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Misha Collins and kitchen decor

Kings of Con: The Podcast

Misha Collins (Supernatural) remodels (trashes) Rich's kitchen, meditates and solves the worlds problems-- and that's all in the first five minutes.


27 Jan 2021

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Episode 1: Misha Collins Will Be On This Podcast

Hell Ain't Complicated

Welcome to our pilot episode! Before the finale aired and ruined our lives, Clare and Beau got together to talk about Beau's season 10 re-watch, to Clare's confusion, delight, and disbelief. (Apologies for Clare's audio quality!) --- Clare (she/they): @doopliss27 on twitter, @dooplissss on tumblr, clareduncandesign.comBeau (she/he/they)Follow us at @HellAintPodcast on Twitter @hellaintcomplicated on Tumblr Hell Ain't Complicated on Facebook hellaintcomplicated.podbean.com Email us at hellaintcomplicated@gmail.com for questions, comments, ideas, etc. Link mentioned: Danny Devito's Limoncello


21 Nov 2020

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Supernatural Series: Special Guest Misha Collins Called Us...Seriously!!

The Kinda Nerdy Girls Podcast

From the Kinda Nerdy Girls Archives: Recorded in 2018, Misha Collins calls KJ and the Kinda Nerdy Girls to talk Supernatural conventions, Rick Springfield as Lucifer, the best boy band and how he feels about Jeffery Dean Morgan's beard.   Enjoy a trip back in time with one of our all time favorite human beings, Misha Collins! Thanks for supporting our show! You can find us talking Kinda Nerdy every day in our Facebook group, the Kinda Nerdy Network! #spnfamily #supernatural #nerdygirls #geekgirls #funpodcast 


18 Jun 2020

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Byte Misha Collins

Sci-Fi Talk Byte

He is an co-author of a family cookbook, The Adventurous Eaters Club. We also chat about shooting the last season of Supernatural.


27 May 2020

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30 - When Your Roomate Crawls Under Your Covers with Misha Collins

Ask Ronna

Our guest in The Carriage House this week is none other than actor, philanthropist, and all around "angel" Misha Collins! After an update on Mr. Cleveland (who is absolutely desperate to see Ronna) and a lively debate on the low stakes of escape rooms, Ronna, Bryan, and Misha (from SUPERNATURAL on the CW) tackle a cornucopia of thorny issues, including dealing with your boyfriend's bratty roommate, teeth whitening during quarantine, and getting back with an ex after a complicated break-up. Plus our giveaway this week, to add a little culture to your life, is a free membership to the Criterion Channel! Want more Ronna and Bryan? Join us at patreon.com/askronna for bonus episodes every Friday, and don't forget our new VIDEO podcast tier! $2 from every membership to the new tier in May will go to World Central Kitchen (https://wck.org). Swag? Why yes! Go to podswag.com/askronna for an Ask Ronna Icons t-shirt 💋 💋 

1hr 9mins

19 May 2020

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Episode 166: Misha Collins Pretending to be Castiel Possessed by Lucifer Pretending to be Castiel

Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast

Heya hunks! This week we're discussing S11E11 - Into the Mystic, in which the boys meet a hoooooorny older lady, a new hunter, and a banshee that sucks! Plus: Dean microdoses CBD oil and takes a viagra, Castiel gets naked, and Sam utterly fails in picking up a woman. Enjoy! Monster of the Week is on Patreon! If you want to directly support the show and ensure we keep putting out that sweet hashtag content week to week, consider pledging. You get some sweet rewards like early access to weekly episodes, access to our Discord, exclusive podcasts, and more! Monster of the Week is also on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Jeremy is on Twitter, and you probably shouldn't follow him unless you know what you're doing. Chris is on Twitter, and you probably should follow him if you like #hunks. Like that intro? The music was done by our friend bansheebeat, who is a fantastic music producer. You should go listen to all of his various projects because they all rule. He found Maddie for the vocals, and Chris and I can't apologize enough for asking her to sing "show us the feet" but we're so happy she rolled with it. Support Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast

1hr 21mins

27 Feb 2020

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Special Sauce: Misha Collins on Pasta With Jam Sauce and Random Acts of Kindness [2/2]

Special Sauce with Ed Levine

In part two of my conversation with Supernatural star Misha Collins, we dive into his family's eating habits, which eventually lead to The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Meal Time, which he wrote with his wife, Vicki. Their children Maison and West had adopted the chicken nuggets-centric diet typical of many children in America until West, seemingly at random, put some Jerusalem artichokes into the shopping cart. From that moment on their food lives changed forever. All of a sudden the Collins family started making things like kale chips at home. Of course, the Collins children's newfound food agency did lead to some-ahem-unusual recipes, which are documented in the book, like the pasta with jam sauce (Misha readily admits it's not a recipe to be made). I don't want to give away the whole recipe here, but I can tell you it includes chocolate chips, Goldfish, and popcorn for a garnish. On a more serious note, Misha also talks about his extraordinary charity, Random Acts, which will receive a cut of the royalties from the book (100% of the Collins' royalties will fund Random Acts and other nonprofits). But before we delve into the intricacies of pasta with jam sauce, Steve Garbacz asks Kenji whether it's okay to leave butter out of the fridge for days. As someone who leaves pizza and mozzarella out for days on end, this was a question near and dear to my heart. And at the end of the episode, Serious Eats's Senior Culinary Editor Sasha Marx weighs in on making pizza at home. What do we need to make the dough? "If you're serious about making doughs, breads, whatever, it's good to have two types of scales. I like having a large scale, and then having one of these small jeweler's scales. You can buy this online, and also in head shops, is a good place to get them. Tell them it's just for making pizza, and they'll be like, 'Sure, definitely, for making pizza.'" Misha Collins on pasta with jam sauce, Kenji on one of my favorite food topics, and Sasha's visit to a head shop to make pizza dough: A far-ranging Special Sauce, to be sure. --- The full transcript for this episode can be found over here at Serious Eats: https://www.seriouseats.com/2020/02/special-sauce-misha-collins-on-pasta-with-jam-sauce-and-random-acts-of-kindness.html


14 Feb 2020

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Special Sauce: Supernatural Star Misha Collins [1/2]

Special Sauce with Ed Levine

One of the things I love about Special Sauce is how often I am surprised and moved by my guests. And this episode, in which I interview Supernatural star Misha Collins, who, with his wife Vicki, just published The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime, is a perfect example. Collins had a peripatetic childhood- "I think I lived in 15 places by the time I was 15," he tells me—and often found himself living in parks and teepees. Yet his "idiosyncratic and eccentric" mother somehow managed to almost always gather the family at dinnertime, even if what they were eating was procured by shoplifting. When your mother teaches you how to shoplift a peach, I would say that that's more than idiosyncratic and eccentric. Before I was mesmerized by my conversation with Misha, Kenji answered Serious Eater Ryan Daugherty's question about when to use dried or fresh herbs in preparing food. And to close out the episode, Daniel Gritzer schools us on the joys of making sous vide chicken wings. I hope you tune in for a supernatural, moving, and surprising episode of Special Sauce. --- The full transcript for this episode can be found over here at Serious Eats: https://www.seriouseats.com/preview?record=451403


6 Feb 2020

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Misha Collins

Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum

Misha Collins joins us as the second guest during Supernatural Week to talk about the hilarious memories from his 10+ years working on the show. He predicts how emotional the last few days with this ‘family’ on set will be and shares his take on how unique the show is for keeping plot and concepts fresh even after 15 seasons. Misha gets deep and opens up about the adversity he faced growing up poor and homeless, his experiences as a child adapting around his mother’s agendas put onto him, and how his desire for philanthropy has led him deeper into politics. 


2 Oct 2019

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Misha Collins - Supernatural Actor Interview w/ Superhuman, Luis Angel

Smarter Brain Now

AEMind.com | Misha Collins - Supernatural Actor Interview w/ Superhuman, Luis Angel Free Better Memory Now Guide ▶ http://www.BetterMemoryGuide.com Find Misha Here ▶ http://www.FB.com/officialmisha Misha's YT ▶ http://www.youtube.com/mishacollins Misha's Twitter ▶ @mishacollins Misha's IG ▶ @misha Random Acts ▶ http://www.RandomActs.org GISHWHES ▶ http://www.Gishwhes.com ================ Follow AE Mind ================ Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/aemind Podcast: http://www.aemind.com/podcast Like @ http://www.facebook.com/aemind1 Follow @ http://www.twitter.com/aemind IG: http://www.instagram.com/AE.Mind SnapChat: AEMind ================ Video Takeaways ================ Misha Collins Interview Co-star of Supernatural on the CW. He plays Castiel the Angel on the show. • Misha’s home base in Washington • How he came up with the idea behind Gishwhes – Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen • How he broke a Guinness World Record with Gishwhes • Sending artwork to space in the scavenger hunt • “Doing good things for other people can be really fun!” • How the GISHWHES participants helped raise $220,000 in 3 days to help change the lives of refugee families in distraught situations overseas • The hunt helps people step out of their comfort zone and be more creative and artistic • What is Random Acts (www.RandomActs.com)? – how random acts of kindness can have ripple effects • Random Acts helping build schools and orphanages • One of the events that changed his life was when an individual gave his family a coupon to a fast food place and got them a motel room when his family was struggling • How empathy can come from life struggle • Misha interned for the Clinton administration in the White House.  • He wrote letters as Bill Clinton • How did Misha transition into acting after his White House job • Misha’s idea was that he wanted to become famous in order to be more influential so that he could  help out as many people as possible, do good for the world • What tips would he give to an aspiring actor or someone that wants to break into Hollywood • Why acting credits are more important than building up your school resume when it comes to getting the attention of casting directors and agents. • Why it’s smart idea to look for acting jobs outside of Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York. • Fall in love with the process of doing the auditions.  • You have to work harder than anyone else • How the memory techniques that Luis Angel taught him are helping Misha memorize and learn his script lines much faster and easier. He now feels more confident with his acting performances because of the memory training exercises such as the memory palace.  • Misha explains the “Ass Butt” Supernatural scene • What happened with the calls and messages that he received when he gave out his phone number Free Better Memory Now Guide ▶ http://www.BetterMemoryGuide.com Stay Up! Keep Learning Keep Growing Achieve and Accelerated and Empowered Mind -Luis Angel Echeverria  Your AE Mind Memory Coach


30 Aug 2019