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Episode 29 with Kyla Sokoll-Ward

This Authentic Life

Join Transformational speaker and Loneliness + Connection expert Kyla Sokoll-Ward, as her and ART Co-founder Jason Digges explore her roots in the world of Authentic Relating, the medicine to be found in boredom, how to frame loneliness for inclusion to connection and how to find the message hidden in emotions. Experience more of Kyla’s work


13 Apr 2020

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008 | Authentically Relating to Self and Others with Kyla Sokoll-Ward

The Naked Essence

In this episode Kyla and I drop in about the importance of being true to oneself on a spiritual path- not ignoring the suffering of oneself or the world. Kyla takes the fluff out of spiritual teachings while getting naked and demonstrating what authentic communication looks like. Just because we are ‘spiritual' does not mean that we do not have a shadow and do not get swept away by the ego’s twisted intentions. The ego is constantly finding a way disguise itself in different costumes, even the ‘authentic relating’ costume. It is important to constantly come back to our ‘why’ we are doing what we are doing so we can re-align ourselves with the true self and the genuine wish to connect with others. Highlights:"Any spiritual teachings that says don’t pay attention to these things is bull shit This is the world we live in! We can be spiritual beings inside of it, but when we ignore the pain and suffering of others around us we are ignoring the pain and suffering within ourselves.”“Sometimes you are sad for a very long time when something hard is going on. We are so hard on ourselves and can compare ourselves thinking everyone is perfect. I think unconsciously we all share this belief. It is really important for me to get a serious dose of genuineness from others- to understand what is going on in their lives. That takes a certain level of vulnerability in relationships that I certainly do no have from everyone in my world. I have to be really particular about who I reach out to in those moments.”“Say what ever you are going to say as long as it is in service of connection. That almost sounds obvious but there are so many ways we say things that subtly shame someone or try to make us seem better than them. There are times I ask a juicy deep conversation question because I want to appear really deep or really evolved.” “Not everyone is showing up for the real raw shit most of the time because we are not taught to. We need those people in our corner who see us in our most unsexy phase and acknowledge that it is great.” More about Kyla: Kyla’s work aims to help millennials upgrade their empathy skill set, ask better questions, and get more curious about what it means to be human. She has interviewed dozens of millennials around the world about their experiences with connection and loneliness and, based on the results, has created a framework for connection that can be used in a multitude of settings. Through keynotes, workshops, and 1:1 mentorship, she aims to disrupt the status quo of connection and challenge others to connect more intentionally, vulnerably, and empathically with those around them. She’s a firm believer that we’re only one good question away from connecting with the entire world. Social links to connect to Kyla:Website: www.kylasw.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/kylamswInstagram: www.instagram.com/kylasokollward


27 Feb 2020

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EP 46 - How to Cure Your Disconnection with Kyla Sokoll-Ward

The Golden Rule Revolution with Lucas Mack

Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a speaker, coach, and professional empath on a mission to cure the world of disconnection. She helps individuals, corporate teams, and university students connect more deeply with themselves and those around them in order to lead in a way that is uniquely meaningful to them. For more information go to: http://www.kylasw.com/


20 Feb 2019

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26 | Kyla Sokoll-Ward | The New Self-Love.

Free Spirit Academy Podcast

THE NEW SELF-LOVE WITH SPEAKER AND SELF-EMPOWERMENT COACH, KYLA SOKOLL-WARD. Hello everyone, this officially marks the start of season 2 of the Free Spirit Academy podcast! Today I'm talking to my friend Kyla who also made an appearance in episode 14 and when I originally recorded that interview for YouTube at least a couple of years ago now - Kyla was also coaching in the world of eating psychology and intuitive eating and we spent our conversation talking about her own journey with food and the most important things to look at when addressing binge eating and emotional eating. Early on this year though I began noticing her message shifting and it wasn't just the words coming out of her mouth, it was like this power and energy behind her voice that seemed to have come out of no where! Suddenly she was doing all this cool public speaking stuff and was just lit up in a way that I'd never seen her before so I knew I'd have to have her back to talk about that transformation. Another fun fact is that Kyla used to be a client of mine (and she mentions that in this conversation) and today was such an incredible example of the fact that we all have something to teach each other.  I was basically asked her to coach me (a world-class introvert) on how to be less socially awkward and her response completely shifted my perspective. I hope you enjoy this conversation with the inspiring Kyla Sokoll-Ward. LINKS: Kyla's Website. Kyla's Instagram. Kyla's Facebook. Free Spirit Academy website. Free Spirit Academy courses. Free Spirit Academy Facebook group. 


16 Jul 2018

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Exploring Sexual Energy: What Our Relationship With Sex Reveals About Ourselves with Kyla Sokoll-Ward (Rebroadcast)

Having It ALL: Conversations about living an Abundant Loving Life

For today's episode I'm sharing with you one a great conversation I had with my friend Kyla Sokol-Ward, all about sexual energy. This episode made me excited and nervous all at the same time, and the topics we dive into are great because they give us a chance to confront some ideas and beliefs we hold that may no longer be serving us. I'm also republishing this today to tease you about a new conversation with Kyla I'll be publishing in the coming weeks, this time about insecurities in the bedroom!


8 May 2018

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14 | Kyla Sokoll-Ward | The Secret to Ending All Binges

Free Spirit Academy Podcast

THE SECRET TO ENDING ALL BINGES.Welcome to the 14th episode with Self-Empowerment Coach, Kyla Sokoll-Ward.I'm releasing this couple-of-years-old interview from my YouTube channel as my wife and I are in France for the next couple of weeks (yay!)It's funny listening back to this 'cause I can really hear how much more embodied and relaxed I am even a year and a half later. I have to try not to cringe 'cause my voice sounds so pinched and shallow to me - like I was hardly taking a deep breath but alas - I think these early conversations are valuable so here we are.Today we're talking to my friend Kyla Sokoll Ward, who I've also watched blossom so beautifully in the last couple of years from brand new intuitive eating coach to fierce self-love teacher who's Instagram stories have become so captivating because you can just SEE how lit up she is.In this conversation, we dove into the world of orthorexia. What happens when a beautiful intention becomes obsessive. What happens when we find our identity in a diet label rather than following intuition, body wisdom, and our own evolution.We talk about how the phrase "I'm not doing this to be skinny, I'm doing this to be healthy" can allow us to continue pushing something that isn't working.We talk about how we can create a sense of purpose around creating the so-called perfect body but Why the hunt for the perfect body isn't actually what we're looking for.And we break down her blog post called "The Secret to Ending All Binges" and she offers some incredibly practical, useful advice for anyone struggling with food obsession and binge eating.I hope you enjoy this conversation with KylaLinks mentioned:Kyla's WebsiteKyla on InstagramThe Secret to End All BingesFree Spirit Academy website.Free Spirit Academy courses.Free Spirit Academy Facebook group. 


19 Mar 2018

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Exploring Sexual Energy: What Our Relationship With Sex Reveals About Ourselves with Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Having It ALL: Conversations about living an Abundant Loving Life

What is sexual energy?Before a few years ago, I wouldn’t have a clear answer for you. Today I can shed a little more light on the topic, from my experiences and conversations, but I’m still a baby in that area (and that keeps me humbled and excited!)One thing I know is that sexual energy is life energy, and it’s a vital part of who we are as humans. That’s what I choose to believe anyway.


17 Feb 2018

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Lifestyle Vs. The Hustle w Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Freedom Lifestyle ~ What's Your Free?

Kyla is an empathetic badass who found freedom for herself by creating it for others. Through online and one-on-one coaching programs, Kyla helps women feel light, sexy and connected. She’s created a business that empowers women and showcases just how easy it is to fall in love with yourself. Kyla tried working a traditional 9-5, but couldn’t conform to its glaring limitations. She wanted to be free to live the life she knew she deserved. She wasn’t going to let a job prevent that from happening, so she created a business that allows her to live her dream life, on her own terms. Kyla is living the Freedom Lifestyle and loving it. In this episode, Sam and Kyla discuss: The limitations of working a traditional 9-5  Kyla’s commitment to happiness and the sacrifices she had to make  How she got her first coaching client and what that felt like   Tips for conquering your fears of promoting yourself on social media   Overcoming your need for validation from others   Links: Follow Kyla on IGVisit Kyla’s WebsiteJoin the Freedom Lifestyle CommunityFollow SamAbout the show:✨ Freedom Lifestyle represents the movement towards freedom in life and work. We interview entrepreneurial people who've created a lifestyle of independence, that's on their own terms. We discover their version of the Freedom Lifestyle, learn how they got there and reflect on the impact its had. ✨


17 Jan 2018

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#025 The Truth about Food & Your Body with Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Imperfectly Healthy

In this episode of IMperfectly Healthy, Faith interviews Kyla Sokoll-Ward - a self-love coach on a mission to change the way women relate to themselves. She teaches women to love their fears, trust the universe, and redefine their worthiness so that they can fall in love with themselves and step into their badass feminine power. She spent years perfecting her body and diet, hoping it would bring her happiness (spoiler alert: it didn't). But once she kicked her limiting beliefs, found body bliss, and embraced unconditional self-love, there was no turning back. She's here to make the same happen for you.  In this episode, you are going to hear Kyla and I chat about: her path to finding freedom from orthorexia, body shame, the diet/binge cycle, over-exercising and clean eating righteousness. how struggling with your body/food is only a symptom. how your beliefs are at the core of your suffering. why the end goal is not to always love your body. the pattern we call the "Weighting" Game. what you must give up to experience food freedom. how the foundation of health is mental/emotional. why we as humans hold on to struggle. how disconnection and the food/body obsession go hand and hand. how clean eating is often an excuse for disordered eating. how we are seeking desired feelings through external means.   Learn more about Kyla at KylaSW. Follow her on Facebook. Follow her on Instagram. Connect with Faith at www.imperfectlyhealthypodcast.com Join the IMperfectly Healthy Community FB Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/IMperfectlyhealthycommunity/ Get my 5 Ways to Overcome Your Food Cravings FREE. Leave a Review of the Show!! Thank you!


7 Sep 2017