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Inside the Industry with Tyler Beuerlein with Hypur

Cannabis Tech

Banks Require Transparency in Cannabis Banking options have always been sort of a "pipe dream" for businesses operating in the legal cannabis industry. However, in this interview, Genifer Murray discusses banking and cannabis with the pros. Tyler Beuerlein, CEO of Hypur, walks through the nuances, challenges, and requirements for banking in the cannabis industry. 


23 Oct 2020

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Helping Industries Ignored by Traditional Tech Providers - Tyler Beuerlein of Hypur

TRICHOMES The High Ground

It’s regularly reported that there are over 600 Banks working with the Cannabis industry, but the real number is likely under 50. Lack of banking is a source of real problems for the Cannabis industry and there are reasons to doubt that a true remedy is even possible without Federal legalization. Take this in fact, we recently talked to financial experts who said that even if it does pass, it'll still likely fall short of its goal of bringing in the major players. But in the meantime, many cannabis businesses do have options besides paying in cash. Tyler Beuerlein is the Chief Revenue Officer of Hypur, which specializes in high risk markets that banks can't or won't touch. Hypur works with banks to process electronic cannabis payments as well as council financial institutions interested in entering the space. Keep up with us on social media! www.facebook.com/trichomesdotcom twitter.com/trichomesdotcom instagram.com/trichomesdotcom www.linkedin.com/company/trichomes Check in with the cannabis community at TRICHOMES.com


8 Oct 2020

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The Realties of Banking (Tyler Beuerlein)

Cannaweek - Cannabis Intelligence

In this episode, host Heather Wicklein talks the Chief Revenue Officer of Hypur, Tyler Beuerlein and CKO of New Frontier Data, John Kagia. They discuss how the lack of traditional banking in cannabis has spurred innovation from companies like Hypur and other financial processing companies. They also dive into the amendment in the latest Coronavirus relief package that promises to allow access to traditional banking and lending in the industry. They discuss what the practical applications of that amendment may be and the potential impact it could have on the market. Contact: Cannaweek@newfrontierdata.com InstagramTwitterwww.newfrontierdata.com


12 Aug 2020

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Banking Solutions For The Cannabis Industry with Tyler Beuerlein

Plant Prophets

Banking solutions for the cannabis industry with Chief Revenue Officer of Hypur, Tyler Beuerlein. Hypur was founded on the belief that legitimate businesses should have access to basic banking services – like a bank account and proper electronic payments. Unfortunately, businesses in many industries struggle to maintain basic banking services because financial institutions simply don’t have the tools to serve them. Traditional banking and payment systems weren’t designed for emerging, highly-regulated and cash-intensive businesses.


6 May 2020

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Tyler Beuerlein, Chief Revenue Officer at Hypur

Elevate Your Grind

Tyler leverages his extensive experience in building brands, managing key relationships, and strategic partnerships. Tyler has been at the forefront of Hypur’s expansion efforts for over five years and touches financial institutions, government officials, regulatory bodies, and the state-legal cannabis industry. As a result, he possesses an intricate knowledge of the banking and regulatory climate, key industry influencers, industry dynamics, and market history. He has also become a key contact for media outlets, analytics companies, industry consultants, and investment firms searching for reliable, accurate sources of industry information. Tyler’s contacts and relationships in the US state-legal cannabis industry are unparalleled. As a result of his influential value, he was selected to be Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association Banking and Financial Services Committee. He is also a member of the Forbes Business Development Council, frequently publishing articles about the banking and payment environment in the cannabis industry. Tyler founded and managed a large beverage company prior to joining the Hypur team and was a professional athlete in the New York Mets Organization.


23 Apr 2020

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Hypur VP Tyler Beuerlein Discusses Misconceptions When it Comes to Cannabis Banking & More


The cannabis industry is exploding and money is being made hand over fist. But where can a ganjapreneur put their money? A lack of banking options due to the plant still being on the schedule 1 drug list puts cannabis business in danger by not having a proper place to bank.Hypur can solve some of those problems. Founded on the belief that legitimate businesses should have access to basic banking services, Hyphur’s technology bridges the gap between traditional banking and payment systems and the unique needs of these businesses so financial institutions can confidently serve these industries.Today, we speak with Hypur VP Tyler Beuerlein about how Hyphur got started, clears up misconceptions cannabis business might have about banking, the need for a real banking option in cannabis and more.Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/MehkaKing)


29 Nov 2018