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The dynamic duo, Dark and Saunders (Chris Dark and Chris Saunders) join us to chat about their Infinite collaboration and Vaseline....

International Award Winning Landscape Photographer Christian Fletcher and Carwyn chat to some Lightminded Friends.

The dynamic duo, Dark and Saunders (Chris Dark and Chris Saunders) join us to chat about their Infinite collaboration and Vaseline....


25 Mar 2021

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Chris Saunders & the Soulhouse Sessions Live in the Mix on UWC- Radio


Listen to the Deep & Soulful House Sounds of Chris Saunders Live in the mix from the Soulhouse on UWC-Radio


28 Apr 2020

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Chris Saunders and the Soulhouse Sessions live on UWC_radio 20th April 2020


Listen again to Monday Nights Soulhouse sessions with Chris Saunders Live in the mix on UWC-Radio.com . for 2 hours of House Goodness

2hr 4mins

21 Apr 2020

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Chris Saunders on UWC-Radio 23rd March 2020


Listen to the Soulhouse Sessions with Chris Saunders Live in the mix from Monday 23rd March 2020. " hours of soulful, deep and Jackin House Music

2hr 3mins

23 Mar 2020

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Expert Interview - Chris Saunders: Building Your Buyers List Using Facebook

Deals Today

How to Find Hordes of Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Wholesale deals... .... Using Facebook Paid Ads If you’re curious about using Facebook to enhance your business and attract cash buyers, then you'll want to tune into this...Facebook expert Chris Saunders explains how Facebook advertising can be used to effectively reach motivated buyers and sellers. His biggest client is New Western Acquisitions where he regularly finds investors on Facebook to quickly sell their contracts to on a daily basis… and in this interview, he’ll unpack the basics of Facebook advertising for your next campaign and help you increase lead generation within a streamlined budget.You’ll learn what it takes to start a Facebook ad campaign and grow your buyer's list for your wholesale deals.You’ll Also Hear about… What’s the minimum to budget for FB The most important factor to a successful ad campaign: It’s a component that only Facebook has. What “retargeting” is and how you can increase your conversion by 40% using it Why FB works the best for immediate leads The benefits of Facebook advertising versus Google Adwords and SEO How to use the targeting system for ONLY people interested in selling, your direct mail list, and people who’ve visited your website The price points within Facebook advertising campaigns Tips on tracking metrics for digital campaigns How to set up an account Low-cost ways to jumpstart your Facebook advertising campaign The importance of building a target audience Tips for writing effective ad copy How to find buyers for your real estate wholesale deals and much more Here’s another tip, to learn how to set up and manage Facebook Campaigns to capture buyers and sellers, check out these affordable packages at www.realestateaudios.com/ChrisAlright, let’s get started...[ss_player]Download and Read PDF Transcript Here


27 Dec 2019

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Chris Saunders on UWC RADIO November 18th 2019


Love your HOUSE MUSIC soulful then lock on now

1hr 59mins

21 Dec 2019

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Chris Saunders VB2019

Vocal Booth Weekender DJ Mixes

Another of the fantastic live performances from this year's Vocal Booth Weekender. We have eclectic poolside sets through to out and out club bangers. Subscribe now.Join us at VB2020: 11 - 16th September 2020


31 Oct 2019

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Episode #25 - Chris Saunders - Singer/Songwriter and Segnon Tiewul - Music Producer

Drop the Mic with Daron Jenkins

Daron talks music with Singer / Songwriter Chris Saunders and Segnon Tiewul, Music Producer Follow Chris on IG at https://www.instagram.com/chrissaunders_music Follow Segnon on IG at https://www.instagram.com/segnontv

1hr 5mins

16 Dec 2018

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Into the Roar S1 - Chris Saunders

Running Into the Roar



4 Dec 2018

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Ease Suffering & Follow Your Wholeheart with Chris Saunders

The WHY Blog

I couldn’t fulfill my mission if I was holding onto my pain.” Pain, fear, shame, doubt. All emotions that hold us in a place we don’t want to be. A place that seems eerily comfortable and yet completely unbreakable. Feelings that hold us back from our greatest potential. So, if it isn’t good to stay in this place, what makes it so important? What is it about suffering that takes us deeper when we fight it? What can we do to get out of a place of pain and suffering? How can we tap into our place of love and wholehearted living? Chris Saunders has lived both sides of this coin and has acquired a little bit of wisdom along the way. The more we can have empathy in relationship, that’s the key.” After 16 years as an Addictions Therapist, Chris found herself and her heart transitioning to that of self discovery. During her years as a therapist, Chris was sexually assaulted, leaving her with pain, suffering, and a crumbled heart. It wasn’t until one of her first divine appointments that Chris realized she had some pain to work on. After receiving tickets to a Tony Robbins retreat for her and her husband, Chris found her heart opening up into a new space of healing. By going into the deep pain that was on her heart. Chris discovered new gifts. She found that her heart was calling her to the broken hearts of others. Believe that what’s in your heart is true and shareable.” With this new self belief, this new power, Chris launched into her coaching career, began writing for One Tribe magazine, and now hosts a weekly show on ExPat radio. All mediums lead back to her building community and sharing hearts with the world. They allow her the space to grow her own heart, connect to others, and feed more empathy into the world. The WHY / / Ease Suffering for People Wherever & Whenever Possible "God is LOVE" Enjoy Chris’ journey as she dives into a tough life trauma, how she re-discovered her relationship with God, and how she brings Wholeheartedness into Coaching. Follow Chris: Facebook Instagram Website


7 Nov 2018