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Live A Better, Happier Post Pandemic Life: The 3 Macronutrients of Happiness with Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks (#62)

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Happiness expert and Harvard Kennedy School Professor Arthur Brooks shares how you can get better at, practice and share happiness and live a better happier post pandemic life. He also talks about how he managed to accomplish three complete job changes over his career. Arthur is a Harvard professor, PhD social scientist, bestselling author, and columnist at The Atlantic whose focus is providing a roadmap to living a happier better life. Before joining the Harvard faculty, he was president of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), one of the world’s leading think tanks, and before that he was a classical French hornist. He is the author of 11 books.Arthur is the host of the podcast “The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks.” His next book, From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life, will be published in 2022.


12 Oct 2021

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Why Giving Matters | Arthur Brooks | Feb 2009

By Study and By Faith

Arthur C. Brooks explains why charitable giving is more than just a good idea; science and faith agree that it makes us better and happier.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Oct 2021

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Introverts and Extroverts, with Arthur Brooks

Doing It Right with Pandora Sykes

Arthur Brooks is a social scientist, Harvard professor and author of multiple books, who writes a column for The Atlantic about happiness. After his column on introverts and extroverts caught my attention (I am fascinated in personality theories), I rung him up to discuss why introverts fared better during the pandemic and what extroverts and introverts can learn from one another. Plus, we take a little detour into why 'more' isn't always better. You can read that column here: https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/05/introverts-extroverts-happiness-gap-pandemic/618925/Tickets for Pandora Sykes in conversation with Candice Brathwaite are available here: fane.co.uk/pandora


29 Sep 2021

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Arthur Brooks on Finding Authentic Happiness and Making Poverty Escapable | Season 1 | Ep 6

Joe Lonsdale: American Optimist

The United States is the most prosperous and advanced nation in the history of humanity—but it's currently facing a crisis of happiness. What went wrong? Arthur Brooks, Harvard professor, best-selling author, and renowned social scientist, has dedicated himself to tackling America's satisfaction deficit, and in this episode, he reveals his four keys to authentic happiness. (Not on the list: riches, power, or fame). Tempted to make a bucket list to get as much as possible out of life? Brooks shows how this, along with other popular ideas about how to feel more satisfied, can actually produce the opposite effect. One of the biggest drags on happiness in society is poverty. Having spent years seeking the best way to combat this curse as former president of the American Enterprise Institute, Brooks shares insight on why America's War on Poverty has failed. Could the key to transforming lives lie in shifting our approach from making poverty bearable, to making it truly escapable?


13 Jul 2021

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Arthur Brooks on Living a Better and Happier Life

What's Essential hosted by Greg McKeown

Behavioral social scientist and Harvard professor Arthur Brooks (author, Love Your Enemies) shares his insights and research as a happiness scholar. He and Greg discuss the importance of understanding and embracing our unique genetic temperaments, as well as the ability to manage negative emotions and satisfaction. They explore the mindset shift that achieving happiness can be effortless through positive actions, good relationships, and acts of love.This episode's book recommendation: Love Your Enemies by Arthur BrooksFor a limited time purchase Effortless and get the 21-Day Challenge (and download Chapter 1 of Effortless) FREE!Share the What’s Essential podcast with your co-workers & friends and earn rewards: 1 Referral - Access the exclusive "Tim Ferris" episode 3 Referrals - 21-day Challenge PDF  15 Referrals - $10 digital gift card you can use at stores like Real Simple, Container Store, etc. What's Essential Podcast Twitter Facebook Greg McKeown Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Scratch Audiohouse Instagram LinkedIn Credits: Hosted by Greg McKeown Produced by Greg McKeown and Scratch Audiohouse Executive Produced by Greg McKeown, Avi Gandhi, Brent Montgomery, and Ed Simpson Co-Produced by Paul Dizon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Jun 2021

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E036 - Arthur Brooks on The Art of Happiness

Intersections Podcast

Listen to this episode of Intersections with Prof. Hitendra Wadhwa in conversation with Arthur Brooks, a luminary in the field of happiness research. They discuss the building blocks of happiness, and how to balance and nurture your happiness portfolio, the role of our present circumstances, and how to transcend its limitations and the secret to satisfaction derived from thousands of academic studies and ancient wisdom.


7 Jun 2021

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Arthur Brooks || Love Your Enemies

The Psychology Podcast

Today it’s great to chat with Arthur Brooks on the podcast. Arthur is the William Henry Bloomberg Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School. Before joining the Harvard faculty in July of 2019, he served for ten years as president of the Washington, D.C.-based American Enterprise Institute (AEI), one of the world’s leading think tanks. Topics · Arthur’s relationship to music · Arthur’s experience with silent meditation retreats · Arthur’s unique spin on the science of happiness · The importance of suffering · Arthur’s conversation with the Dalai Lama · How to treat people like assets instead of liabilities · Being needed vs. objectifying oneself · How to cultivate dignity · The importance of having “useless” friends · Why fear is the opposite of love · The difference between empathy and compassion · How religion and spirituality impact human happiness · How creativity contributes to happiness Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-psychology-podcast/support


7 Jun 2021

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Arthur Brooks on Stoicism vs. Epicureanism | You Don’t Know What’s Going On With People

The Daily Stoic

Ryan reads today's Daily Stoic email and talks to Arthur Brooks about the differences and similarities in Stoicism and Epicureanism, the obligation we have to each other as human beings, the importance of virtue in modern society, and more.Arthur C. Brooks is Professor of the Practice of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School. Brooks is the author of 11 books, including the national bestsellers Love Your Enemies (2019) and The Conservative Heart (2015). He is a columnist for The Atlantic and host of the podcast The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks.This episode is brought to you by Seed. Seed’s Daily Synbiotic combines 24 clinically and scientifically studied probiotic strains with non-fermenting prebiotic compounds concentrated from Indian pomegranate. Start a new healthy habit today. Visit seed.com/STOIC and use code STOIC to redeem 20% off your first month of Seed’s Daily Synbiotic. This episode is also brought to you by Public Goods, the one stop shop for sustainable, high quality everyday essentials made from clean ingredients at an affordable price. Receive $15 off your first Public Goods order with no minimum purchase. Just go to publicgoods.com/STOIC or use code STOIC at checkout.This episode is brought to you by LMNT, the maker of electrolyte drink mixes that help you stay active. Right now you can receive a free LMNT Sample Pack for only $5 for shipping. To claim this exclusive deal you must go to drinkLMNT.com/dailystoic. Get your FREE Sample Pack now. If you don’t love it, they will refund your $5 no questions asked.This episode is also brought to you by Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens is a custom formulation of 75 vitamins, minerals, and other whole-food sourced ingredients that make it easier for you to maintain nutrition in just a single scoop. Visit athleticgreens.com/stoic to get a FREE year supply of Liquid Vitamin D + 5 FREE Travel Packs with subscription. ***If you enjoyed this week’s podcast, we’d love for you to leave a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps with our visibility, and the more people listen to the podcast, the more we can invest into it and make it even better.Sign up for the Daily Stoic email: http://DailyStoic.com/signupFollow Daily Stoic:Twitter: https://twitter.com/dailystoicInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/dailystoic/Facebook: http://facebook.com/dailystoicYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/dailystoicFollow Arthur Brooks:Homepage: https://arthurbrooks.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/arthurbrooks Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arthurcbrooks/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArthurBrooks/ See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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7 Apr 2021

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Redeeming a Culture of Contempt, with Arthur Brooks

Trinity Forum Conversations

On Friday, September 25 we had the privilege of hosting best-selling author, thought leader, and Harvard Business and Kennedy School professor Arthur Brooks for an Online Conversation on “Redeeming a Culture of Contempt.” In his book, Love Your Enemies Brooks blends cutting-edge behavioral research and ancient wisdom to offer a better way to bridge divides and mend relationships. Brooks helps us to think about practical ways we can choose to love those we disagree with—to will their good and be agents of redemption and reconciliation amidst a divisive time.Learn more about Arthur BrooksWatch the full video and read the transcript of our conversation with ArthurResources mentioned during the conversation: Martin Luther King Jr. Sermon on Matthew 5:44 Robert Putnam, Bowling Alone Letter from Birmingham Jail, a Trinity Forum Reading by Martin Luther King Jr. Long Walk to Freedom, a Trinity Forum Reading by Nelson Mandela David Brooks, The Social Animal Trinity Forum Evening Conversation with Robert George and Cornel West in Nashville, TN Trinity Forum Evening Conversation with  Arthur Brooks and Justin Giboney in Washington, D.C. Special thanks to Ned Bustard for the artwork and Andrew Peterson for the music!


24 Feb 2021

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The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks: Life: Part 2 (#17)

The Ricochet Audio Network Superfeed

Sponsored by American Story, Jordan Harbinger Show In the Western world, we have celebrations to mark life events in the first half of our lives--graduations, weddings, baby showers--but, we don't celebrate becoming middle-aged. Instead, we often bemoan the "midlife crisis." Turns out, that's the wrong way of looking at middle age. In this episode, Arthur is joined by Chip Conley, founder of the Modern Elder Academy, who has dedicated his life to helping people through the transition to the second half of life. They discuss how "middlescence" can be a joyful and fruitful time, if managed well and share some advice for having an even happier second half of life than the first. References and further reading: Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder | Chip Conley Emotional Equations: Simple formulas to help your life work better| Chip Conley Wisdom Well: Chip's Blog | Chip Conley About Modern Elder Academy Join the conversation and comment on this podcast episode: https://ricochet.com/podcast/the-art-of-happiness-with-arthur-brooks/life-part-2/.Now become a Ricochet member for only $5.00 a month! Join and see what you’ve been missing: https://ricochet.com/membership/.Subscribe to The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks in Apple Podcasts (and leave a 5-star review, please!), or by RSS feed. For all our podcasts in one place, subscribe to the Ricochet Audio Network Superfeed in Apple Podcasts or by RSS feed.

1hr 6mins

24 Nov 2020