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#200 The Jinx//The Robert Durst Story

True Crime Guys

*This episode was originally released 12-22-2021 on Patreon... We break down the life and alleged crimes of millionaire real estate heir, Robert Durst! https://www.magicmind.co/truecrimeguys Magic Mind Codeword: TRUECRIMEGUYS20 takecareof.com Code: Creeper50 EVERYTHING TRUE CRIME GUYS:   https://linktr.ee/Truecrimeguysproductions Patreon.com/truecrimeguys Merch: truecrimeguys.threadless.com OhMyGaia.com Facebook Twitter/Instagram: @TrueCrimeGuys @AndImMichael @sandupodcast STICKERS CREEPER MERCH Sources: The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015) - IMDb Book: "A Deadly Secret; The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst" by Matt Birkbeck (2015) https://meaww.com/who-was-bernice-robert-durst-saw-mother-jump-to-death-from-roof-of-ny-home-brother-douglas-says-lie https://www.npr.org/2021/09/17/1038465926/robert-durst-convicted-of-murder-in-best-friends-killing https://www.britannica.com/biography/Robert-Durst https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/who-is-robert-durst-accused-of-killing-susan-berman-morris-black/ https://www.nytimes.com/article/robert-durst-trial.html

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25 Jan 2023

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469: Who Was Robert Durst | Dark Side Flashback

True Crime Today | A True Crime Podcast

This is a True Crime Today, DARK SIDE, Flashback! If you like TRUE CRIME TODAY - Be sure to search and subscribe wherever you download podcasts! Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/true-crime-today-a-true-crime-podcast/id1504280230?uo=4 Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/0GYshi6nJCf3O0aKEBTOPs Stitcher http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/real-ghost-stories-online-2/dark-side-of-wikipedia-true-crime-disturbing-stories iHeart https://www.iheart.com/podcast/270-Dark-Side-of-Wikipedia-Tru-60800715 Amazon https://music.amazon.com/podcasts/565dc51b-d214-4fab-b38b-ae7c723cb79a/Dark-Side-of-Wikipedia-True-Crime-Dark-History Google Podcasts https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hdWRpb2Jvb20uY29tL2NoYW5uZWxzLzUwMDEyNjAucnNz Or Search "True Crime Today" for the best in True Crime ANYWHERE you get podcasts! Support the show at http://www.patreon.com/truecrimetoday Update Description


18 Jan 2023

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King of the Cold Cases Tells All! Ep. 2 Robert Durst's Shocking Admission!

Roberta Glass True Crime Report

In the second episode of Roberta’s three part series with Los Angeles Deputy DA John Lewin, the "King of the Cold Cases" explains how he "guts" a testifying witness and why his unorthodox style is so sucessful and finally tells all about his Perry Mason moment trying Robert Durst. The Roberta Glass True Crime Report is produced by Ati Abdo MacDonald. This episode was made possible by Roberta's patrons: Jon, Melissa, Victoria, Una, Kay Be, Happy Jack, Toni Woodland, Evan Scott, Danbit, Maureen P, Toni Natalie, Devon Ann, Kenny Haines and Holly from Dallas. Support Roberta's unique true crime reporting:https://patreon.com/robertaglasstruecrimereporthttps://buymeacoffee.com/robertaglasshttps://venmo.com/robertaglass


2 Sep 2022

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Susan Criss | Presiding Judge in Robert Durst's 2003 Trial


Picture it: you’re at a formal dinner and get seated among strangers. Everyone goes around and shares their name and where they’re from. One table mate says “I’m Susan, I’m from Galveston.” You can’t help but say “Galveston? I can’t hear that without thinking of Robert Durst.” People laugh knowingly. Did I mention the dinner was at CrimeCon? Aforementioned table mate says “I was the judge who presided over Bob Durst’s trial in 2003, for the murder of Morris Black.”Friends, when I say my jaw dropped I need you to believe me! So this story is true and you can bet that I made good on my promise to contact Susan after CrimeCon to have her on the podcast.Today’s guest is my dinner mate, Susan Criss. Former prosecutor, then judge, now criminal defense attorney. In addition to spilling some Durst tea, she also talks about her unique vantage point given her experience playing every role in a courtroom. Color me ECSTATIC.Susan Criss is a true crime enthusiast just like us. In fact, she is working on a book and went to CrimeCon for market research. I think I gave her more than she bargained for. Life is full of surprises. Please enjoy this episode.Did you enjoy this episode of DIE-ALOGUE? Please tell a friend, share on your social media, and consider becoming a DIE-HARD on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/creator-homeIf you loved the episode, please share it on Instagram and Twitter and tag @diealoguepod !This episode is sponsored by Athletic Greens: Visit athleticgreens.com/EMERGING for an exciting offer.DIE-ALOGUE is sponsored in part by She’s Birdie – the stylish and effective, personal safety alarms that I honestly don’t leave home without! You can get 10% off your Birdie purchase when you shop this link: https://www.shesbirdie.com/?rfsn=4885943.d5e5e8Follow us on social media — we are @diealoguepod across all platforms.Please rate and review DIE-ALOGUE if you haven't already?! Then share the show with your friends, family, foes, + true crime communities.Rate on apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/die-alogue-a-true-crime-conversation/id1470890320Rate on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/64IHCryN2jFaswrVIzMV8wThank you for joining the conversation. You can always drop a line via the website https://www.rebekahsebastian.com/discover/#contactor by email: rebekah@yellowtapemedia.com


18 May 2022

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247: Who Is Robert Durst? | True Crime Podcast

True Crime Today | A True Crime Podcast

He had it all. Millions of dollars, by all outside standards, a life like no other. Then the accusations started coming in. Accusations of murder. Murder of his ex-wife, a friend and neighbor. Then, he went missing… after a multi-state manhunt he was found… and still to this day… awaits a final verdict. Today the story of Robert Durst so far… On the Dark Side of Wikipedia. Get more at http://www.darksidepod.com Visit our True Crime podcast website http://www.darksideofwiki.com


20 Apr 2022

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Robert Durst: Fast Food Addict

Bag Fries with Bruce Gray & Kevin Tienken

Like what if Robert Durst was on the toilet feeling guilty about eating too much In N Out Leave us a review: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/brain-jail/id1472896599 Send us an Email: BagFriesPod@Gmail.com Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/X8RRmGY Direct RSS: https://feed.podbean.com/brainjail/feed.xml Follow Kevin Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevintienken Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kevintienken Follow Bruce Twitter: http://twitter.com/BruceGrayLive Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brucegray Listen to Bruce's podcast Fat Jocks: https://linktr.ee/fatjocks

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21 Mar 2022

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Murder Made Me Famous: Robert Durst

Real Crime: The REELZ Files

Robert Durst is the former, high-profile real estate tycoon and star of HBO’s The Jinx. He first gained the media’s attention with the disappearance of his wife in 1982. Although Durst was investigated, his wife’s body was never found and all charges were dropped against him. In 2001, he was convicted, and later acquitted, of the dismemberment of his neighbor’s body and dumping it into the Galveston bay. Deranged and still up to no good, Durst was later arrested in 2015 for the 2000 murder of friend Susan Berman. Durst is currently awaiting trial for the death of Berman. Like what you hear and want more true crime and mystery? Go to https://www.reelz.com/podcasts/  


24 Feb 2022

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Maybe, Possibly, Definitely... the Case of Robert Durst Ep 3

The True Crime Librarian

Karma is making its way back around and the only name on its list... Robert Alan Durst and the whole world is watching as the eccentric millionaire inserts himself into the production of HBO's documentary about his life and presumed crimes, and mistakes were made... mistakes that have a high ticket price, his life. Join me as we closed out this insane case that is/was Robert Durst's life! Be sure to head over to Patreon where you can listen to this episode ad-free... www.patreon.com/thetruecrimelibrarian www.thetruecrimelibrarian.com ww.scottbuckley.com.au/library Recommended Reading for this series: "A Deadly Secret the Strange Disappearance of Kathie Durst" by Matt Birkbeck AMAZON-USED>> Deadly Secret, A: The Strange Disappearance of Kathie Durst: Birkbeck, Matt: 9780425189153: Amazon.com: Books AMAZON-NEW>> Amazon.com: A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst (Audible Audio Edition): Matt Birkbeck, David H. Lawrence XVII, Penguin Audio: Audible Books & Originals A big THANK YOU to Scott Buckley and his beautiful craft of TTCL's episodes, be sure to head over and see what he's been mixing up... Research By: Ashlee O'Rourke Music: Scott Buckley --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/truecrimelibrarian/support


14 Feb 2022

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Maybe, Possibly, Definitely... the Case of Robert Durst Ep 2

The True Crime Librarian

Susan Berman was true to her friend all the way to the end. Robert feared facing the justice system in connection with Kathie's disappearance and he is doing whatever it takes to maintain his freedom and he'll take out anyone that gets in his way... Be sure to head over to Patreon where you can listen to this episode ad-free... www.patreon.com/thetruecrimelibrarian www.thetruecrimelibrarian.com ww.scottbuckley.com.au/library A big THANK YOU to Scott Buckley and his beautiful craft of TTCL's episodes, be sure to head over and see what he's been mixing up... Research By: Ashlee O'Rourke Music: Scott Buckley This week's producers: --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/truecrimelibrarian/support


8 Feb 2022

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Episode 76: Robert Durst and The battle of Shiloh

Histories and Mysteries

Ashley tells us about the crazy crimes and life of Robert Durst who was once described as a "Particularly unattractive female."Jessica gives us a little US history lesson when regaling us with stories of the Civil war! Specifically the Battle of Shiloh and some interesting glowing wounds!

1hr 2mins

17 Jan 2022