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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Gottlieb. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Gottlieb, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dan Gottlieb. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dan Gottlieb, often where they are interviewed.

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Danny Chats Ep8. Wilson's Disease; Special Guest Dan Gottlieb

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Danny Chats Episode 8 features special guest Dan Gottlieb.  

We talk all things Wilson's Disease including diagnosis, having a raw food diet, doing sports, how Wilson's Disease can affect school and work plus loads more.   

Check out Dan's website here - https://www.sproga.com

If you would like to join me on an episode or have any questions please feel free to message me on Facebook or Instagram. I have also added a link to my blog where I talk about life before and after a liver transplant.   

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danny.hiles

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danny_hiles86/

Blog: https://organtransplant.home.blog/201...

Nov 08 2020 · 40mins
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763: TOPO's Senior Sales Analyst on How You Should Adjust Your Sales Messaging During COVID-19, with Dan Gottlieb

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Dan Gottlieb is a Senior Analyst for TOPO, a sales and marketing advisory firm that is now part of Gartner. Today, he shares TOPO’s recommendations for how you should adjust your sales messaging for the COVID-19 era. We’ll dig into why your messaging during this time requires NUANCE, EMPATHY, VALUE, AND OFFERS. That’s right. Given that the buyer is confronting a new reality, and is in changed circumstances, what is now the compelling business problem that they have to solve? And how do you start the conversations to identify them.

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Formerly the Accelerate! Your Sales podcast with Andy Paul

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May 07 2020 · 53mins

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E18: The state of Sales Development with Dan Gottlieb and Eliot Snow of TOPO

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In this episode the Sales Development Practice of TOPO dives into what best-in-class sales organizations prioritize to keep their revenues thriving. What are the trends for exponential growth?

Nov 06 2019 · 1hr
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BDRs/SDRs are a BFD with Dan Gottlieb - Analyst at TOPO

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"Marketing is starting to realize just how important the sales development team is to proving that what they're doing is turning into pipeline."

- Dan Gottlieb, TOPO

Nov 01 2019 · 35mins

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Getting Creative with Prospecting with Craig Rosenberg and Dan Gottlieb

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Everyone wants value. Craig Rosenberg and Dan Gottlieb, both analysts at TOPO, discuss how to think outside of the box when delivering that value to prospects. From storytelling to experimenting with channels beyond just email and phone, Craig and Dan give their best practices for prospecting and advice on how to build connections and engage in a new and creative way. You won’t want to miss Jeremey’s three immediately actionable takeaways!

Oct 15 2019 · 23mins
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46: 4 Ways to Improve Your Sales Development Team w/ Dan Gottlieb

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Are your sales development teams and your marketing teams not aligning? Want to be competitive with world-class sales development organizations? Learn the best practices and tactics for sales development success with guest Dan Gottlieb, Sales Development Analyst at TOPO

Dan joined us on this episode to discuss TOPO’s extensive 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report on sales development, where they’ve conducted research on what the fastest growing companies are practicing with sales and marketing.

Dive in to find out your organization can copy and implement the best practices from other sales teams.

Jun 26 2019 · 22mins
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The Five Sales Development Plays to Nail in 2019 w/Dan Gottlieb @TOPO

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Sales Development is one of the biggest trends in sales and it is here to stay. To win at sales development you need to master five plays according to Dan Gottlieb from TOPO. Those plays are developing a repeatable and prescriptive live call framework, focus SDRs on multi-threading within target accounts, design SDR onboarding activities for their role, leverage sales engagement filters for time management, and try an offer that is 100% valuable to the prospect.

Mar 28 2019 · 1hr 3mins
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Ep 80 Dan Gottlieb - The Sales Development Landscape Today

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@Dan Gottlieb is a Sales Development Analyst with @TOPO, where he consults with Sales Development programs at some of the highest growth companies in technology and beyond.

He brings a viewpoint few of us can gain: a higher level view of what works and what doesn’t in Sales Development today based on working with many companies across industries.

It’s easy to get so heads-down on our own Sales Development programs, we can lose focus on the big picture and the high level view of what other companies are doing to succeed. Tune in to gain this view.

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Nov 27 2018 · 45mins
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How to Use Tech to Streamline Your SDR Role w/ Dan Gottlieb

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Dan Gottlieb, Sales Development Analyst at TOPO, is our guest on today’s episode of The Sales Engagement Podcast. Dan walks us through the evolution of sales tech and how you can use it to scale your sales team at twice the pace of your competition. Tune in!

Oct 29 2018 · 23mins
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022 – The Psychology of Disability with Dr. Dan Gottlieb

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Dan Gottlieb is a practicing psychologist and therapist with more than 40 years of experience. Best known as the host of "Voices in the Family," a weekly radio program heard for more than 30 years on WHYY-FM, Philadelphia’s NPR affiliate. Dan recently retired from the weekly radio program, and now produces and hosts six specials each year.
Our focus this episode is on the often overlooked interior life of those affected with disabilities. We interview Dr. Dan Gottlieb, renowned professional psychologist, author of nationally praised books, and regular contributor to Philadelphia's NPR station.
Kyle first met our guest when Dr. Gottlieb was the keynote speaker at a national conference about FA. Dr. Gottlieb spoke so profoundly and so deeply that we were excited to bring him on as a guest, so that he could share his story and his insights with our community of listeners.
In 1979, he left his wife and two young daughters at home to secretly buy an anniversary gift for his wife. On the highway, a loose tire from an 18-wheeler smashed his car. The resulting wreck ended up sending him to the hospital with a broken neck and into a life of disability.
Totally paralyzed below his clavicle, Dr. Gottlieb shares with us his honest and personal thoughts at the time - that he didn’t want to live; that he thought his existence would only be a burden on his friends and family. This way of thinking is incredibly depressing and defeating - but not unfamiliar for many people facing such devastating circumstances.
He shares with us how he was able to triumph over this mindset - how one of the most refreshing realizations for him was that he, even with all of the tasks he was unable to do with his newly impaired body, was still able to provide value to others. In his case, this reality hit him while he was still in the hospital - a nurse needed someone to listen to her.  Dr. Gottlieb realized that even he as a quadriplegic man could still do that.
Related to that idea of remaining focused on what you can still do for others is the second realization Dr. Gottlieb found - that focusing less on himself and his own problems or complaints  and more on his surroundings (whether that’s other people, or simply physical surroundings like a room’s architecture) was freeing. It enabled him to leap beyond the threats of depression and hopelessness, and discover purpose and beauty in life, even life with a disability.
Take-aways from this episode:

Be more aware of others.
Be the person who holds the Umbrella

We thank Dr. Dan Gottlieb for joining us today and sharing his insights. Check out his website drdangottlieb.com and his books The Wisdom We're Born With: Restoring Our Faith in Ourselves, A Grief Like No Other: Surviving the Violent Death of Someone You Love, Letters to Sam, and Learning from the Heart.
Aug 31 2017 · 34mins