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Why Community Is the Key to Growing Demand for Your Business with Hopin’s Anthony Kennada

CMO Conversations with Tricia Gellman

What does the future of corporate events look like? That’s a question Hopin, an event technology platform, was asking even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Anthony Kennada (Hopin’s CMO), experienced the marketing team go from 5 to 50 employees and reach the coveted unicorn status – all within his first six months. In this episode, he and Tricia discuss how events foster community, why community is the secret to category creation, and why building an internal community between sales, marketing, and customer success is critical to growing revenue for your business.Like this episode? Be sure to leave a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and share the pod with your friends. You can connect with Tricia and Anthony on Twitter at @triciagellman, @akennada, and @DriftPodcasts.​Want even more CMO insights? Subscribe to Tricia's newsletter here: https://www.drift.com/chief-marketing-officer/


9 Sep 2021

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Ep. 34: The power of events in B2B marketing (Feat. Anthony Kennada, CMO at Hopin, ex-Gainsight CMO)

How the Fxck - Marketing Podcast

This week's How the Fxck interview is with the incredible Anthony Kennada, CMO at Hopin. Anthony was the first marketer and founding CMO at Gainsight, which grew to $100m ARR and sold for over $1bn to Vista in 2020. At the time of recording this episode, Anthony had just joined Hopin, the explosively fast-growth hybrid events management platform. (Hopin is the fastest growing SaaS business ever with a valuation of $5.6bn in under 2 years.) So, safe to say, he knows his stuff and had a ton of tactics to share. The episode focuses on the demand gen and content tactics that Anthony has used along the way. In particular, we focus on events. The Gainsight team is well known for creating the category of customer success, and a big part of that journey was championing the profession through events. You’ll hear the story of how Anthony and his team created a conference of 300 like-minded people and grew it to +6,000 yearly attendees. "I started breaking it apart and saying, 'what do I love about my career? What do I love about marketing?' And at the atomic level, I realized it was connection between people, whether digitally or in person, and events are the channel by which that happens. Some of the most inspired work we had at Gainsight was there." We discuss why most startups should not create a category and the difficulties and common mistakes of those who do. Towards the middle-end of the interview, we dive into Anthony’s first three weeks at Hopin. We chat about: - Why Hopin is not just a natural fit for Anthony, but a brand mission that aligns with his own. - What growth strategies are underway already. - What will be prioritised at Hopin? And how will marketing contribute to Hopin’s continued fast growth? Visit www.thefxck.com for the breakdown, video and timstamps.


5 Jul 2021

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Ep.15 Guest Interview With Anthony Kennada, CMO Hopin

The Wonderful Leaders Podcast

In This Episode:Anthony Kennada shares insights on his rise and impact in the world of tech and marketing, and covers topics including diversity and inclusion, living out his faith in the workplace and leadership advice he would give his younger self.About Our Guest:Anthony Kennada is the CMO at Hopin, the leading virtual event and digital experience company. Previously, Anthony was the CMO at Front, and also the founding CMO of Gainsight where he is credited with creating the Customer Success category — a novel business imperative, profession and software category. Read more


3 Jun 2021

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From $0-$80M ARR in 13 Months with Hopin CMO Anthony Kennada

Best in SaaS

Episode Outline[01:25] Managing expectations[03:09] Hopin’s numbers[07:41] Capturing the opportunity[11:31] The challenges of fast, effective growth[14:07] Where is the market going?[18:10] Anthony’s health[22:08] How does Anthony unwind?[25:28] Inspiring people Anthony’s InspirationsNick Mehta Connect with AnthonyLinkedInTwitterWebsite


13 Apr 2021

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Ep #61: Turning Events into Digital Experiences w/ Anthony Kennada

The Marketer's Journey

On this episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I interview Anthony Kennada, CMO at Hopin. Hopin has exploded into the market, revolutionizing the digital events space. Not even two years after launching in only June of 2019, they raised 400 million dollars and are evaluated at an apparent 5.65 billion dollars. Anthony has always had a passion for events, dating back to prom committee in high school and planning concerts in college. He even left a role at Gainsight to build out an event tech startup but ultimately ended up joining Hopin as their CMO. On today’s episode, Randy and Anthony discuss how to frame your digital events as entertaining experiences and what our post-COVID world holds for the events industry.Check out this and other episodes of The Marketer’s Journey on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play! Key takeaways from this episode:Relationships are the most important currency in building your career. Value and nurture the people that are going to champion you and build you up throughout your careerYou can fight Zoom fatigue by considering what would make your event a unique experience. What will differentiate you and get people talking about it?Perfecting the formula for digital events is about packaging things specifically for digital first, not adding in digital as an afterthought, much like the sports industry does--digital viewers may not be as connected with their in-person community but they have a one of a kind viewing experience.Learn more about Hopin here: https://hopin.com/Learn more about Anthony here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akennada/


6 Apr 2021

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Episode 2 - With Front's CMO, Anthony Kennada!

Sour & SaaS

It's time to break down real SaaS marketing problems - with a sour twist. This week's guest...Front's CMO, Anthony Kennada!


6 Oct 2020

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Episode 1 : Anthony Kennada : Fatherhood, Faith & Revering the Past

Revenue Diaries

5 questions about everything OTHER than work. The only catch? They do not receive the questions ahead of time. I'm pleased to welcome Anthony Kennada, CMO at Front, as the first guest of the Revenue Diaries. We talked about everything from the emotional toll of fatherhood to living out his Christian faith in the workplace. 


28 Sep 2020

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Brand Strategy with Anthony Kennada, Chief Marketing Officer at Front

The Product Marketing Experts

Connect with Anthony Kennada on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akennada/Join Anthony on Sharebird: https://sharebird.com/profile/anthony-kennadaQuestions we covered in this episode: Lakers vs Celtics  How Anthony got into marketing and his journey to becoming a CMO How does product marketing fit in at Front? What value does product marketing bring to your org?  Why is it so important for an early stage company to invest in brand?  Are product and brand marketing connected?  What role does the product play into the brand story in your mind?  Introducing a new category the risks and right approach.  How you "will a market into existence"? Why  communities are at the heart of category creation. How do you name a new category? How much did you guys fret over the name customer success?  When it comes to category creation, how do product marketers come into play?  What’s your outlook on the career of Product Marketing? Is it a good place to be right now?  What he's launching next at Front. 


19 Aug 2020

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SaaStr 321: Front CMO Anthony Kennada on Adapting Marketing Playbooks To Changing ACV's and Sales Cycles, The Right Way To Think About Brand Marketing and How To Fundamentally Build a Challenger Brand

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

Anthony Kennada is the CMO @ Front, the startup that provides your team with better email so they can treat every customer like your only customer. To date, Front have raised over $138M from some leading names including Sequoia, Eric Yuan @ Zoom, Ryan and Jared Smith @ Qualtrics, Michael Cannon-Brookes and Jay Simmons @ Atlassian and Frederic Kerrest @ Okta to name a few. As for Anthony, prior to Front Anthony was the founding CMO at Gainsight where he and his team are credited with creating the Customer Success category. At Gainsight Anthony and the team developed a new playbook for B2B marketing that fueled the company’s growth from $0 to over $100M of ARR. If that was not enough, Anthony is also the author of Category Creation: How to Build a Brand that Customers, Employees, and Investors Will Love. The book debuted as a number one new release on Amazon. In Today’s Episode We Discuss: How Anthony made his way into the world of SaaS starting in the sales team at Box and how that led to his entering the world of marketing and creating the customer success category? How does Anthony marketing playbook change when making the move from Gainsight with higher ACV’s and longer sales cycles to Front with lowers ACV’s and much higher volume? How does Anthony think about ABM today with Front given the lower ACVs? At what ticket size does ABM make sense? How does Anthony feel about brand marketing? Why did Anthony and Front decide now was the right time to engage with billboards? How does Anthony think about data and tracking for brand marketing? Does Anthony believe that all marketing has to be tied to a number directly related to revenue?   How does Anthony seeing a changing relationship between customer success and marketing? How is marketing being pushed further into the realms of CS? What is the optimal relationship between CS and marketing? How does this compare to the relationship of sales and marketing more traditionally?        Anthony’s 60 Second SaaStr: What does Anthony know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning of his time in marketing? What is the hardest element of Anthony’s role with Front today? Who does Anthony think is killing it in the world of marketing today? Read the full transcript on our blog. If you would like to find out more about the show and the guests presented, you can follow us on Twitter here: Jason Lemkin Harry Stebbings SaaStr Anthony Kennada


30 Mar 2020

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001 | Being Human | Anthony Kennada, CMO of Front

Studio CMO: Marketing HealthTech

Subscribe | Transcript | Comment The Episode in 60 Seconds Our world seems enamored with AI. Should our marketing be? We discuss: Brand is the human bridge your prospects and customers cross to get to you Category creation is, at its core, a human process Anthony Kennada's thoughts on human marketing Plus, we tell stories about what happened at The Dead Rabbit, at a private dinner with a start-up founder, and on a plane back from Manhattan. Our Guest Anthony Kennada is Chief Marketing Officer at Front. His team is taking on email. He said, "Email is the workplace communication standard that has not seen much innovation since Wilson Phillips was on top of the global music charts." Prior to joining Front, Anthony was the founding CMO at Gainsight where he created the Customer Success category. He is the author of Category Creation published by Wiley. He has previously worked at Box, LiveOffice, Symantec, and serves as an investor, advisor, and board member to enterprise software startups around the globe. He calls himself a "B2C marketer trapped in a B2B body." Anthony is married and the father of a sweet daughter. Show Notes Category Creation is not for the faint of heart. It's also inherently human. John Farkas: "Anytime something new happens, you have to mark the moment. You have to say, 'Think about this differently.'" Allen Gannett, The Creative Curve: "You always have to mix the novel with the known." Listen to the entire interview with Anthony Kennada. Download a free excerpt from Anthony's book, Category Creation. John Farkas: "Brand is the human bridge." John Farkas articles on Category Creation: Category Creation: The Power of Understanding Your Buyer's Problems Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Category Creator? John Farkas: "Don't miss the handshake." Read more about empathy here and here. Mark Whitlock: "I learned about The Power of One through my radio experience."


22 Mar 2020