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Rewind: Val Geisler on how to supercharge your email onboarding

Inside Intercom Podcast

On this episode from the archives, email marketing strategist Val Geisler walks us through some practical emailing tips, her process for onboarding, and why she likens career progression to a spiral staircase.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


5 Aug 2021

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Retention Email Tactics and Strategies With Val Geisler

The Exchange

Connect with Val:TwitterResources we Discuss in This Episode:Really Good EmailsBrands Val References:Brooklinen LululemonEverlane OlipopOutdoor VoicesHere's This Shows TL;DR: Val explains her journey into email specifically retention focused emails  We talk a bit about how retention started in SaaS and first made its way into subscription ecommerce  Val gives us her take on why retention has become a priority this year  We highlight a few north star metrics you can use to evaluate your retention efforts  Is the best type of email one that asks customers to disengage We talk about emails that are designed just to get a reply  Val goes over the value of collecting additional info to use in your email strategy A great email strategy is about a relationship with the customer and the inbox  Post-purchase flows are the email tactic everyone should use ... with a twist  Val gives everyone a tip on how to discover the best retention email strategy for you


3 Jun 2021

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305: The Secret to Writing Copy that Converts with Val Geisler

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Writing copy that converts has nothing to do with magically pulling the perfect words out of thin air. It’s about learning how to copy + paste. At least that’s what Val Geisler - email marketing conversion copywriter, strategist for B2C startups and Customer Evangelist at Klaviyo - has to say. Val has been a part of the eCommerce community for a long time and is a master at the art of conducting meaningful customer research that translates into copy that converts. Val joins us today to dive deep into email marketing for eCommerce brands, marketing automation, copywriting, and how you can use words to increase the perceived value of your brand. We also talk about how to improve your email flows, how you should be using SMS, and what it means to build your acquisition flywheel. If you want to learn how to set up email flows and automations, check out our Email Growth Guide and Intensive Course inside the Coalition.  Episode Highlights: 4:18 The easiest way to write copy that converts 8:27 How to conduct meaningful customer research 12:16 Val's new role at Klaviyo 21:40 The emails you absolutely need to do customer research for 26:13 Val’s approach to balancing qualitative and quantitative data 32:06 Klaviyo’s SMS product update  36:54 How do upgrade your flows with SMS 41:31 Ways you can optimize your abandoned cart 47:31 The power of marketing automation 52:00 How to design your customer acquisition flywheel 55:29 Val’s Email Marketing Hall of Fame Links and Resources: Val Geisler’s Website Klaviyo Rev.com Otter.ai Enjoy HQ The Coalition @a_brawn on Twitter Review or subscribe on iTunes


25 May 2021

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058 - Unprepared: Better Practices for Post-Purchase and Email Automation with Val Geisler

Honest Ecommerce

In this podcast, we talk about customer retention through post-purchase, ways to make your post-purchase campaign more effective, how subscriptions can help Ecommerce, and more.  Val Geisler’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovevalgeisler Val Geisler’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lovevalgeisler Fix My Churn Website: https://fixmychurn.com/ Val Geisler’s Website: https://www.valgeisler.com/ Honest Ecommerce is a weekly podcast, community & educational resource providing online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business. If you like our podcast, consider subscribing & joining our FREE Facebook group http://honestecommerce.co/


18 Mar 2021

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Email: Turn sign ups into buyers with the perfect Welcome Campaign with Val Geisler

Keep Optimising

Val is the founder and Chief Email Optimizer at Fix My Churn. AND an email obsessive. Val’s been obsessed with helping eCommerce businesses improve their email marketing performance for over a decade. In this episode she shares her 'Dinner Party Strategy' an easy to follow template for structuring the perfect 6-part Email Welcome Campaign. It's possible to build and put live within just 24 hours of learning about it - so if you've been struggling to create a Welcome Campaign that turns your email sign ups into buyers - you really need to listen to this one!Get all the links and resources we mention at KeepOptimising.comBetween recording and releasing this episode Val's become a Customer Evangelist at Klaviyo - how cool is that!?Episode sponsored by KlaviyoThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


10 Mar 2021

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Val Geisler — Email Marketing, Customer Empathy, and The Dinner Party Strategy

Everything Is Marketing

On the show today is Val Geisler. Val is now the Customer Evangelist for Klaviyo and was previously the Chief Email Officer of Fix My Churn. She's worked with many SaaS and e-commerce companies to improve their email marketing and retention.I wanted to bring Val on because she is one of the go-to's for all things email marketing. She eats, breaths, and lives email.You'll hear about how her background as a stage and event manager helped her build out her consulting practice and collaborate on email marketing, how you can level up your transactional emails to build your brand, upsell, and drive loyalty, and her flagship Dinner Party Strategy for setting up onboarding emails.More on Val: @lovevalgeisler on Twitter The Dinner Party Strategy Sponsored by SparkLoop — the referral tool for newsletters. Hundreds of smart newsletter creators use SparkLoop to get more, high-quality email subscribers on autopilot. Get started in 5 minutes and start a free 30-day trial → sparkloop.app/eim🙌 Thank Val for coming on the show with a quick tweetIf you've got a question or takeaway you want to share from this episode, you can do so in the Swipe Files community. You can chat with guests of the podcast as well as a bunch of other top-notch marketers. Join a community that will help you do your best work and be prolific. Check it out at swipefiles.com/membershipI write an occasional newsletter about cutting-edge, comprehensive, and sometimes even crazy marketing ideas. Subscribe to become a better marketer, one idea at a time at swipefiles.comYou can also get my free newsletter Marketing Weekly. It's a curated digest of the best marketing content in your inbox every Sunday morning.If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts or your podcast player of choice? It takes less than a minute and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews!Looking for marketing jobs? Check out Hey Marketers, a free job board I created just for marketing jobs.★ Support this podcast ★

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8 Feb 2021

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Win at SEO by Becoming Somebody's Favorite Onboarding - Val Geisler

SEO for the Rest of Us

Onboarding. Not that exciting. Right? Wrong. Think about the last party you went to. (Remember parties?) How'd the host greet you at the door? Did they show you around? Introduce you to other people? SEO isn’t just about getting clicks from Google. You need clicks that drive your business and also contribute to a customer lifecycle, not just a funnel. We need those cold visitors to convert, to subscribe to our ideas and worldview, and then want to become evangelists. BUT, you can also use an online element to make every single person who comes to your site from Google and subscribes or buys, into a RAVING FAN. Our guest today has experience working in marketing for nonprofits, big tech companies. she’s IN-credible. Matt Hall, the founder of Common People, says “Have you ever seen a movie that changes how you see the world? And suddenly the world feels a little different, a little more exciting? Her training was one of those moments for me in business.” She’s been called an email geek, a copywriter, a marketer, and a real game changer. You can just call her Val.


8 Feb 2021

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Making Email Your Best Revenue Stream – Val Geisler (Fix My Churn)

The Ecommerce Insights Show

In this episode, we talk to Val Geisler, an email marketing expert and founder of Fix My Churn.Val is known for being the go-to resource for "all things email marketing," but we give special attention to two areas in this episode: The must-have campaigns and automations to reach "good enough"  Intermediate strategies for converting and retaining more of your subscription customers In other words, we share how to check the box for the 20% of email marketing strategies that will get you 80% of the financial results.We also included a little surprise for our loyal listeners – a live email campaign teardown. Val walks us through her real-life purchasing experience with a brand in the personal care space and shares her thoughts on what they get right as well as where they can improve.So, if you're looking for a playbook for leveling up your email marketing, or if you want to learn from the actual experiments and campaigns being run by an active brand, this is the episode for you.BONUS Resource:Make sure to check out Val's Dinner Party Strategy. It's a collection of resources to help you build an email welcome series that will create an army of loyal customers.Want to be a guest on our show? Have feedback or ideas for how we can improve? Send your thoughts over to podcast@thegood.com. We'll be keeping an eye on that inbox. :)The Ecommerce Insights Show is brought to you by The Good, a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultancy specializing in helping ecommerce businesses accelerate their growth through better research, testing, and design. Learn more about our team, our work, and our services at www.thegood.com.


22 Jan 2021

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How To Write Emails That Customers Love Opening with Val Geisler

Customer Show

Email is one of the very few direct channels of communication that you have with your customer. When done right, emails can help you to stand out in a mountain of spam while also making you money. Val Geisler joins Katelyn Bourgoin to explain: How to pull customers towards your brand How to write emails that your customers are going to love opening The difference between Features and Benefits (and which is more important to your customer) And so much more Val Geisler is the Co-Founder and Chief Email Optimizer at Fix My Churn. Follow Val on Twitter Follow Katelyn on Twitter Get your Free Customer Ranking Calculator


13 Nov 2020

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SaaS Churn, with Val Geisler

SaaS Boss

In this episode I interview Val Geisler and we talk about the impact of customer churn on your SaaS business. Val Geisler is the founder and CEO (that's Chief Email Officer for the rest of you nerds out there) of Fix My Churn. With an obsession for customer communication, Val spent over a decade inside companies from non-profits to 7-figure businesses to tech startups. She brings her background in content creation, CX, and digital strategy to her clients every day. We discuss: - How to start analyzing SaaS customer churn metrics - The generally acceptable annual churn rate for SaaS companies - How the dinner party strategy can help you onboard customers - How to use successfully use videos in your welcome email Resources: – Connect with Natalie on Facebook – Join SaaS Boss Facebook Community


12 Nov 2020