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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jethro Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jethro Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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37 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jethro Jones. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jethro Jones, often where they are interviewed.

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SchoolX with Jethro Jones

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In this episode, Jethro Jones, host of the Transformative Principal podcast, talks about the release of his new book, SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves, that shines a light on how to transform the school experience for all stakeholders through design thinking principles. As a former award-winning principal in Alaska, Jones draws upon his past experience and the wisdom of hundreds of podcast interviews to design an innovative approach that teaches school leaders how to put themselves in the shoes of the people in their school communities, using that empathy to drive radical change. Twitter: @jethrojones. Websites: https://www.jethrojones.com.

Meet Jethro Jones

Jethro Jones, 2017 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year, is host of Transformative Principal, where he interviews principals, leaders, and influencers who help improve K-12 education throughout the world. He is also the founder of Transformative Leadership Summit, which is like his podcast, but on steroids! While growing up, Jethro attended five elementary schools, a middle school, and three different high schools. This experience instilled a desire to provide the most nimble educational experience possible, so that all students, no matter how long they are at his school, can pursue their own interests and work to their individual potential. Jethro has always pushed the envelope on learning situations. As principal at Kodiak Middle School he implemented a flexible schedule that allowed students to have Tier 2 interventions and enrichments. These complex logistics are facilitated with the Pickr app. At Tanana Middle School, Jethro created a synergy program which enabled students to create a solution to make the world a better place. Over 100 different projects were created by students, some big, some small. Jethro has also focused heavily on disciplinary practices that reduce suspensions for African American and other minority students. Jethro has provided simple solutions to complex educational problems as a principal, district coach, library supervisor, and middle school teacher.

About Dr. Greg Goins

As the Founder/Host of the Reimagine Schools Podcast, Dr. Greg Goins has emerged as one of the nation's leading voices on visionary leadership and the path to transforming our schools. He currently serves as the Director of the Educational Leadership Program at Georgetown College (KY) and previously spent 15 years as a school district superintendent in Illinois. Dr. Goins is a passionate keynote speaker and is available to speak at your next education conference or school PD day. To book Dr. Goins, please send inquiries to drgreggoins@gmail.com.  Twitter: @DrGregGoins. Website: www.reimagineschools.net.

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Sep 10 2020 · 34mins
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Ep. 7- How Long Will You Ignore Your Call? (Jethro Jones- Transformative Principal)

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Jethro Jones had a terrible educational experience growing up- he bounced around to many different schools eager to be done.  Despite his lousy experience in education he always felt the pull to teach and educate.  After teaching and being a principal for over a decade he started a podcast which now has over 350 episodes ,is a speaker, wrote a book and works with educators from all over to achieve his dream to positively impact the lives of 100 million kids.

How to find Jethro-
Transformative Principal Podcast

Video referred to in Podcast of kids leading kids- https://youtu.be/OfWiLKO2KpQ

Socks & Soul Contact Information
Facebook- @socksandsoulpodcast
Online- socksandsoul.com
Email- host@socksandsoul.com

Sep 02 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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One Thing Series: Leading Change w/ Jethro Jones -- #onethingseries

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Jethro Jones (@jethrojones) is the 2017 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year and the host of Transformative Principal, where he interviews principals, leaders, and influencers who help improve K-12 education throughout the world. He is also the founder of Transformative Leadership Summit, which is like his podcast, but on steroids! He is the author of SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves, available now for pre-order.

Key Thoughts from the Interview:

Schools are dynamic places. Listen to how Jethro led 32 initiatives simultaneous to transform his school for the better. As you will hear, it all starts with empathy.

Jethro raves about Seth Godin’s Creative Workshops. Jethro’s approach to learning and growing is fascinating.

Recently inspired by Tim Feriss’s interview of Hugh Jackman, Jethro is journaling each day and has already experienced the power of this simple practice. But, this is journaling with a twist. Discover how you can also make this a consistent part of your life for big changes.

One thing Jethro would love to learn--the piano! Not surprising since so much of this interview is wrapped around change, growth, and creativity.

Interestingly, Jethro describes how his own Podcast is at the center of his exponential growth. His process for identifying his guests is unique and extremely worthwhile.

Jethro’s final response on what he used to believe, but doesn’t anymore, is at the heart of change--that it doesn’t have to be a certain way. His Tik Tok story is a perfect example of learning in new and dynamic ways.

Jehtro’s interview is very insightful for any educator looking to make a difference in the classroom, school, or district.

Please follow, like, and comment. Use #onethingseries and #SH302 so that we can find you. For more great leadership content, follow theschoolhouse302.com.

Joe & T.J.
Aug 22 2020 · 29mins
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Jethro Jones—SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves

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Get the book, SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents – and themselves

Visit Jethro's Website, JethroJones.com

Get a free sample chapter of the book, SchoolX

About the Author

Jethro Jones is a former principal who helps schools and districts find simple solutions to complex problems. Named a Digital Principal of the Year by the NASSP, Jethro has served students as a teacher, district coach, media & distance learning specialist, and principal, with experience at every level of public education. He's the host of the Transformative Principal podcast, and the author of the new book SchoolX: How principals can design a transformative school experience for students, teachers, parents - and themselves.

Jul 08 2020 · 34mins

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#revoltLAP Podcast - Jethro Jones, A Real Transformer

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Jethro is a Revolution@ry from Alaska who is committed to changing how we support educators. From his last years as a principal to now as a consultant he shares what he sees as critical areas of support and his innovative way of providing PD and coaching. You will love to learn about him as a person and his real mission to be a better person, father, husband and educator. He's on a mission to transform what we do - a real Revolution@ry!


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May 08 2020 · 36mins
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334: Jethro Jones, part 2: Biking in -40 degrees. Why not?

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This episode starts off strong with Jethro's matter-of-fact description of riding a bike in minus 40 degree weather. He's a principal going to school, but could be talking about radical mountain biking. I don't remember my principal being this badass. I don't remember anyone talking about activity like this so understated. I wouldn't be able to hold myself back as he does.

Tell me if you don't laugh when he talks about what the cold does to his tires. You'll notice we recorded a long time ago when we talk about Greta Thunberg.

Listen to the end, especially after he talks about his daughter, where we get into what actions like these are about. It's about meaning and purpose and living an intentional life of those things---how accessible those things are, yet today's world makes it easier to live passively, losing meaning.

I learn from every guest, but Jethro led me to some new places. He came to me with this commitment, from listening to other guests. Unpacking that clause, ". . . then what I do doesn't matter" hit me listening to him. If a clean environment means something to you and you say things including the phrase, " . . .what I do doesn't matter . . ." about something meaningful---first, it does matter. Where we are now is the result of people's behavior.

Second this is your chance to create meaning in an area of importance. You don't have to ride a bike in Fairbanks, but what can you do?

Everyone talks about what they can't do. Well Jethro---a regular guy---rode his bike to work every day, including in -40 degree weather. What can you do?

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May 01 2020 · 55mins
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Focus on People: Office Hours with Tom Murray and Jethro Jones Transformative Principal 1058

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Tom Murray and I did office hours to support schools during this closure. Here are the questions we answered.

If you were on a leadership team, what would you be focusing on right now? High school, middle school, elementary school? People, equity, vision for your school


How are you managing fears and anxieties around fall planning? How do you build trust in this environment?

Have a great network. Join the Mastermind

Apr 30 2020 · 36mins
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Work from Home, Don't Live at Work with Tom Murray and Jethro Jones Transformative Principal Office Hours Special 1057

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Tom Murray and Jethro Jones hosted office hours for people to answer questions during these school closures. 

Apr 23 2020 · 41mins
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Keeping Calm in Times of Crisis with Tamara Fyke and Jethro Jones Transformative Principal 1056

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Join host Tamara Fyke and Jethro Jones of Transformative Principal for a conversation about how to keep yourself calm when you’re feeling stressed and nervous.

We will talk about:

  • Phrases to show empathy
  • Phrases to give yourself some time to think!
  • Phrases to calm fears
  • How to control your voice.
  • Phone vs. in person vs. video conversations.
Apr 08 2020 · 38mins
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48. How to Get Your Whole Community to Resonate with Your School, with Jethro Jones

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Did you ever sit at your desk, engaged in a daytime fantasy in which all of the stakeholders in your school were cheering you on, passing along their positive experience to others, and looking for ways to more deeply engage with the education community centered around your school? It doesn’t have to be a dream…

Jethro Jones, a school principal for nine years, and host of the Transformative Principal Podcasts intends to impact 100 million kids by 2027 by improving their educational experiences. Through his podcasts and Leadership Summits, he is reaching thousands of people in the education community. Jethro holds the secrets of empowering your entire group of stakeholders with simple solutions to the complex problems you face every day - and he is sharing them with us today.

Listen as we explore principles of design applied to school, organizational leadership, the power of social media to tell your school’s story, more effective discipline in the school, feedback loops, and more.


09:00 “If you are in a school, and you hear complaints about something, you have got to go research that and figure out what the real issue is.” 

14:55 “Start by experiencing what a family or student would experience the first time they come to your school. You will be able to see for yourself whether or not what you are doing will be effective for helping those people have a good experience.”

18:15 “There are things we are doing before anybody ever sets foot inside the door that say (to the parent), ‘You are not valued, and your opinion doesn’t matter,’ and we’ve got to change that.” 

19:25 “Having an outside voice that is both critical and supportive... is a really powerful thing (for principals).”

27:15 “Think about the size of your school. If every single one of those families... thought that your school was the best school in the world, what could you do with that many fans? If you try to serve that core group of people, you’re going to get amazing results.”

Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion:

Seth Godin - https://www.sethgodin.com

Kevin Kelley - 1,000 True Fans - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlg3808gDic

Where to learn more about the guest:

Jethro’s Blog - http://www.jethrojones.com


Transformative Principal - http://www.transformativeprincipal.org/

Transformative Principal Leadership Summit - http://transformativeleadershipsummit.com/

Survey of impact created - http://www.transformativeprincipal.org/impact

Jethro at Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/jethrojones

Jethro at Twitter - https://twitter.com/jethrojones

Where to learn more about Enrollhand:

Website: www.enrollhand.com

Our webinar: https://webinar-replay.enrollhand.com

Our free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schoolgrowth/

You can always reach out by emailing hello@enrollhand.com

Nov 07 2019 · 33mins