down with Warwick SU Education Officer Megan Clarke to discuss Warwick's newly announced mitigation policies.  Follow RAW News: https://linktr.ee/RAWNews


14 Jan 2021

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RAW Interviews: Megan Clarke, Warwick SU Eduction officer

RAW News Podcasts

On Monday, Warwick Student Union announced their "Protect our People" campaign to "safeguard the most vulnerable members of the campus community". RAW News' Johnny Jenkins spoke to Warwick SU Education officer Megan Clarke about the new campaign. Follow RAW News: https://linktr.ee/RAWNews


15 Sep 2020

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425: Best SEO Practices for 2020 with Megan Clarke of Clapping Dog Media.

The Strategy Hour Podcast: Systems and Marketing for Service Based Businesses with Boss Project

Today on the show we have Meg Clarke of Clapping Dog Media. She is an SEO strategist who teaches creative small business owners how to grow their organic traffic and rankings so they can make a great impact and reach more people. She is also a sourdough bread baking genius, so you can look forward to several bread references throughout this episode! In Episode 45, we interviewed Meg where she talked about SEO for newbies, but today we’re taking it a step further by addressing intermediate and advanced issues that are more applicable to listeners who are somewhat experienced in this area. A lot has changed since 2017, so she discusses updated SEO practices, stuff you can do to prep your business and brand for launch and what to do if you are pivoting and need to start tackling different topics on your existing website. She also dishes out resources for finding targeting keywords and hidden SEO within your website and shares what she reckons is worth spending time on.Before we get into the meat of the episode, it’s worth mentioning the incredible strides we have made with our SEO since a few years ago. But, while we’ve done well, we also desperately need maintenance. Our traffic used to be at a low 5 to 10% from Google despite our volume of content, but now over 50% of our traffic comes straight from search. But, as we said, we also need to brush up on our SEO, so we’re just as eager to hear what Meg’s got for us. So, pull your notebook closer and get ready for some fresh SEO strategy!Thank you for listening! Please subscribe, rate and review The Strategy Hour Podcast on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. For show notes go to thestrategyhour.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Apr 2020

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BTS of Megan Clarke Videography - Episode 1: The Beginning

BTS Of Megan Clarke Videography - Episode 1: The Beginning

Welcome to my first every podcast where I speak about the beginning of where my interest for videography and photography came from.


28 Jan 2020

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Megan Clarke on Show #140: Driving Organic Web Traffic

POWER to Live More with Jo Dodds

Megan Clarke is the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media where she puts her expertise in the world of SEO to work to ensure her clients get found by Google and get their message out there to the world. She is a master at growing organic traffic to websites and – using the data and her years of experience – Megan increases her clients’ digital presence and turns website visitors into mega-fans. Megan loves to teach entrepreneurs how to implement SEO strategies to maximise traffic to their site that converts visitors into buyers and how to build an authentic community around their service.  Megan joins me today to discuss why she left her creative job as a web designer to become a solopreneur. She shares how her business pivoted as she became fascinated by the world of SEO and how Google algorithms affect website traffic. She shares the technicalities of how Google crawls your site, gives actionable tips on how to to be found by Google, and shares apps that can help you be SEO smart. Megan also discusses the importance of creating scannable content that is authentic and valuable to customers and why you need to be consistent in getting your content out there. “If you are honest, if you are authentic, if you do what you say, users will come to your site” Megan Clarke This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:Why Megan works from home and how she balances her family responsibilities and her workWhy she loves diving into SEO and learning how Google evolves its searches How to nail down your niche, then embrace itWhy you need to produce content that your fans can binge onMegan’s unique policy on responding to algorithm updatesMegan’s hacks for getting valuable guest postsThe significance of building links on your site to establish credibilityWhy Megan recommends repurposing and reorganising your content to pull in more trafficMegan’s strategies for optimising her productivityHow to set up internal and external accountability processesWhy Megan relaxes her pace in the fourth quarterHow Megan relies on grace and acceptance to get through hard days.Why baking bread is part of her ‘living more’ philosophyResources Mentioned:Engage for Success SEMRushScreamingFrogConnect with Megan Clarke:Clapping Dog Media websiteClapping Dog Media on InstagramClapping Dog Media on FacebookConnect, Share, InspireThank you for joining me for this week’s episode of the POWER to Live More Podcast! If you enjoyed this episode and would like to help support the show, please head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, subscribe to the show and leave your honest review! You can also help me reach even more amazing business owners and leaders by sharing your favourite episodes on your social media channels.Don’t forget to check out my website join my Facebook Group, follow me on Twitter and connect with me on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram to interact with me and my amazing audience!Show notes provided (brilliantly, my words not theirs!) by Lidwell Writing Services, LLCThe post Megan Clarke on Show #140: Driving Organic Web Traffic appeared first on POWER to Live More.


11 Jan 2020

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Megan Clarke | The Metrics That Matter to Google

P is for Profit

As an ecommerce business owner, you know the vital role SEO plays in bringing prospective customers to your site. But, says Megan Clarke, too many entrepreneurs find it intimidating… or are misinformed about what an effective strategy looks like.  They might spend a lot of money on SEO help… without much to show for it. But, with 270,000 ecommerce sites in the U.S. alone, you can’t ignore this essential element of your marketing. Megan is on a mission to spread the word about key changes you can make to your site to get noticed by Google and drive traffic that is primed and ready to buy. Listen in to find out… What every ecommerce site MUST have Two ways you can show Google you provide value to users How social media fits in your SEO strategy 3+ easy SEO fixes you can do this week to increase traffic And more


7 Oct 2019

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#181: SEO Myth Busters with Megan Clarke

The Chopped Podcast

There are a LOT Of myths about SEO and today’s guest, Megan Clarke of Clapping Dog Media is here to dispel those myths! Do you think SEO is constantly changing? Or that it’s just too hard? Megan has some great ways you can incorporate SEO into your food blogging strategies. It’s a lively and fun conversation that will leave you feeling inspired!

1hr 2mins

14 Sep 2019

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76: Breaking Down SEO | Making Sense of Nonsense | Megan Clarke, Founder of Clapping Dog Media

Women in Business: Inspirational Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business isn’t always the way you thought your life would head. But when life takes a few unexpected turns, sometimes it’s the smartest thing you can do. Today I’m talking with Megan Clarke, owner of SEO company Clapping Dog Media, about how starting her business helped her get back control of her mental sanity. Megan went from being a mom of none to a mom of three young boys in the space of 18 months. She adopted two children from an orphanage in Uganda, and it wasn’t long after this that she found out she was pregnant with another son. Becoming a mom of three meant that she left her agency job, but knew she needed to start working again in order to get that aspect of her life back. She founded Clapping Dog Media, a search engine optimization (SEO) company, dedicated to helping other businesses get more online visibility. On this episode of Women in Business, Megan tells us what exactly SEO is and how it works to make your business more attractive to Google. Megan shares a story of how she helped a business literally explode all over the internet using SEO - it all comes down to consistent messaging and branding. She talks about where you should hang out online and why you need to direct people back to your website in order to build your domain authority. Have you chosen one or two social media platforms to focus your marketing on? Do you know if your website is performing as well as it could be? You can head over to Clapping Dog Media for your completely free website audit. In This Episode: How starting a business can help your own mental sanity What search engine organization (SEO) consists of How SEO helps your ideal customers find your website How you can create a user-friendly website that makes Google send more traffic to it What elements you should include on your website How SEO can help your business explode Why you want to send people to your website Why you need to be consistent with your message and positioning Quotes: “If you’re providing value to your users, Google’s gonna do everything they can to figure that out.” (15:04) “My rule of thumb that I say all the time is that good business is good SEO. So if you are serving your clients well, Google’s going to recognize that because your users are going to respond to that.” (15:35) “One of my biggest recommendations for social media is to be out there. Pick one platform, be consistently there, and every other post, every third post, send people back to your website.” (20:32) Links Find Clapping Dog Media Online | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube Join From Side Hustle to CEO on Facebook Keep up with everything Women In Business Follow me, Dr. Cortney Baker on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn KidsCare Home Health Are you a female millennial entrepreneur who wants to start or scale your service-based business but not sure where to start? Go to www.drcortneybaker.com/10secrets to get your free copy of the 10 Secrets Female Millennial Entrepreneurs must know before launching their service-based business. Get your free copy now! About Dr. Cortney Baker... She is an award-winning entrepreneur, researcher, author, speaker, and an advocate for gender equality. As a leadership expert and mother of three, she is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to lead with greatness. Dr. Baker is the author of the best-selling books: The Ten Do's and Don'ts for Business Leadership: Lessons to Lead Effectively and Unlimited: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling. She is passionate about helping ambitious female millennial entrepreneurs go from side-hustle to CEOs! Feedback? Questions? Comments? For more information or to reserve Dr. Cortney Baker to speak at an upcoming event, please contact her at: cortney@cortneybaker.com or 1-469-708-8840.


24 Jun 2019