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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Vikki Ross. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Vikki Ross, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Vikki Ross. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Vikki Ross, often where they are interviewed.

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Vikki Ross - words that sell and the value of great copywriting - Episode 10

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Vikki Ross is one of the UK and Europe's most famous copywriters which is why I hope she doesn't critique my terrible writing right here. 

Very early on in her career, Vikki decided that copywriting was what she wanted to do. Her unwavering commitment and mastery of the craft is awe inspiring.

She’s worked as a copywriter for both large and small brands. From in-house work for brands such as The Body Shop, Hotels.com, and Virgin Media to her more recent consulting work for brands like Disney, Harry Potter, Sky News, Formula 1, Durex, Tesco, Sony Music and more.

Professional accolades aside, what's also immediately apparent if you meet Vikki, is her firm support for other professional women. She's also an ardent leader of the global copywriting community, taking a firm leadership position with efforts to push the industry forward constructively.  Best of all, she doesn’t just talk and write about it, she does it. From Copycabana events in the early days to Copywriters Unite, she’s constantly advocating for progress and respect within the profession.

Does she think AI is a threat to copywriting and what's the best way to measure its value? How is copywriting different from other forms of writing or content production. Can bad grammar and brevity be better than the opposite? 

We discuss all of these things and more. Including, how the brand story-telling has gone wrong, and even why she loves working with legal departments!

We ask about the things that prevent good copywriting from being published and Vikki tells us what to look for when hiring a professional. 

What work did Harry and Megan approach her about?

What are her must-read books on copywriting?

What is an unmissable opportunity female copywriters should be taking advantage of right now?

All of these questions and more are answered in this episode so click the button and have a listen now! 

For a full list of references, mentions and trailers to this episode, visit here

Aug 27 2020 · 42mins
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Industry Leaders with Nikky Lyle: Vikki Ross, Wordsmith and Copywriter

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Nikky Lyle chats with Vikki Ross. Vikki is a Copywriter (note the capital 'C') with 'Head of Copy' experience at the likes of Sky, The Body Shop, Virgin Media and ITV. Vikki specialises in branding and TOV and (usually) travels the world telling businesses how to talk. 

Vikki's #1 top tip? Work hard... at having fun. 

Jul 23 2020 · 1hr

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Vikki Ross, Freind of the Buffalo, NY Protester Martin Gugino Weighs In

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Segment 1: GUEST: KDWN's DOUG BASHAM joins the show and gives his latest take.

Segment 2: GUEST: VIKKI ROSS freind of the Buffalo, NY protester Martin Gugino weighs in on what took place between him and police.

Segment 3 : Calls close out the second hour..
Jun 10 2020 · 46mins
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Vikki Ross, Head of Copy, Sky Creative Agency

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This week Sue and ASD talk to Vikki about what makes good (and bad) copy, how media and copy can work better together and the one thing all copywriters should do.
May 22 2020 · 19mins

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Wave+Dave Episode 16 with Vikki Ross

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VIKKI ROSS. Uncorking wine. Understanding briefs. Unmasking late-payers.
Apr 29 2020 · 15mins
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What's Happening In That Ad? - Vikki Ross, Copywriter

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Vikki Ross is a copywriter in London. She does a lot for the copywriting community - she organizes events and drinks, and she is a powerful and independent voice fighting to improve the respect the industry has for the craft (of copywriting, not of drinking). Also, she would have hated seeing the word "organizes" spelled like that. She probably flinched seeing "spelled" in the passive voice, too. Finally, see how I used brackets? Tsk tsk. 

In this episode, we look at a few ads and try to break them down. What's the strategy? What are the words doing? You can watch the video of this discussion in the Sweathead Facebook group and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyCX2nKj0wY

You can find Vikki at https://twitter.com/VikkiRossWrites

The book “Strategy Is Your Words" is here: http://www.strategyisyourwords.com

Nov 27 2019 · 43mins
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6: Vikki Ross

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Catching Vikki Ross was no mean feat; she's here, there and everywhere. One of the best copywriters in the business, Vikki specialises in Branding and Tone of Voice, running workshops all over the globe, and creating voices for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including The Body Shop, Sky, ITV, and Virgin Media.

She dedicates time to mentoring budding copywriters and is a very vocal champion of the art of copywriting itself. Vikki says; “Copywriting will take you further than you imagined – into people’s homes, onto high streets and on shoots around the world…”


Vikki Ross

A Big Life in Advertising Mary Wells Lawrence 

How To Write Better Copy by Steve Harrison

Persuasive Copywriting by Andy Maslen 

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This! by Luke Sullivan 

The Copy Book by D&AD

Ali Hanan / Creative Equals / Creative Equals Conference

For Creative Girls

Who's Your Momma?

@VikkiRossWrites #CopywritersUnite #CopySafari

Gasp (The Blogfather)

Context. The Devil is in the Detail

Building a Brand

Apr 19 2019 · 55mins
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Glenn Fisher talks to Vikki Ross about what it means to be a copywriter, why copywriting will always be important and why it's such a good idea to have develop mentors who can help guide you through your copywriting career.


Vikki Ross is a copywriter at Sky, founder of #CopywritersUnite and an all round excellent person involved in more industry things that you can shake a stick at. You can find Vikki on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/VikkiRossWrites

Glenn Fisher is an author, speaker and copywriter. His first book, The Art of the Click is and Amazon bestseller and is published by Harriman House. It's available now on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2RwT1gR

Find out more about For Creative Girls here: https://forcreativegirls.com/

Find out more about Creative Equals here: http://www.creativeequals.org/

Find out more about She Says: https://weareshesays.com/

Find out more about Who's Your Momma: https://weareshesays.com/yr_momma/

Find out more about School of Communication Arts 2.0: https://www.schoolcommunicationarts.com/

Find out more about Future Strategy Club: https://futurestrategyclub.com/

A Life In Words by Paul Auster and I B Siegumfeldt is available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2HXd8FA

For more free insight into copywriting and marketing, visit: http://allgoodcopy.com/
Feb 03 2019 · 53mins
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Respect Words, Respect Writers - Vikki Ross, Copywriter

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Vikki Ross copywrites. That means she finds words for brands to help those brands express themselves in ways that are unique and compelling.

Vikki Ross also trains, mentors, and judges. She does these things with the School of Communications Arts 2.0, SheSays, Creative Equals, Who’s Your Momma?, and D&AD. And she co-runs an event for copywriters in London called Copy Capital.

Yes, she keeps busy. Mad busy.

In this interview, we discuss:
- What makes good copywriting
- Giving feedback to writers
- Respecting the craft

You can find Vikki at http://www.vikkirosswrites.com and http://twitter.com/VikkiRossWrites

Video: http://www.sweathead.co

Mark: http://www.twitter.com/markpollard
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dscjW5
May 31 2018 · 40mins
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Writing conversational copy with Vikki Ross

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These days we’re all aiming to make a deeper, more real connection with our customers, and we know the way to do this is through conversational copy.

Instead of stuffy, overly formal content we want to create warm, engaging, friendly wordage. Copy that makes it feel like we’re chatting with an authoritative, but affable buddy.

But how do we write great conversational copy? Today we’re talking with Vicki Ross, and we’re going to share our top tips for chatty, non-cheesy copy.

Tune in to learn:

  • The definition of conversational copy
  • How to use storytelling in conversational copy
  • The different conversational tones
  • Whether a conversational tone work better in some medias more than others
  • How to persuade your client to let you use a conversational tone
  • How to be conversational without being cheesy
  • Whether a conversational tone works for non-English readers.
About Vikki:

Vikki has been writing copy for 22 years.

Her clients include huge UK entertainment brands like Sky, NOW TV and ITV, and she regularly works with creative agencies like Sapient, WCRS, and Portas.

She specialises in Branding and Tone of Voice, and runs workshops around the world for D&AD and Creative Equals, as well as teaching copywriting at London's School of Communication Arts.

She’s a regular judge on international creative awards panels like D&AD, D&AD New Blood, DMA, Creative Circle, and AD STARS Korea, and last year was named one of Campaign magazine’s top 30 female creative leaders.

On Twitter, she created the #copywritersunite hashtag to connect copywriters online every day, and in person at quarterly #copywritersunite meet-ups across the UK. She also created #thingsyouhearinagencies, which you can find at @AgencyQuotes.

Two years ago, Vikki and fellow British copywriter Andy Maslen created Copy Cabana - an annual seaside event to celebrate copywriting. It’s all change this year so keep an eye out for an exciting announcement very soon.

Useful Links:


Find Vikki:




Apr 18 2018 · 40mins