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4 Oct 2020

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Humanitarian Surgery with David Nott


David Nott, a consultant vascular and general surgeon at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, joins us to discuss practicing surgery in disaster and conflict zones.David has joined dozens of humanitarian missions to countries such as Bosnia, Haiti, and Syria in the last 25 years with organisations such as MSF, and the ICRC. He is also the author of the best-seller 'War Doctor', which documents his life work and experiences.What are the ethics surrounding treating combatants?How do teamwork and decision making change in 'austere' environments?What are the skills needed for humanitarian work?Can the humanitarian doctor advocate for non-combatants in geopolitics?These topics and more are discussed in the episode.


17 Aug 2020

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"War Doctor" David Nott on Surgery in War Zones

Behind The Knife: The Surgery Podcast

Dr. David Nott has been a Consultant Surgeon at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for 23 years where he specializes in general surgery. Professor Nott also performs vascular and trauma surgery at St Mary’s Hospital and cancer surgery at the Royal Marsden Hospital. For the past twenty three years David has taken unpaid leave each year to work for the aid agencies Médecins Sans Frontières, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Syria Relief. He has provided surgical treatment to the victims of conflict and catastrophe in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Chad, Darfur, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Central African Republic, Gaza and Nepal. Please check out his book "War Doctor" for an inspiring read https://www.amazon.com/War-Doctor-Surgery-Front-Line-ebook/dp/B07WWGLY7Z/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=war+doctor&qid=1593638019&s=digital-text&sr=1-1 Also check out his foundation that supports training surgeons in war zones. https://davidnottfoundation.com/ A big thanks to Patrick Georgoff for making this happen.

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1 Jul 2020

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Amanpour: Ian Bremmer, Robert Reich, David Nott and Bharat Ramamurti


Ian Bremmer, founder of the Eurasia group, and Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, join Christiane Amanpourto discuss the war of words between the United States and China and the fears of a new cold war. They warn against the ratcheting up tension during both a pandemic and a global recession. And from one war zone to another - David Nott, the trauma and humanitarian surgeon, talks about trading hotzones such as Syria and Yemen to the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak in London. Our Sheelah Kolhatkar speaks to Bharat Ramamurti, member of the Congressional Oversight Commission, about his new role overseeing the Covid-19 bailout money in the United States.To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit cnn.com/privacy


6 May 2020

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Keeping Well: The Dukes' Soundbites - Advice on coping with stress with Professor David Nott, War Zone Trauma and Vascular Surgeon

The Dukes' Sound Bites: Wellbeing tips for medical staff during Covid-19

The Dukes' Soundbites is a weekly podcast to help medics cope with added stress during the Covid-19 pandemic. It's produced by the Dukes' Club – representing trainee colorectal surgeons in the UK and Ireland. We hope it will be of use to medics and frontline staff.


6 May 2020

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David Nott - The War Doctor - Surgery on the Front Line


David Nott is a Welsh consultant surgeon, specializing in general and vascular surgery. He works mainly in London hospitals, but for more than twenty-five years he has also volunteered to work in disaster and war zones. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2012 Birthday Honours and in 2016 he received the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award and the Pride of Britain Award. Since 2015, the foundation he set up with his wife, Elly, has disseminated the knowledge he has gained, training other doctors in the art of saving lives threatened by bombs and bullets. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters. War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line, his first book, was published to great critical acclaim. The Times called it: “one of the most brutally vivid evocations of modern warfare that you will read.” @NottFoundationRecorded live at The Tabernacle in London on 7th November 2019.5x15 brings together five outstanding individuals to tell of their lives, passions and inspirations. There are only two rules - no scripts and only 15 minutes each.Learn more about 5x15 events: www.5x15stories.comTwitter: www.twitter.com/5x15storiesFacebook: www.facebook.com/5x15storiesInstagram: www.instagram.com/5x15stories


3 Jan 2020

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David Nott

Private Passions

David Nott is a Welsh consultant surgeon and Professor of Surgery at Imperial College London; for more than twenty-five years he has volunteered as a surgeon in disaster and war zones across the world. He has worked in Sarajevo, Kabul, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Iraq, the Congo, Yemen, Gaza, and, most recently, Syria. Often under fire, in makeshift tents or in rooms with no adequate lighting or machinery or drugs, he has risked his life to save others – operating on people injured by bullets and bomb blasts, delivering babies, stitching people together as the sound of gunfire raged outside. In conversation with Michael Berkeley David Nott reflects on why he chooses to live so dangerously (“It’s a kind of addiction”) and on how his perspective has changed since he had a young family. He tells the story of saving the life of a man he discovered to be an ISIS leader, believing at every moment he was about to be killed. Once back safely in the UK, he suffered an extreme breakdown, and was helped by a friend who is a Catholic priest. Music choices include Elgar’s “Nimrod”, Vaughan Williams's “The Lark Ascending”, and music from Africa and from Syria. And, as he says, unapologetically, his playlist is “very Welsh”, including “Myfanwy” and the Welsh hymn “Llef”. Produced by Elizabeth BurkeA Loftus production for BBC Radio 3


8 Dec 2019

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War Doctor: surgeon on the front line | David Nott OBE

The Marketing Society podcast

What is your definition of ‘making a difference’? Sir David Nott’s is to take unpaid leave and stitch hope and recovery in those who are experiencing the worst that humanity can throw at them; to give proper care to those who are at the most precarious time of their lives. His story will teach us about the importance of drive and resourcefulness, as well as selflessness and compassion.Recorded at London's Science Museum, The Marketing Society Bravest Conference marked the end of a three-year 'brave' trilogy, which began in 2016.


5 Nov 2019

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Professor David Nott in conversation with Roger Kneebone

Countercurrent: conversations with Professor Roger Kneebone

David Nott trained as a trauma surgeon and has worked in war-torn areas all over the world. At the same time he trained as an airline pilot, gaining his airline transport pilot's licence and flying corporate jets in parallel with his surgical career. In this podcast we discuss the challenges, excitements and downsides of living and working in some of the most extreme environments on the globe. David's book ‘War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line’ was published in February 2019. 


4 Mar 2019

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David Nott - Surgery in the Firing Line


In this episode, surgeon David Nott speaks about his experiences in working in war torn locations, including Syria. Listeners will discover how Nott has ensured the continuation of essential medical care in most austere of environments. 


27 Feb 2018