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Varieties of love in Plato, Jesus, Ibn 'Arabi and other mystics. Jane Clark & Mark Vernon

Mark Vernon - Talks and Thoughts

It is often noted that the ancient Greeks had an advantage in possessing several words for love. Eros, philia, agape and others allowed them to be nuanced about love and navigate its differences. So is there benefit in considering how love has been understood in different wisdom traditions, too? This conversation, hosted by the Pari Center, explores how love has been understood in various faith contexts and across time, looking at Christian, Sufi, Platonic and other insights. The aim will be to tease out similarities and differences so as to deepen and refresh the felt presence of love in our lives.Jane Clark is a teacher and independent researcher who has been studying the Islamic mystical tradition for more than forty years. She is a Senior Research Fellow of the Muhyiddin Ibn ʿArabi Society, and also the editor of Beshara Magazine.For more on Mark Vernon - www.markvernon.com00:03:29 Four kinds of ancient Greek love00:09:13 Four kinds of love within Islam00:15:34 Love and spiritual paths in Neoplatonism00:25:34 Love and the Sufi path00:32:48 Love and suffering within Christianity00:38:20 The fire of love in Ibn ‘Arabi and Dante00:40:56 Is creation God’s act of love in Plato and Christianity00:46:57 God making a hidden treasure known in Sufism00:52:20 Is God love? Is God beauty?00:57:13 The unconditional love of God00:58:30 Charity, pastoralia and hospitality01:03:58 The imperative for sacrificial love after the Reformation01:10:30 Devotion, love of saints and idolatry01:13:43 Attitudes to sex and sin across traditions01:19:07 Attitudes to friendship across traditions01:26:23 What about love and suffering?01:32:38 Is there hope in collective movements of love?

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2 Jun 2022

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Ep.7 Laura Jane Clark: Turning problem pads into heavenly homes

The designerati podcast

Laura Jane Clark is a Glasgow based architect known as the one with the Midas touch on BBC 2’s: Your home made perfect.  Famous for turning problem pads into heavenly homes.Who is the woman that first spotted potential in £20,000 of old underground toilet space in Crystal palace that she creatively transformed into affluent living space?  What skills and personality traits are needed to blend together hundreds of hours of professional initial design meetings and from this to create a unique learning design method available for any homeowner to download at home.  It’s time to challenge design perspectives with TV’s most loved architecture from: Your home made perfect.


11 Apr 2022

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Wayne chats with Laura Jane Clark, Architect on BBC TWO 'Your Home Made Perfect"

THE TV CARPENTER : Home Makeovers with Wayne Perrey

This week I chat with Architect and TV presenter Laura Jane ClarkYou will have seen her as a judge on C4 Shed of the year, and the smash-hit BBC 2  'Your Home Made Perfect.Guest: www.Lamparchitects.co.ukwww.sirensister.co.ukSponsor: To take advantage of the generous 15% discount from my sponsor Thorndown, please visit http://bit.ly/TVCarpenter. Discount code: TVCarpenterContact me: www.theTVcarpenter.comMusic: "What's the Angle" by Shane Ivers


5 Feb 2021

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Ep 67 Shar & Co Podcast Show with Jane Clark

Shar & Co Podcast Show with Shar Moore



9 Nov 2020

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An interview with Architect and TV Expert on Your Home Made Perfect Laura Jane Clark

Live Your Own Way - with Lucy Gleeson Interiors

I chat with Laura Jane Clark about her career as an Architect, how she became an Expert on programmes such as Your Home Made Perfect and Shed of the Year - and about her new website to encourage diversity in the world of Design and Architecture on television. There's a little exclusive at the end too. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Jul 2020

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EP. 140 Jane Clark

The QueerCentric

Creator, director, producer and outright entertainer, Jane Clark is the guest we're exited for this week. She's a self starter and never takes no for an answer. That's now she came up with and created Crazy Bitches. It's your typical comedy horror show except that it's not typical at all. Filled with depth, great acting and a great story, it's no wonder season two just premiered. We'll chat about it all with Jane Clark! Thanks to Sportsmens Lodge for their continued support of The Martini Lounge. 


27 Sep 2019

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Episode 89: Jane Clark

Dead for Filth with Michael Varrati

This week, we're taking on killer vanity as we welcome Jane Clark, acclaimed filmmaker of METH HEAD, CRAZY BITCHES, and the recently released CRAZY BITCHES: SPA DAYS! Among other things, Jane discusses the harrowing real life connections that inspired her to create a powerful film about addiction, her experience of taking a feature project and restructuring it as an ongoing series, and the significance of allyship in the ongoing discussion of crafting queer narratives.

1hr 2mins

23 Aug 2019

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HBS 018 Jane Clark Director

Hollywood Breakthrough Show with Danielle Tillis : TV & Film | Comedy | Podcast For Entertainment Careers In TV & Film

**Warning**: This Interview May Contains Explicit Language, Viewer discretion advised! JANE CLARK – DIRECTOR | FILMS CRAZY BITCHES, AND METH HEAD DVD – Available now to Buy DVD – with Extra Footage CRAZY BITCHES Film Available, now on iTunes & Amazon DemandBuy the DVD – Available Now! Also, Available on VOD platforms and digitally on Xbox, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, Playstation, Amazon and oniTunes at Crazy Bitches"An A in my book…" Kim Hoffman, After Ellen"Filled with laughs, suspense and well-crafted gore…" – Travis Brown, Horror Movies Uncut"CRAZY BITCHES refreshes a genre that was getting tired and tiresome." ChicagoPride.com"It’s a fun romp that will make you laugh and cringe, often at the same time, but will definitely keep guessing until the last minute. It’s a film you don’t want to miss." – Marcus Thomas,This Is Infamous "kill scenes are fun, dialogue rich and a surprise ending that I totally enjoyed." Chad Armstrong, leglesscorpse.comLog-line: 7 women and 1 fab gay guy go to a remote ranch for some R&R, but things go horribly wrong when one by one they are killed by their own vanity."All That She Could Be" – Music by Sarah Solovay Film Crazy Bitches – www.thecrazybitchesmovie.com Select Links Below: Thank You for checking out Hollywood Breakthrough Show! This podcast main purpose is to serve up positive information without shade. There are thousands of great Films & TV shows with, Staff Writers, Editors, Cinematographer, Actors, Set Designers, and Make-up Artist just to name a few. Join us at Hollywood Breakthrough Show, as we interview some of the most talented people in the business, which names you may, or may not know! But you have seen their work! Whether they're well- established veterans of the business, or current up and comers, these are the people who are making a living in Hollywood. Screenwriters, directors, producers and entertainment industry professionals share inside perspective on writing, filmmaking, breaking into Hollywood and navigating SHOW BUSINESS, along with stories of their journey to success! HELP SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE! SCREENWRITERS, DIRECTORS, AUTHORS, we would love to help spread the word about your Film, Book, Crowdfunding, etc., Contact us! (EMAIL: Info@hollywoodbreakthrough.com ) See Videos of all interviews at Hollywood Breakthrough Please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! Follow us on  Social Media Sites |  Twitter @TheBreakThur|  Facebook: facebook.com/HollywoodBreakthroughPodcast Please, Subscribe! Also, Please contact us for Interviews or Sponsorship of an episode!  Hollywood Breakthrough Show Website (EMAIL: Info@hollywoodbreakthrough.com ) View Apps Sponsor: Hollywood Hero Agent Fenix Hill Pro Scottie The Baby Dino

1hr 9mins

1 Jan 2016

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BEHIND THE LENS #6: Featuring Jonathon Narducci and Jane Clark

Behind The Lens

This week on BEHIND THE LENS, we're talking Brides, Bitches, Baymax and, surprisingly, Bathrooms!!Catch the live hilarity between writer/director Jane Clark and debbie as they talk CRAZY BITCHES! And Jonathon Narducci fills us in on the good the bad and the oh-no-you-didn't exploits of the email Ukraine bride industry with the eye-opening doc LOVE ME.Listen to directors Don Hall and Chris Williams talk about Baymax and their Oscar nominated BIG HERO 6.And of course……check out all the visual aids and swag on display courtesy of those great folks at Disney!http://behindthelensonline.net http://eliasentertainmentnetwork.com


9 Feb 2015

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#123: Jane Clark Talks CRAZY BITCHES

Horrible Imaginings Podcast Archives - Dread Central

No, Jane Clark won’t be talking smack about some ladies she knows, but rather about her new horror comedy CRAZY BITCHES, a tongue-in-cheek slasher film about a killer who targets objects of vanity. Writer-Director Jane Clark hops over to Monster Island Resort to talk about writing and directing the film, her experiences as an indie Read More…

2 Sep 2014