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Content Advice From Kent Julian (PPT 107)

J Cleveland Payne's Podcast Pep Talk

This is advice from a blog post by Kent Julian on how to Become a Motivational Speaker, but it is truly about delivering great content in an unforgettable way that you can use for any audience. Find more on Kent Julian at http://kentjulian.com.


27 Jan 2021

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041 BA: Kent Julian: Living Life Forward

For Love of Team™ | Winston Faircloth

Kent Julian is a lot of things… devoted family man, champion swim coach, CSP professional speaker with the National Speaker Association, fish-taco lover, and proud bald guy. From humble beginnings, Kent went on to lead several large youth organizations in order to help teenagers who struggled just like him. This work eventually led Kent to become the Executive Director of a national youth association. After 20 years in non-profit work, Kent changed directions and launched two successful businesses. Now, with his expertise in creating DREAM-to-DO work cultures, he is privileged to speak, write, and consult leaders and teams all over the country on the topics of employee engagement, leadership, and the multi-generational workforce. ****Links mentioned:  Paid to Speak Podcast ***If you are seeking a loving and supportive online community, I invite you into one or both of the free Facebook groups I offer.  Click the link below and answer a couple of questions and you will be included.   Begin Again (personal growth)Future 7 Figure CEO (business growth)   ***So, let's draw deeper faith, inspiration and encouragement in our Begin Again moments.  Please do me a favor and check out the upcoming shows by subscribing right now on your favorite podcast app. If you like what you hear, please share with your friends and leave us an honest review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.  Capture a screenshot of your review and email us at clientsuccess@winsightz.com for your free gift, Future 7 Figure CEO.


4 Apr 2020

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062: Engaging Your Personality to Get Paid to Speak with Guest, Kent Julian

The REALIFE Process®

When it comes to professional speaking, there's no shame in busting your signature move!  Knowing your personality style can be so helpful in leveraging opportunities to effectively market your services as a professional speaker and allows you to show up and stay true to your most authentic self! On this week's episode, Certified Speaking Professional, my fellow Mastermind member, and special guest, Kent Julian joins us to share some great wisdom on engaging your personality to get Paid to Speak.  Pull up a chair and listen in as Kent shares: How both the DiSC and Enneagram profiles have served him well in his journey as a speaker The power of picking up on natural personality tendencies of key decision-makers The importance of listening from the perspective of other's personality rather than your own style How understanding personality style increased communication with kids and parents as he served as a Youth Minister and champion Swim Coach Unique insights on how to get Paid to Speak Personality profiles can be more than "shelf help" as Kent says when we apply their whole self wisdom to the grooves of our everyday, ordinary REALIFE!  Visit https://paidtospeakpodcast.com/9ways to download your FREE Resource on Nine ways to Get Paid to Speak!  Check out Kent's brand new podcast "Paid to Speak with Kent Julian" on your favorite podcast platform.  Meet Kent Julian Kent Julian is a lot of things... family man, champion swim coach, Certified Professional Speaker, fish taco lover, and proud bald guy. Yet, this hasn’t always been the case. Kent started out as an at-risk child with severe learning challenges and SAT scores so low that he had to take Development Studies just to get into college—on probation. From these humble beginnings, Kent went on to become the Executive Director of a national youth association in order to help teenagers just like him. Then, after 20 years in non-profit work, he did something crazy... he launched two successful businesses. Along the way, Kent realized that the successes he experienced were never “his successes.” Each accomplishment came about because of the teams he was privileged to lead. Whether working with millennial students, coaching championship swim teams, or leading his own businesses, success was the result of committed, engaged teams. Now, with his expertise in leadership and employee engagement, he is privileged to speak, write, and consult leaders and teams all over the country on what it takes to create what he calls “DREAM-to-DO” culture. You can find his work online in places like Entrepreneur.com, Success.com, GoodMenProject.com and more. To find out more, visit KentJulian.com.
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26 Feb 2020

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2. Kent Julian’s Speaking Story

Paid to Speak

1) Overview of Kent's current speaking business 2) Kent's story — early life At-risk child Positive impact of hearing a speaker in high school Positive impact of educators College Success 3) Kent's first career track Working with youth via non-profit organizations and coaching Eventually, Kent became the Executive Director of a national youth association Opportunities to speak "on the side" continued to grow 4) Two insights from first career track Speaking opportunity grew only because Kent had a PLATFORM — he had no clue how to market his speaking business Part of his job as an Executive Director was to hire speakers — this gave Kent a front-row seat to what worked and DID NOT work when it comes to booking paid speaking engagements 5) Kent's speaking track 2005 — launched a career coaching business as a side hustle  2008 — transitioned to being employed very PT and primarily working on his career coaching business 2009 — full-time business owner and speaking was added to the mix of the services Kent provided Insight: Kent spent the four years from 2005 to 2009 learning how to market his speaking services Episode Resources: 9 Ways to Get Paid as a Speaker Paid to Speak Podcast Launch Contest Got questions? Submit them here Hey Mic — the Bluetooth microphone specifically designed for smartphone videos Kent's speaker website Paid to Speak Conference


19 Feb 2020

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024: Kent Julian Authentic Interview

The Authentic Leader Show

* What Kent says is wrong with affirmations and his solution to create personal affirmations that fit you. * What it really takes to become a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaker's Association. * The moment when Kent (already an accomplished speaker) realized he didn't know how to get started as a speaker and why he helps other speakers get paid to speak. * Why are anchors more important than points. * A great story about how Kent's early success in his career lead him to choosing his job through arrogance only to lose that job in 9 short months.


22 May 2019

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BYP 114 - [Niches] How to Pivot Your Speaking Business Multiple Times with Kent Julian

You Are The Brand

If you're a speaker looking to "pivot" the type of audience you serve, this episode is a must listen. We continue our "Niches" series today with Kent Julian. Kent has one of the most interesting -- and intentional -- speaking businesses I've seen. He started out as a director of youth ministries (churches), went into the education space, then into youth leadership, and most recently into the association space. How did he pivot so many times, so successfully? He unpacks it all for us today. His tips on "reverse interviewing", building a list of event planners, using the revolving door strategy, and showcasing are pure gold. Mentioned In Today's Episode: Grab Kent's bonuses on building a speaking business here Register for my limited-time (all new) Build Your Brand Bootcamp training here Join the Brand You Community on Facebook: Have you checked out this invite-only group? Click here to request access to the Brand You Community Liked this episode? Leave a review on iTunes and I'd love to give you a shoutout on the show! Make sure to leave your website so I can link back to it. I'd love to connect on social: Twitter: @MikeKimTV Instagram: @MikeKimTV Facebook: MikeKimTV


10 Apr 2017

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558 Church Leader to Speaker and High Performance Coach - Kent Julian

ReLaunch - NEVER GIVE UP on Your Possibilities

Coming up on today’s show, author, speaker, & high performance coach Kent Julian talks about getting the 1% edge in productivity. He also shares tips for new speakers. Get paid as a speaker When it's time to leave your job Pastor turned speaker & business coach Best advice for new speakers Start a side-hustle business Get the 1% edge in productivity Book: Who Wants to be Normal Anyway? For more info on this episode: http://relaunchshow.com/558 Podcast tips: http://relaunchshow.com/PodcastTips 972-885-8384


13 Mar 2017

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LIAM 320 – Success Principle: E+R=O with Kent Julian

Life Is A Marathon

Perhaps the most important success principle that I have learned and applied to my life is the formula E+R=O. I actually learned this principle from Jack Canfield in his book, The Success Principles. Most people, myself included, live with an E=O mindset, which means the events (the things that happen to us) determine our outcomes. If we are happy, it is because good things are happening. If we are sad, angry, lonely, or broke, it is because of events that have caused us to feel that way. This simply isn't true. The truth is it is how we respond to those events that determine our outcomes--how we feel or what quality of life we live. My good friend, Kent Julian, and I had a wonderful conversation about this very topic. Listen to our lively conversation:Listen on iTunes or Listen to/download this episode here: This episode is sponsored by:Please support our sponsor by visiting their site and learning more about them!Love the show? Click here to Tweet a shoutout!Want to sponsor episodes of the LIAM podcast? Click here.Mentioned in this show: Release the Brakes: A 1-Day Workshop to Set You Free! Join Bruce's Mastermind Group Worry No More! book Download: Affirmations for Abundant Living LIAM Team Life Coaching CommunitySubscription/Social Links: Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher Radio! Watch on YouTube! LIAM on Twitter: @LifeIs262 LIAM on Facebook / LifeIsAMarathon Subscribe to the LIAM Mailing List www.BruceVanHorn.com Bruce Van Horn on Twitter Bruce Van Horn on Facebook


22 Feb 2017

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ML39: Kent Julian (Youth Leadership Expert)

Master Leadership

Kent is a lot of things: a leader, a family man, a speaker, an entrepreneur, an author, a swim coach. In everything he does, his overarching theme is to lead by serving. That’s why he’s so committed to empowering teens to SHOW UP AND SHINE in their life and leadership. FREE RESOURCES: www.liveitforward.com/masterleadershipSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/masterleadership. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Feb 2017

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How To Live Your Life Forward, with Kent Julian - StS029

Success and Impact | Business Insights and Inspirational Stories of Success

How To Live Your Life Forward From Dream to Do   Today we have as our guest Kent Julian. Kent invested his life in the non-profit world, specifically the church world for 20+ years. He was a youth pastor and by his early 30s was the executive director of a national youth organization that worked with 2,000 youth groups across America. Then he did something crazy, like many of our guests, he quit to become an entrepreneur and now leads the company founded, Live It Forward. Today he’s a professional speaker and coach. You can find his articles in places like Entrepreneur, Success, Huffington Post, and the GoodMenProject. Kent also has a top notch podcast called the Live It Forward Podcast. Resources and links mentioned in the episode: ✅  2017 Success to Significance Community Survey ✅  Kent's website: Live It Forward     You can join our Success to Significance community via our weekly newsletter.      Show Notes You can access today's show notes HERE.     Thanks for listening in, you can reach me at Rick@RickCoplin.com or you can leave me a private voice message.

1hr 4mins

13 Jan 2017