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The Curious Case of Baker's Shoulder featuring Brian Scott

All Eyez on Cleveland podcast

Special guest Brian Scott of 'The Injured List' podcast joins the show to talk about Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield's shoulder injury. Can he really play with it as is? Is he risking long term career? Is surgery inevitable? and much more as we deep dive the topic...Plus Browns vs Steelers week...✅Support 'All Eyez on Cleveland' by becoming a member and getting access to exclusive content👉 https://www.patreon.com/alleyezoncleveland✅ Check out the Website :👉 https://www.alleyezoncleveland.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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27 Oct 2021

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S4 EP3 - 20 Degrees in October! w/ Niamh Briggs and Brian Scott

The Club Scene

Reviews and previews of the Energia AIL, with odds from Paddy Power for Division 1A. We are joined by Brian Scott of Dolphin RFC after their blistering start to the season.  Niamh Briggs joins us to discuss the opening block of Womens AIL with a look ahead to Round 4.  Powered by Energia. Times: 1B - 24:36 Brian Scott Interview - 37:50 2A - 1:05:37 2B - 1:21:14 2C - 1:29:53 WAIL w/ Niamh Briggs - 1:38:07

2hr 8mins

14 Oct 2021

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Ep 152 Gird Your Loins W/ Brian Scott

Three of Seven Podcast

Join us for this awesome conversation with our brother Brian Scott as he tells his story of girding his loins on The Basic Course Team 014. Three of Seven Project Store https://3of7project.com/store/ Apply for The Proving Ground 3 Troop at: https://3of7project.com/the-proving-ground/ Apply for The Basic Course at: https://3of7project.com/the-basic-course/ Check out the Three of Seven Project Youtube channel at: Three of Seven Project Youtube Thank you for supporting Three of Seven Podcast at: www.patreon.com/threeofseven 1. Exclusive access to Resurrected, a live study of biblical content with the Three of Seven Project Team 3 Sundays per month. 2. Exclusive access to bonus audio content. 3. 15% off all Three of Seven Products. Nuff Said

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3 Oct 2021

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Brian Scott Mednick, LIFE Magazine article

lets talk art with brooke » podcasts

Episode 192: Today I chat with NYC author, Brian Scott Mednick. He, [and his book, Gene Wilder, Funny and Sad, was featured in the LIFE Magazine Special Edition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Willy Wonka. He is quoted extensively in the print version. All images used with permission.This episode was brought to you by:The post Brian Scott Mednick, LIFE Magazine article appeared first on Let's Talk Art With Brooke.


11 Sep 2021

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CKIW iRADIO 76 Shows

Just go.  Wanna see drag racing at it's most basic level with a HUGE small town vibe?  Then hop into the LeBaron and get to the Dr. Haines Municipal Airport for the third first ever Airfield Drags in Three Rivers, Michigan. Normally we don't go out on a limb to advocate for a first time event, but we think that our guest today Brian Scott and his crew has put together a most unique event that is worthy of your time. Mr. Scott talks about how hard it was to cancel the second first Airfield Drags because of the weather and the triumph of getting it back on track quickly, the record amount of cars for the race, the pin-up girls, the folks who gave him the encouragement to do this again this year, food trucks, directions for where to go once they enter the airfield and so much more. We are going.


24 Aug 2021

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CKIW iRADIO 76 Shows

There are plenty of small town car shows in the summertime. Many of them are in the park in the center of the city or on a river bank. Few take over their hometown airport and have 60 maniacs drag race their hot rods down a 1/8 mile set up. That is what they are doing in a Three Rivers, Michigan where Brian Scott is running exactly this. It's called "The Airfield Drags" and it's going on August 7. On today's show, Mr. Scott talks about topics including: coming up with this idea, how unique it was to pitch this idea to the authorities, taking over an airport, things that goes into pulling off a show like this, how to make a burn out box happen where there isn't any electricity, expecting the unexpected, how they are going to run the races on runway 5, a real pin-up contest, the Riviera Theatre, sponsors, getting the Fire Department to light the tires on their fire engine, spectator parking, directions and so much more. We are going to this inaugural event, it sounds like a blast at Three Rivers...


4 Aug 2021

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Brian Scott of The Injured List podcast

Martha Runs the World Podcast

#124 - Most runners will get an injury eventually. How we deal with it will determine how soon we'll be back running. Brian Scott is an expert in injuries, keeping us healthy so we don't have to get that inevitable injury in the first place. Wouldn't that be great?? He's also the host of a great podcast: The Injured List, where he talks to those professionals who help keep athletes healthy. Also, in Tales of the Trail, I talk about the horrific ultrarunning tragedy in China and how it could have been avoided. All information and links are found at: www.martharunstheworld.com to send me comments, questions or suggestions for future shows, email me at: martharunstheworld@gmail.com   


1 Jun 2021

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Why The Way You Think About Time Might Be Wrong, Hacking Your Subconscious, The Perfect Morning Energy Routine & More: Reality Revolution With Brian Scott

Ben Greenfield Fitness

BenGreenfieldFitness.com/realityrevolution I recently read a book called The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality. It was really good. Specifically, it did a great job "mashing up" in one title a ton of the energy flow and body enhancement routines, subconscious reprogramming, meditation and visualization tactics and much more in a very practical and easy to understand way, written and explained by someone who has obviously done this stuff for a long time. The author's name is Brian Scott, and he's my guest on today's podcast. Brian is an author, motivational speaker, thought leader, life coach, transformation coach, influencer, podcast host for the reality revolution podcast and the laptop lifestyle podcast, and he is also an artist. He has studied and worked on consciousness expansion for over 20 years. His primary goal is to find that spark to and unleash your greatest potential. Brian helps people overcome obstacles, unlock abundance, improve their health and improve their relationships. He incorporates basic to advanced strategies and technologies such as meditation, hypnosis, qi gong, reality transurfing, sensory deprivation, virtual reality, mind tech, quantum jumping, reality shifting, yoga, energy psychology, luck coaching, NLP, Silva Mind Control, and biohacking. After walking away unscathed from a near-fatal shooting in his home, Brian began a fanatical search for answers. He deepened his research into parallel realities, quantum mechanics, and consciousness to uncover what happened in his close call with death. Along the way, he developed a series of techniques capable of creating profound transformations. In The Reality Revolution: The Mind-Blowing Movement to Hack Your Reality, Brian introduces you to the techniques that have helped his clients find lasting love, create wealth, and revitalize health. You’ll learn how to surf through parallel realities and unlock the power of your mind through a mix of researched and science-backed techniques like qi gong, meditation, quantum jumping, energy work, and reality transsurfing. If you’re ready to create an incredible reality for yourself, this book shows you the way, and we have a great discussion about it on today's show. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Brian's name change created an identity transformation...09:45 -How a near death experience led Brian toward his journey...12:11 -The big mistake people make about time...18:20 -Is intuition your future self talking back to you?...27:20 -Why slackers always get lucky...30:00 -Using anchoring to change your reality...38:50 -EcoMeditation...43:50 -Brian's energy flow manipulation routine...46:00 -The 5 Tibetan Rites...49:25 -Intention setting and your Reticular Activating System...1:00:00 -Brian's downloadable meditations...1:06:45 Episode sponsors: -The Boundless Cookbook -Kion Lean -Paleo Valley Organ Complex -Water and Wellness -Seed Daily Synbiotic Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Brian Scott or me? Leave your comments at bengreenfieldfitness.com/realityrevolution and one of us will reply!

1hr 16mins

8 May 2021

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My chat with NYC Filmmaker, Brian Scott Mednick

lets talk art with brooke » podcasts

Episode 177: Today I talk to filmmaker and author, Brian Scott Mednick about the art of filmmaking. I connected with him after sending a mass email to which he replied, excuse me, who are you? We talk about idols, divas, researching a book without the internet, rejections…. Oh, and somehow, I get Woody Harrelson and Woody Allen confused. It is a truly inspirational chat. Unnecessary Headaches, a novel Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad Drinking Games This episode is brought to you by: The post My chat with NYC Filmmaker, Brian Scott Mednick appeared first on Let's Talk Art With Brooke.


7 Apr 2021

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Episode #96 Defining Sacrifice W/ Brian Scott

Three of Seven Podcast

Enjoy this awesome episode with Chadd and Blake's lifelong mentor Brian Scott. Everything from childhood memories in the woods, to Brians powerful testimony of overcoming alcohol addiction, to living out the example of Christ through bearing the burdens of others. JUST LISTEN To Find Brian's podcast just search Red Blooded Outdoors wherever podcasts are found or Click Here To Listen Follow Brian and his mission on IG @red_blooded_outdoors Apply for The Basic Course at: https://3of7project.com/the-basic-course/ Thank you for supporting Three of Seven Podcast at: www.patreon.com/threeofseven 1. Exclusive access to Chadd's Daily Training Schedule / W.O.D 2. Bi Weekly Check-in / Q&A with Chadd 3. Exclusive access to Resurrected, a live study of biblical content with Chadd and his mentors 3 Sundays per month  4. Exclusive access to bonus audio content. 5. 15% off all Three of Seven Products. To register for The Proving Grounds 2 Troop April 16-18 Click the link below: https://3of7project.com/the-proving-ground/ Watch this episode on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcesfcLDnvSTapfGjEMw7lw Thank you SALTY BRITCHES for sponsoring this Episode of the Three of Seven Podcast "Summertime chafing affects more than just kids at the beach. After hitting the market in 2017, the demand for Salty Britches as winter skin relief soared! Now, our product is trusted by families, athletes, and military personnel for year-round, all-day protection.We are overwhelmed and grateful for the incredible response to our beloved Salty Britches. Our family gives all the glory to God!" - Salty Britches Follow Salty Britches on IG @getsaltybritches  Order you Salty Britches at www.getsaltybritches.com Use Pro Code 3of7 for 20% off your purchase Nuff Said

2hr 5mins

31 Mar 2021