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Mastering Live Workshops To Acquire New Clients with Dr. Steve Tullius

None Of Your Business Podcast

There is nothing like an in-person event where, ideas and people meet. As a service professional, this presents an incredible opportunity to share a message and draw people into your business. In this episode Dr. Steve Tullius of Waitlist Workshops talks about his "done-for-you" system that is helping entrepreneurs in multiple industries use live workshops to bring in new customers and create massive ROI's!Be sure to check out Steve's website:www.waitlistworkshops.com


7 Apr 2021

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Dr. Steve Tullius, raising our impact while becoming clear in our message.

The Get Naked Show with Dr. Aura

Love how raw my guest got on this episode and helped our audience get even more clear in our message to serve the world.  Dr. Steve Tullius is an international speaker, chiropractor and marketing strategist. His Center for Health and Human Potential clinics help children with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families as well as individuals with chronic, challenging cases. His digital marketing agency Chiropractic Is... helps chiropractors create the demand for their much needed services in their communities. Thanks for listening and rating my podcast. It is my true pleasure to bring you innovative interviews with amazing individuals full of successful stories for you to keep getting naked and live your best life. If this resonates with you and you would like to know if my online or personal programs are right for you, message me at www.Dr-Aura.com. Love and appreciate you, stay Naked and true to yourself, Dr. Aura


23 Nov 2019

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Steve Tullius: Wait List Workshops [Podcast]

Mile High Chiro Podcast

Steve Tullius: Wait List Workshops [Podcast]This week’s Mile High podcast features Dr. Steve Tullius who runs a pediatric, family-focused practice in San Diego, California, where 60% of the patients he sees are children. His office is focused on vertebral subluxation-centered care for individuals with neuro-developmental issues. In addition to practice, his company, “Chiropractic Is”, creates chiropractic websites, marking systems, and educational materials. He is the vice president of the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations. Steve’s favorite quote is: “Out there in those great open spaces are multitudes seeking what you possess.” B.J. PalmerIn this podcast Steve shares that he is to having wait-list his workshops.  His presentations are  standing room only, as he talks about chiropractic and a healthier life through chiropractic. How would you like to find out how you can do the same thing?  Just listen!Listen to the podcast: Download as MP3 by Right clicking here and choosing “save as” Steve is a past Mile High presenter and will be joining more than 25 other fabulous speakers set to rise up on stage at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.  If you haven’t registered yourself and your team yet, do it now at www.milehighchiroregistration.comLooking forward to  seeing you and your team on higher ground in August!


3 Oct 2019

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E38: Steve Tullius: Scientific Basis for Subluxation

Chiropractic Research Breakdown

LIVE with chirorockstar and subluxation extraordinaire Steve Tullius, D.C., ACP crushing: "The scientific basis for the salutogenic management on vertebral subluxation." Wow. We love delivering certainty to you AND your community so feel free to check out some of our research-informed newsletters and social media posts to go along with this podcast at chiroedgemedia.com


31 May 2019

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Episode 10- BONUS- Interview with Dr. Steve Tullius- Killing it with Events

ChiroSocialTech Raw

Episode 10 Episode 9- *BonusBONUS- Interview with Dr. Steve Tullius- Killing it with EventsWelcome to the tenth episode of ChiroSocialTech Raw with host, Nicole Cowley bring you a bonus episode with guest, Dr. Steven Tullius from Chiropractic Is in San Diego, CA.   This is your weekly raw byte of pure chiropractic marketing content delivered to you in both podcast and live format.This podcast is a replay of the infamous weekly Facebook live social media, technology and online marketing show for chiropractors. I met Dr. Steven Tullius through the found of VitaLogics Chiropractic EHR, Frank Ju.  Dr. Tulius is Frank’s chiropractor.  I have followed him and our paths have connected again through being in mutual groups like Mile High Chiropractic with Dr. Daniel Knowles and the Black Diamond Club with Drs. Shawn Dill and Lacey Book.In this bonus episode, Dr. Tullius gives us an exclusive inside look at his program that is filling rooms across the country.  The programs are built around specific topics and use social media and online marketing strategies to get targeted people that will benefit from attending the workshop.Dr. Tullius has cracked the code for turning Facebook ads into new patients for your chiropractic clinic.  Learn more in this show. Follow me on Facebook to catch the next Live Podcast Recordingfacebook.com/purduenicole Every Thursday around 12:30 PM ESTConnect with Dr. Steve Tullius You’ll be amazed at how we are able to fill your workshop for you while you sit back and prepare with the content we’ve created. The Mental Health Matters Program takes all the guesswork out of attracting the public, building your email list, and transitioning those contacts into highly qualified and ideal patients.https://chiropracticis.com/author/ticwebmaster/https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Tullius/ Listen on:ITunesStitcher AppGoogle PlayChiroSocialTech Raw Podcast Show RSS


25 Sep 2017

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Steve Tullius: Seeing Miracles in Chiropractic [Podcast]

Mile High Chiro Podcast

"We must not allow any sort of fear interfere with our ability to fulfill our moral obligation." - Steve TulliusOften people ask, “Why are we not seeing as many miracles in chiropractic as in chiropractic's early days?” I will submit that it's because too few chiropractors have had a chiropractic experience, either in their own health or life, or in that of the people for whom they care. Thus, they water down chiropractic. Furthermore, chiropractic schools are teaching less and less chiropractic, so people are learning it elsewhere if they’re fortunate enough to do so.In this episode, our special guest is Steve Tullius. He serves the IFCO and is an ACP graduate. Steve also dedicates a tremendous amount of time to mentoring other chiropractic teams, helping in the chiropractic political realm in addition to caring for patients in his own office. Read his bio hereIn addition to caring for his own son, who has health challenges, Dr. Steve Tullius has grown his skill set, enabling him to communicate with and focus on pediatric patients who have had neuro-developmental disorders. By focusing as a specialist, who serves that population with subluxation corrective care, Dr. Steve has been able to grow a pediatric-focused practice, help a tremendous number of kids and see more chiropractic miracles in his practice.Steve will be one of the core speakers at this year’s Mile High event in Denver. Join us August 17th-20th, 2017, at Higher Altitude! You can save yourself some money if you register right now, before the next rise in the investment level. Register here: www.milehighchiro.org/pre-register Listen to it on iTunesDownload as MP3 by Right clicking here and choosing "save as"Question of the day: "How important is research in chiropractic?" Please let me know in the comments.Scroll below for links and show notes...Questions I asked:How can chiropractors see more kids?Why aren't we seeing as many miracles in chiropractic?What kind of result is your unraveling Neurodevelopmental disorders program getting?What does the future look like for chiropractic?Links and Resources Mentioned:ChiropracticIs WebsiteChiropracticIs Facebook PageDr. Steve Tullius' Free E-BookAutomated Pediatric Practice Building Strategy Follow Steve Tullius: Facebook | InstagramYou may also like these episodes:Patrick Gentempo: Philosophy, Practice Success, and Chiropractic PoliticsJudy Nutz Campanale: Making Chiropractic Philosophy PracticalMile High 2016 Highlight ReelJacob Sims: Inspiring Chiropractic FutureDana Pittner: Building a world class team of chiropractic professionalsPam Jarboe Marketing and Branding[optinform]


11 May 2017

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KC 13: Addressing Cognitive Delays in a Chiropractic Office With Dr Steve Tullius


This week my mentor Dr Steve Tullius and I get down to the nitty gritty with an in-depth conversation about cognitive delays, sensory processing disorders and autism. […] The post KC 13: Addressing Cognitive Delays in a Chiropractic Office With Dr Steve Tullius appeared first on Beacon Clinic of Chiropractic.


6 Mar 2017

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Episode 117 — CCE Drops Bombshell at 03/16/12 Stakeholder Meeting: An Interview with MCQI’s Dr. Steve Tullius

SpinalColumnRadio - chiropractic interviews, philosophy, history, politics, comedy | Spinal Column Radio for the chiropracTOR

BREAKING NEWS -- On March 16, 2012, The Council of Chiropractic Education (CCE) held it's first "Stakeholder Meeting"in which it invited select groups of the profession — an effort demonstrating it's attempt to build bridges and resolve the record-breaking list of violations that were handed down to it from the Department of Education National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity's (NACIQI) December reaccreditation hearings. NACIQI found CCE to be in violation of 42 different issues. Most notable however was the "43rd violation" in which they stated: “In addition to the numerous issues identified in the staff report, NACIQI asks [CCE] to demonstrate compliance with Section 602.13 dealing with the wide acceptance of its standards, policies, procedures, and decisions; and to address how its standards advance quality in chiropractic education.” NACIQI granted the CCE continued accrediting authority provided that it could adequately resolve the list of violations within a year's time. The "Stakeholder Meeting" was its first attempt to resolve issues surrounding being more representative of the differences in philosophy that exist in our profession. Unfortunately, as we'll find out from one of the attendees, the meeting ended up being quite the opposite. Today on Spinal Column Radio we welcome back the cofounder of the Movement for Chiropractic Quality and Integrity (MCQI), Dr. Steve Tullius, to find out the the "Stakeholder Meeting" was just that — "an attempt to 'stake' anyone that dare question CCE authority or make constructive comments regarding chiropractic education to the wall."

21 Mar 2012

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Dr. Steve Tullius on CCE

Chiropractic BioPhysics Podcast

1hr 8mins

17 Jan 2012

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ChiropracTOR Steve Tullius

Chiropractic BioPhysics Podcast

1hr 1min

11 Oct 2011